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  1. And the very accurate analog precise and wonderful Parody Meter is happy to say.......... 2.01
  2. Kzoo

    Recycling Gas

    And the Parody Meter says...... 8.62
  3. Sorry - I blame Monday. And now the Parody Meter says.............. 9.72
  4. What the heck are you mumbling about?
  5. I have a friend that travels globally for his job (up until WFH). He was really sick at the end of March for a couple weeks. Headache, body aches, respiratory issues. At the time testing was extremely limited and he did a tele-med thing with his PCP who didn't want him in his office. He was told that it was most certainly COVID and to self-quarantine and go to the ER if it got to where he couldn't breath. If he went, he would be tested - otherwise no test. He toughed it out for 2 weeks at home before the symptoms went away and since he was already WFH, he went on with life. He was one of the thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of cases that is not part of the stats. Good news is he did not infect any of his immediate family but has no idea who or how many he infected before the symptoms hit.
  6. And the Parody Meter says............... 4.72 Meh.
  7. Shush, I didn't ask you.
  8. Do you not know when to stop? You can't ask that question.
  9. You are branded as an uncaring a** for even asking. You are a troll and a moran for even thinking about asking such a question.
  10. And you're one of those that laugh's at his own jokes.
  11. Our statement is... WFH for the foreseeable future. We have not set a date. Our building's parking lot is about half full but I still seldom see anyone coming or going in the halls. We have people that drift in and out of our office from time to time but 90% of the time, I'm the only one here.
  12. And you believe an emoji over me?
  13. I love Klondike bars but they are the furthest thing from having amazing health benefits.
  14. This frog know. Just more proof that RG is WRONG.......... again.
  15. Kzoo

    My new masks!

    Menards sells them individually for about the same price. For some one that has used the same mask for the past 11 weeks, you could have gotten a 3 month supply for under 2 bucks.
  16. And I suppose you think that's funny.
  17. Yes he is WRONG but this comes as no surprise. And black shoes require black socks.
  18. Yes, in most cases. Sometimes my inability to be concise requires me to use more than one word. But like Mick, I like to keep my responses brief if at all possible.
  19. 0. I like cats. More specifically, I like other peoples cats. When we had a barn and horses outside cats kept the mice away. We have never had an indoor cat.
  20. And............. the Parody Meter says.................4.29
  21. Officially starting the house painting project. Scrape and sand the front of the garage. Time out this evening for a grandkid birthday party.
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