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  1. Kzoo

    since we are talking e-bikes

    You been nipping at the cooking sherry again,
  2. Kzoo

    The Browns

    Shut your pie hole.
  3. Kzoo

    What is going on in Texas?

    Texans, Whataburger fans question validity of fast-food study that named In-N-Out state's favorite Twitter users from Texas are confused – and perhaps a bit upset... Personally I vote for confused http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2018/09/24/texans-whataburger-fans-question-validity-fast-food-study-that-named-in-n-out-states-favorite.html
  4. Kzoo

    since we are talking e-bikes

    If you are asking me to lie, cheat and steal for you, no way! I got better people than you to lie cheat and steal for. Let me know how this works out for ya.
  5. Kzoo

    The Browns

    They play tonight... But yes, Yay Steelers. < waves the Terrible Towel >
  6. Kzoo

    happy punctuation day

    you just decided you didnt need to use it
  7. Kzoo

    happy punctuation day

    ive been thinking that punctuation is overrated we should be able to live our lives without the confines of punctuation i think this madeup holiday is for the birds speling is mi nxt isue
  8. Kzoo

    Happy Monday Peeps

    No. You aren’t the boss of me.
  9. Kzoo

    The Browns

    No. No they won’t. book it
  10. Kzoo

    The Browns

    Hey now...
  11. Kzoo

    Good guessing, intuition

    When in never in question. The question is why?
  12. Kzoo

    September photos

    I thought we talked about this already...
  13. Kzoo

    Sorry Jsharr

    @jsharr, sounds like you’re going to have to send someone over to break some legs...
  14. Kzoo


    No it snot @Longjohn