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  1. Kzoo

    Monday Motivator

    She hitchhiking in on an 18 wheeler? #savingairfare
  2. Hope you have a great birthday. HBD
  3. I miss @FlippersForFeet. He was a regular before @Razors Edge was a n00b.
  4. I’m concerned for @jsharr. I don’t think he’s in Kansas anymore. Wait. I heard that Dallas area got pounded pretty good.
  5. Pffffffft. Grease is good. And to the OP, you are not normal but it has nothing to do with sandwiches.
  6. Kzoo


    Your appetite is of no concern to me. #applepie
  7. Kzoo


    You’re an amateur.
  8. I’m just thinking that whatever it was it was probably worth it, eh.
  9. Kzoo


    That’s nuts. HD has a large selection of quality toilets in the $200 range. Add $1.50 for a wax ring. Your part time maintenance friend can swap that out in less than a half hour. In the same time he could grind the bolts and replace the flapper valve assembly for $20.
  10. Kzoo


    He was artillery. His shooting range was much larger.
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