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  1. And the Parody Meter says...... 8.95
  2. Thanks @BuffJim. I’ve been out of town but saw pics of Vicksburg. That’s about 15 miles due south of me. I saw pics of people making snow/hail angels. That stuff was deep. No damage at my place.
  3. Kzoo

    Ah, crap!

    Right after his wheels are up.
  4. If you assume skin is singular. A perceive skin in the plural. A skin would be a dead raccoon or muskrat pelt.
  5. I did not need to know this. #ihaveaheadache
  6. Kzoo

    Ah, crap!

    Are you still here? We can’t start the party until you’re gone.
  7. No no no. I was just questioning your role in the process. Do you have thin internet skin?
  8. Who you call’n You People?
  9. Good call. I should have considered this. #whyyougetthebigbucks
  10. Aaaaaaaand when did you turn into the grammar police?
  11. You've gotten some good advice here and I wouldn't suggest changing that. What I might suggest, if you are still concerned about the bio when you are done banging on it, is to convince your employer to send it through a PR firm. They are asking you to represent them. They should be able to spend a couple hundred getting pro advice. That advice might include creating a couple different versions of the bio. Your bio for a local in person event might be different from a local on-line event and those different from a national event. The attendees all care about different things.
  12. No, I need to know what I need the excuse for first. I don't waste perfectly good excuses on something lame (This does not mean I think the excuses you provided me are good). I think @wilbur is just upset because he created like the lamest parody ever and I wouldn't turn on the meter for that crap.
  13. I stopped by the other day and it didn't need mowing then.
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