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  1. Kzoo

    Staph gifts

    And the Parody Meter says......... 9.33
  2. And the Parody Meter says.......... 9.63
  3. Kzoo

    Whine Club

    You need some Cheese with that whine. And even though the Parody Meter senses that you hate parodies, it is overlooking that attitude and says................. 9.53
  4. Then I should order the blue.
  5. First it was a parody. If it wasn't, your second assertion would be worthless. You can't argue both sides of the issue. This is important stuff, not some HS debate team coached by @roadsue. As for your second assertion, you are correct. I will work on the one and only scoring issue that Parody Meter has had in the last 15 years. Perfection is our goal here.
  6. It was the boots that gave it away, eh. And the Parody Meter says................ 10.00
  7. Great. I like both the blue and the red.. The red goes with my eyes.
  8. The Parody Meter is still working on this one. It's either confused because your submission is so late or there is another burned out vacuum tube.
  9. Probably just some time int he shop doing some woodworking projects.
  10. How about something besides a race cut. Need a little room for a small love handle.
  11. Yeah but....... but, how about the dress?
  12. I don't have a recommendation but I understand why some might be skeptical. And yes, I personally know someone who contracted Guillain-Barre symptom from the 1976 vaccine and was luckily enough to live through it (unlike many). He wasn't lucky enough to not be permanently disabled for life from it.
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