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  1. Yes, you need to take note of who is in the breakaway, and then who you have caught.
  2. If you missed it you should try to find a replay or at least a highlights recap.
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/24/weather/michigan-power-outages-severe-storms/index.html
  4. One year on Ride the Rockies we were going up Wolf Creek Pass, and 2 trucks from the same company were going down the Pagosa Springs side with out bothering to stop at the top to check their brakes. They didn't have any. One truck took the ramp at the hairpin turn at the bottom, the other had nowhere to go and tried the curve, flipping over onto its side.
  5. 28 miles, 83 degrees, 5-10 mph winds, overcast.
  6. August 21 is the local century ride in my area.
  7. Merckx won the yellow, green, and polka dot jerseys one year. He would also have won the white jersey if they had been awarding that at the time.
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