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  1. Kzoo


    @Road Runner help a guy out here. The dolts commenting on this are morans.
  2. ‘bout time they got some workout of you. @BuffJimbetter get busy. That’s whole lot of DeathWeather reports.
  3. 2 words..... Final Jeopardy
  4. Kzoo


    ... sort’a makes you miss Matt, eh.
  5. I don't see your PEX finished crimp gauge... That cold side looks a whole lot prettier that that hot side.
  6. If I had more people, I'd have less money to count. I don't like people.
  7. RG with his chainsaw in Central Park...
  8. Your right tackle Jack Conklin... out I wanted to see him play. He is a local kid. He graduated from the HS just to the north of us. Sams HS that WoKzoo graduated from. His dad was the head coach there for years. Jack was a walk-on that Michigan State. He's done well for himself.
  9. But.... but, think about how good you'd look picking apples.
  10. I dislike zippered hoodies. I have a couple but they are under the non-zippered rotation. I do have a sherpa lined Carhart jacket. That is snuggly when I have to snow-blow the driveway.
  11. Kzoo

    Only in Ohio...

    After you can get one little thing right. And that stuff you call glory, none of the rest of us want that stuff. We typically flush it.
  12. You missed the first 2. Just because you weren't there doesn't mean we start counting all over again. Oh, the memories.
  13. I've heard lots of NFL "experts" talk that they have to move OBJ. I only watched the first half. I remember the 2 catches in a row. The first was a nice sideline catch. The second he was wide open on the left side. He looked kinda bad on the stumble but that can happen to anyone. I haven't seen his stats but lots of people say he has to go. The Browns run game didn't miss a beat. I was surprised by the final score after watching the first half.
  14. Kzoo

    Only in Ohio...

    Backwards in relationship to a banner it was depicted pulling. They didn't know the front of the plane from the back.
  15. Kzoo

    Only in Ohio...

    "Ohio makes big mistake in new state license plate: wrong-way Wright Flyer revealed" "Hours after Gov. Mike DeWine and Ohio First Lady Fran DeWine unveiled a new license plate Thursday morning that featured the iconic Wright Brothers’ airplane prototype facing the wrong direction, Ohio BMV officials said they have corrected the plate design. “We are aware that the plane on the new Ohio license plate unveiled this morning was oriented in the wrong direction. We regret this mistake and have fixed the image,” Ohio BMV spokeswoman Lindsay Bohrer said."
  16. Kzoo

    No more land line

    OK, so you answered my original question. Dolt it is... https://www.att.com/support/article/local-long-distance/KM1040372/
  17. Kzoo

    No more land line

    Use your cell phone to call the LTC and order one. You are either a millennial or a dolt.
  18. Surprisingly, nothing right now. I have been spending my time devouring podcasts the last several days. One on the way home last night, one when I went to bed last night, one earlier this morning when I couldn’t go back to sleep and one on the commute this morning. All different topics.
  19. I’m sorry you can’t see fit to step up and accept responsibility for your total lack of professionalism and inability to do the one job we expect.
  20. Excuses are for the weak. LongJohn almost died and you need to apologize.
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