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  1. I drove my daughter and her boyfriend around for a date tonight

    Did he think the Aztek was cool?
  2. It's National Cheese Lover's Day

    Now I want cheese.
  3. Your decent do-it-yourself skills?

    I have built us a few houses smd barns so rough and finish carpentry, plumbing, electrical, I build furniture for us and family, we garden and I have some mechanics skills, small engine stuff.... I can cook and bake and most bike repairs.
  4. Tell us.. on a scale of dredgery to paradredgery.
  5. Do you irrigate your stinky anuses?

    I think you can die from most terminal illnesses.
  6. Technical question of SquareThing

    Edit - and that refresh was less than a second
  7. Technical question of SquareThing

    I don't think it is ever much worse that 15 seconds. When I posted the 15 second comment it was 2 seconds. It seems to be every night that I'm on before I head home from work. I've been noticing it for the past 4 to 6 weeks.
  8. What should I have for dinner tonight

    Good food and if you like beer, absolutely.
  9. I bought it

    I'm thinking the thing about testing sway control is that if you fail the test you could be in a world of hurt.
  10. What should I have for dinner tonight

    I got Bell's Cafe. Any one want me to pick them up a 6 pack while I'm there?
  11. Technical question of SquareThing

    EDIT: 15 second on that thread post.
  12. How come around 5:pm every evening the forum gets slow? I'm not complaining just wondering. I can live with the 5 second response time. I can't think faster than that anyway. I appears to be specific to your site.
  13. I bought it

    And if you are trying to keep an eye on 'em you can duct tape them to the bunk. Clear shippers tape works well for that too.
  14. What should I have for dinner tonight

    When in doubt.... pizza! I will get home late from the office, I have a small project to work on at home and then I will probably have a late 8:30ish bowl of cereal.
  15. When You Look At This

    Female. I think the pink in the pom-pom influences that.