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  1. Kzoo

    My new laptop

    TRIGGERED! However I do feel a bit better 'cause that's one of my favorite songs.
  2. Yeah, that way you can hold more bottles of lotion and candles when you go to Bath and Body Works.
  3. Yup. He's the one with VERY soft hands.
  4. Kzoo

    My new laptop

    no we can't
  5. But you won't have time to enjoy them 'cause you'll be sitting on a bus or chasing homeless people away at the bus terminal. #thegrassisalwaysgreener
  6. Kzoo

    My new laptop

  7. Our last united family reunion.
  8. Kzoo

    My new laptop

    Don't try to change the subject.
  9. WoKzoo has garden spots all over our yard. If I ever brought one of those things home for her she would smack me over the head with it.
  10. I don't even want to think about it.
  11. NO! djinn or Anglicized as genies
  12. Kzoo

    My new laptop

    Thanks. Now I feel better.
  13. You are NOT my relative.
  14. Kzoo

    Which is better?

    Sorry. Edited.
  15. Kzoo

    My new laptop

    NOW you're just trying to piss me off. I was having a really good day (ignoring Dottie's previous jab) up until now. Now I'm triggered...
  16. Kzoo

    My new laptop

    Did you just tell me to go to hell. Wait, let me read that again. #macalltheway
  17. Examples from experienced old people is a great way to teach the young n00bs.
  18. Terminal curmudgeonness.
  19. And the Parody Meter says............. 10.00
  20. And the Parody Meter says.............. 10.00
  21. Kzoo

    My new laptop

    Good. I will sleep better at night knowing this.
  22. Kzoo

    My new laptop

    It's not really my money...
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