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  1. Another fail. You need to slow down. Patience Grasshopper. Spring doesn't get here until 5:58 this evening.
  2. I can’t even play the radio.
  3. They’re in the cabinet on the right. If you look, you’ll see them.
  4. Those hadn’t been invented in 1908. Those weren’t invented until 1932 as a result of the Great Depression. Not the one in 2009 that millennials think was great but the real Great Depression, 1929. Max remembers that one.
  5. At that time he can take my place and be good friends with KrAzY.
  6. Because of the second, fifth and twelfth amendments. Or what my good friend KrAzY said. I’m sure @Dottles has solid input here as well.
  7. Hey you dolt, RG is the help.
  8. So having been prodded by Jsharr, how was yesterday?
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