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  1. 5 days late. NSFY But if the Parody Meter had scored this it would have been a solid 9.9
  2. And the Parody Meter says............. 4.28
  3. Kzoo


    Can't you just log on to your computer browser and check delivery st.... Oh wait.
  4. Did someone smack you real hard on the back of the head?....................... Or did your mother drop you as a baby? File this under 'dreaming'
  5. Kzoo

    Well, it is Monday

    I live in the valley between 2 competing ridges. I live on a corner and all 4 directions go up. I actually get very little wind. And seldom the kind that blows leaves away. My yards are also either lower than the surrounding area or protected by woods from wind. The most I get is leaves moving from one side of the yard to the other. I don't get to move leaves to the neighbors nor do I get any from the neighbors
  6. I can understand that requirement. I also know that if left unattended, any virus on the mask will be dead in about 24 hours. Assuming that I am not infected, the mask will not have any virus that needs to die. If there is the presence of the virus on my mask that came from me, it has done it's job (or not). I different one of the same construction will not make me less infective
  7. Well done. < smart aleck comments redacted >
  8. No. I have 3 masks that I grab from that stay on the passenger seat. I don't use a new mask every day week month year.
  9. No... WoKzoo does and it isn't that complicated. 3 or 4 ingredients then bring to a simmer, mix with ground turkey and some beans. I know that one of the ingredients is a BBQ sauce in a bottle. I'm clueless on the others. It's good and quick.
  10. And you know these people?
  11. Kzoo

    Well, it is Monday

    I do not and will not bag leaves. I have a couple dozen 90 ft oak and elm trees in my yard. I spend days moving leaves every Oct/Nov. I am NOT putting any of them in bags.
  12. Had this conversation with a friend that got into raising beef and chickens for the freezer for the first time this year. He was checking a few months ago and the processors were booked out to January - February. It appeared to be a COVID thing. He is confident in doing a bunch of chickens this fall but would really like to but some beef in the freezer before winter. Not happening.
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