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  1. And the Parody Meter says.... 5.01
  2. Kzoo


    That sucks
  3. Kzoo

    Men, are idiots.

    I didn't say she was going to stand on the arm f her own seat. I'd never suggest that.
  4. Kzoo

    Men, are idiots.

    And he looks good in white.
  5. Kzoo

    Men, are idiots.

    Can't she just stand on the arm of the seat?
  6. Kzoo

    Men, are idiots.

    Men are pigs. Don't be a pig.
  7. Pick a different highway.
  8. Easy - they accidentally took to much.
  9. Kzoo


    And the other guy was smart enough to notice that you left him out of your exception...
  10. I see a price increase in the future.
  11. You sure? You don't want moisture getting in there and gumming up the works...
  12. Good one. I wonder if he is insuring @smudge's she shed?
  13. You better be nice or you will get even worse service next year. BTW I'm thinking of adding lawn fertilizing service. What do ya think.
  14. HBD KT. Have a cup of coffee on me.
  15. What does the number of hospitals have to do with the number of injuries. 6 per day is 6 per day.
  16. Kzoo


    No! @jsharr driving Cheese’s mower.
  17. And not a peep out of @Kirby * disappointed *
  18. Then I’d go with - to be. To not to be sounds a little drastic.
  19. Kzoo

    Good morning everyone

    Can you say this quickly 5 Times? “She said her she shed needs siding.”
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