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  1. * shakes head * Did you flunk 9th grade science?
  2. Kzoo

    What a bust..

    no Don't be a moran.
  3. Soo locks are just about ready to shut down.
  4. Kzoo

    What a bust..

    Yup. I saw another angle of this shot a few days ago. The pic highlighted how much larger Ben is than his center.
  5. 8th grade all over again.
  6. That's NOT what I said. Few are right all the time. And that's the thing, those people that think they're right all the time piss off those of us who are.
  7. That gator looks pissed.
  8. Happy Birthday Mr. Silly
  9. Never confuse effort with results...
  10. Needless to say...
  11. Absolutely. A full head of hair. Greyed early but no baldness. Mt dad died at 95 with a full head of hair. I have his hair genes.
  12. Pfffft. The man had a point and the parody was a 10.
  13. Kzoo

    New TV?

    Check the sales that start right before the Super Bowl.
  14. Packers and Saints Bills and Chiefs Then Chiefs and Packers Then Chiefs
  15. OK, one question, did they have a foreign accent?
  16. Kzoo

    You know hoo

    Now you're just trying to piss me off, BuckeyeBreath.
  17. It's that kind of attitude that is causing the issue. OK maybe not you but panicked people rushing in line because they HAVE to get THEIR shot. We don't have enough health care workers to take care of the sick AND stick needles into line jumpers. Almost every day I hear numbers like 250,000 doses have been delivered but only 38,000 have been administered. Then in the next breath some talking head is bashing the distribution system... "We need to get more doses delivered to the health care system."
  18. Da Meter says 10.00
  19. You are disgusting. That's someone's daughter.
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