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  1. And the Parody Meter says...... 8.95
  2. Thanks @BuffJim. I’ve been out of town but saw pics of Vicksburg. That’s about 15 miles due south of me. I saw pics of people making snow/hail angels. That stuff was deep. No damage at my place.
  3. Kzoo

    Ah, crap!

    Right after his wheels are up.
  4. If you assume skin is singular. A perceive skin in the plural. A skin would be a dead raccoon or muskrat pelt.
  5. I did not need to know this. #ihaveaheadache
  6. Kzoo

    Ah, crap!

    Are you still here? We can’t start the party until you’re gone.
  7. No no no. I was just questioning your role in the process. Do you have thin internet skin?
  8. Who you call’n You People?
  9. Good call. I should have considered this. #whyyougetthebigbucks
  10. Aaaaaaaand when did you turn into the grammar police?
  11. You've gotten some good advice here and I wouldn't suggest changing that. What I might suggest, if you are still concerned about the bio when you are done banging on it, is to convince your employer to send it through a PR firm. They are asking you to represent them. They should be able to spend a couple hundred getting pro advice. That advice might include creating a couple different versions of the bio. Your bio for a local in person event might be different from a local on-line event and those different from a national event. The attendees all care about different things.
  12. No, I need to know what I need the excuse for first. I don't waste perfectly good excuses on something lame (This does not mean I think the excuses you provided me are good). I think @wilbur is just upset because he created like the lamest parody ever and I wouldn't turn on the meter for that crap.
  13. I stopped by the other day and it didn't need mowing then.
  14. Excuse for what? I've got a thousand excuses. What do I need one for now?
  15. I love the photos. The texture on the old man pic is great.
  16. Kzoo

    Beep Beep!

    Not much meat on that drumstick . I wonder if it tastes like chicken?
  17. I’m not going to plug the Meter in for this one.
  18. Kzoo

    Forum meet up

    You can’t. The guy has 9 lives.
  19. One more reason not to have to go to Modesto now.
  20. Kzoo

    Foreign Meat Up

    Who’s the old guy? And the Parody Meter says....... 7.45
  21. Kzoo


    Private. The district was called Cambridge Springs Joint Schools. I don’t think they were thinking to well when they came up with that name in the mid 60s. We had fun with it.
  22. Kzoo

    Forum meet up

    You can’t score both of them!
  23. Kzoo

    Forum meetup

    Duh - @BuffJim.
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