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  1. I use my extra large blueberry pancaker.
  2. Kzoo

    I got tested

    Yup, by Saturday he'll probably even forget to cancel his cable service.
  3. WoKzoo uses 2 per load. I use one per load when I do laundry.
  4. Of course there is the ankle bracelet thingy. I think that so for some tracking app from the parole office.
  5. Let me calculate that... 15 * 32.8....... divide by 9....... carry the five..... 10.00
  6. Kzoo

    I got tested

    I heard that and loss of smell and taste were symptoms. I get your stuff.
  7. Family and friends I say 'Later'. Business I say Thanks or Bye. People that say bye-bye sound immature to me.
  8. no, never, no way. She texts me when she wants to know where I am.
  9. Kzoo

    $1.43 per second

    We had a business partner from down south running locally here in the Northern Nationals several years ago (early 2000's). He requested we sponsor him for his race up here by paying for 'engines'. I honesty can’t remember the cost per engine but it was astronomical and he thought maybe we could sponsor a few of them for him. I thought feeding piles of $100 bills through the shredder was a better use of the money and time.
  10. And the Parody Meter says............. 10.00
  11. Southern Illinois University?
  12. OK, I feel better.
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