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  1. Readers at 2.0. Been this way for a number of years.
  2. Kzoo

    IOS 15.5

    I am at 15.3.1. I do auto downloads so the code is sitting there. I'll do the update some day... I should check the wife's phone.
  3. My sister lived in LA during the 80’s and early 90s. Jim Henson and her had several mutual friends. She knew him from holiday parties and picnics.
  4. Ya mean this week?
  5. Donk is old enough to be my older brother.
  6. He sent me a pic a few weeks ago when he was bantering on about how well it still worked.
  7. A full head of hair and a better looking beard that that guy has.
  8. I remember driving (and parking!!) for Pirate games in the early 70's at 3 Rivers. Man that could be scary for a couple of 17 yo country boys. I had a good friend that had a neighbor that was a salesman for US Steel. He had pretty much unlimited access to tickets. We went almost every week. We got 4 tickets and we sold 2 out front when we got there - $4.00 a piece for box seats on the first base side. My friend kept $4 for gas (I think it cost $2) and we used the other $4 for food. Good times for free 1972...
  9. And Donk has a whole inventory of cell phones he "picked up on the side of the road." He can spare a few.
  10. Pffffft. Ralph (aka @Philander Seabury) has an iPhone he's been using since 1993 and he bought it used.
  11. The last time I spent time there was before I moved to Michigan. I think the last time was 1978. In the 70's Pittsburgh was not a nice place to be. They are a great example of urban renewal.
  12. 2 Things: 1 - Today's motor oil doesn't break down with age under use as legacy motor oil blends did 2 - We put essentially that same oil in our vehicles and drive 3,000 or 7,000 miles, sometimes under heavy loads. Any residential mover would need to be used for decades to get that same level of use. I check my mower oil level several times a year and change it about every 5 years. I have a snowblower that hasn't had an oil change in 15 years. I use it a handful of times a winter (maybe) and when I put it away the oil still looks fresh.
  13. As a young teen I worked at a couple local dairy farms. I think I made .50 a hour. There was a Saturday I think I was 14 when I worked as a block tender for a block layer. He was behind schedule and his normal help couldn't be there Saturday. He hired me to fill in. I was paid $3.00 and hour and worked 12 hours. I was in Heaven... $36 for one day's work. During HS I cleaned the offices for a construction company every weekend. I got $10 and it took about 2 1/2 hours. In 1970 a kid could do a lot with $10.
  14. Voice email greeting... "If you are calling for Petite, please leave a message. If you are calling regarding the garage cleaning, it is scheduled to be done whenever the heck they finish, now stop pestering me by 4:00 pm. Thank you. Your call is important to me." And don't answer your phone.
  15. That swooshing sound you hear is the opportunity flying right past your head...
  16. Not a bad mini-story but you really failed to convey how you felt throughout the saga.
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