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  1. jdc2000

    video for DH

  2. http://idahoptv.org/outdoors/shows/waroftheweeds/worstweeds.cfm
  3. How big was that US Post Office? They should have a drop chute for packages, unless your USPS workers are even more disgruntled than the ones in my area.
  4. Hope your day was a nice one SW. Thanks for all you do.
  5. I wonder how much malware can be found on that web site?
  6. jdc2000

    IT LIVES!!!

    Needs wheelie bars.
  7. Documentation often gets the lowest priority for several reasons: 1. You have to get it working first. 2. Specs change rapidly, requiring changes in the software and later documentation. 3. Once you get it running, there is always a new project that needs you attention immediately. 4. No one ever reads the documentation anyway. Most documentation that does get done is meant for the IT personnel who have to maintain the system.
  8. jdc2000


  9. Getting ready for the Isle of Man TT?
  10. Those look like Chinese animal cookies.
  11. 25 miles on the Ashton to Tetonia rail trail. Start: Marysville; End: Felt 70-78 degrees, mostly sunny, 5-15 mph winds. https://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/parks/ashton-tetonia-trail#js-tab-2
  12. Put a shed on it and build another platform?
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