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  1. It would have had to been on my schedule in the first place to be cancelled.
  2. Kzoo

    Subforums got to go

    Aspire, verb - The physical action of attempting a reach around.
  3. Kzoo

    "First page"

    I'm going to wear out my scroll wheel now. Jeeeeesh, can't you leave well enough alone?
  4. _________________________________________________________________________ Sure, SquareBoy can do anything
  5. Kzoo

    Sub Forums

    Thanks for having my back there SquareBoy. I'll do the same for you some day. *uncrosses fingers*
  6. "I know Nate asked for all those subforums, but he's a bajo thumping, reacharound pervert who has no idea what he's talking about. I demand you remove them all now." Sorry. Must have been the meds kicking in. Again, my bad. 2 mistakes in on day. That hasn't happened in about 10 years.
  7. Kzoo

    Subforums got to go

    You don't need to work that hard.
  8. Proof. I demand proof. If I was to suggest anything it would have been to get rid of all of them except mine.
  9. Kzoo

    Sub Forums

  10. Kzoo

    Sub Forums

    SW swings his sickle and woosh.... they're gone.
  11. Kzoo

    Sub Forums

    Why? Does he have your cajones in a jar somewhere?
  12. Kzoo

    Best Idea Ever

    Obviously your caps lock is on...... nooooob.
  13. Kzoo

    Oh Nooooos

    Just like all good leaders..... Duck and Cover.
  14. Kzoo

    Jsharr is awesome

    "Wanna keep things fair." Riiiiiiight
  15. Kzoo

    Jsharr is awesome

    HUG? You can take your touchy-feelly stuff over to Nate's
  16. Kzoo

    Jsharr is awesome

    Bosox, you're just upset that you didn't get your very own sub forum like us cool people did. OK, the cool people and some of us haters.
  17. Kzoo

    Oh Nooooos

    This is not going to go over well p.s. SW must have received the 2 boxtops and the quarter.
  18. Kzoo

    Jsharr is awesome

    I'm working on it SW.
  19. Kzoo


    "The only one I recognized back then was Meatloaf" It used to play every Friday night a midnight at an indy theater in Kzoo - $1 admission, free with costume.
  20. She needs to send the Forum Master 25 cents along with 2 boxtops.
  21. I resemble that remark. p.s. blue box
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