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  1. Kzoo

    Will there be pics?

    Jeopardy rerun. Please keep the noise down.
  2. Kzoo

    If a cow doesn't give milk?

  3. Kzoo

    Happy up way too early Saturday!

    She was probably out with SisCheese in the Mustang. Keep you eyes out for a Mustang cruising with 2 ladies in it.
  4. Kzoo

    FAA rules concerning Drones

    Proximity sensors. I have a friend that flies drones. He also owns a tattoo shop. He put a drone on the floor in the middle of his lobby area and fired it up. He lifted off and when it got about 4 feet off the floor it wouldn’t move- not up down, forward or back or right or left. It’s sensors just froze it there.
  5. Kzoo

    Happy up way too early Saturday!

    Are you going to have time to visit MomCheese?
  6. Kzoo

    Happy Friday

    To y’all except for RG. I wish him a happy Tuesday. The grandkids are coming over this evening to spend the weekend and I have an appointment to get my haircut this afternoon. This morning I need to meet with a couple sales guys to kick their butts into gear. February sales suck.
  7. Kzoo


    Performance sent out the same email. Looks like they have been purchased together.
  8. Kzoo

    The cool kids' table

    Yup. That’s what sweet little @Kirby did to @jsharr
  9. Kzoo

    The cool kids' table

    Hey @jsharr she just knocked this one out of the park. It bounced off your head on the way out. Kirby won the internet today with this one. If you were a mountain lion, she just stepped on your neck.
  10. Kzoo

    Hey Ralph, what'ca reading?

    I started a new Audible book yesterday and I thought of you. It was one of the free books from last month. I find some of the free offerings are not worth the money. I've had luck with a few and this is one. A mixture of philosophy, irony, humor and wisdom. I'm not sure it would go over well with your ride-share folks but I'm thinking you would enjoy it.
  11. Kzoo

    I will just leave this here

    Mild PRI
  12. Kzoo

    First World Problem Salad Edition Part Deaux

    One worthless salad thread wasn't enough? No.... Conclusion - You lead a very exciting life (sarcasm)
  13. Now you're just confusing me. And carried away is one of the things I do best.
  14. Kzoo

    Hey PP, how are you doing today?

    Mac's don't get viruses.
  15. Understood. Nomination seconded.
  16. Kzoo

    Name the Forumites

    I’m the guy in the back with his hand cupped around his ear. Ahhhh?
  17. Kzoo

    The cool kids' table

    What are you whining about. You sit at the head of the CKT.
  18. Kzoo

    Happy Friday

  19. I do like the cartoon. You may be wrong... wait... you are wrong but you get extra credit for the cartoon
  20. Kzoo

    How long does it take

    Ruptures are not good. I’ve played BB with some guy over the years that have ruptured Achilles. Gruesome.
  21. I don’t feel RoadRunner. Oh wait, you said feel about RR.
  22. Kzoo

    How long does it take

    Daughter#2 and #3 do ultras every year. Crazy hard. I played lots of basketball and was in good shape. I did not run otherwise. In 2017, after a Memorial day marathon, WoKzoo convinced me to do a July 4th 5k with her. I had a month but was in good shape. I had no intentions on running after that. After the 5k I was hooked. I kept running and had my sights on a 10K in the fall. The more I ran the more I upped my sights. At some time I figured I could do a 1/2. I trained for that and did one in October. The 1/2 messed with my right knee and I had to take some time off - no big issue. In November I went back to playing basketball and late winter messed up a foot. As the weather got better and my foot didn't I wanted something else to do. A friend convinced me to go for a 20 mile bike ride with him and a friend and I was hooked on cycling. So my running career spanned May through October of '07 with one 5K and one 1/2. I never looked back. Now Daughter#2 and # 3 ride with me and WoKzoo and them still do their marathons.
  23. Kzoo

    Happy Boxing Day!!!

    Yeah, she can't touch this.