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  1. Kzoo

    Margarine or Light Butter?

    Oh yeah.
  2. Kzoo

    Harmony with soft skin and a soothing voice

    “..and you know.”
  3. Kzoo

    Margarine or Light Butter?

    We use some kind of Smart Balance with olive oil. WoKzoo is in charge of healthy eating. I do what I’m told.
  4. Kzoo

    Bad people

    Place in box. Seal box. Cut air holes. Address to: 2Far, Georgia.
  5. Kzoo

    Why do we care about Thanksgiving?

    Bam! Drop the mic
  6. Kzoo

    Jeopardy Teen Tournament

    Voice over career. Some cartoonist needs that voice. She now has a platform.
  7. Kzoo

    Why do we care about Thanksgiving?

    Brussels sprouts are good for only one thing.......... compost. AND... this little balls of yuck are not sprouts.
  8. Kzoo

    It’s Friday, peeps

    This. Put it down and back away slowly.
  9. Kzoo

    Jeopardy Teen Tournament

  10. Kzoo

    Jeopardy Teen Tournament

    She was one that got in to the semis based on her dollar value.
  11. Kzoo

    So I just started on Berry Gordy's Ottobiography

    Do you ever confuse him with Gordon Ramsey?
  12. Kzoo

    You are a neanderthal

    This is nane calling. reported
  13. Kzoo

    Jeopardy Teen Tournament

    Cute little thing but if I had to listen to that all day.... She played the game well today.
  14. Kzoo

    So, I’m a little nervous.

    Call them. That’s why both you and they carry mobile phones.