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  1. Those are called pocket windows.
  2. I never eaten there. I don’t have much reason to get to Holland even though it’s only a half hour from the office. I think @LoneWolf might work in Holland.
  3. You guys are disgusting and have no sense of taste. Anything smothered in hot sauce tastes like........ well....... everything else smothered in hot sauce.
  4. And this makes in more of an emergency? Cut the barb(s) off and get back to work. I'm sensing another case of the twisties here.
  5. I don't speak "out load" as I write. But my lips do move.
  6. That is ugly as sin. I'm much better looking, 'spcially with my new haircut.
  7. The farmhouse I grew up in had a metal roof with minimal insulation. I loved the sound on rain on the roof.
  8. Pray for no southerly winds for the next 6 months.
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