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  1. How many family members do you need in your family for that to be a family pack?
  2. jsharr has the right idea. Use a fastener that your average thief won't have a tool to remove.
  3. jdc2000


    Have them check for skimmers on the pumps also.
  4. No HD here. For example, the football games that are supposed to be in HD have barely readable graphics. Loads of breakup and artifacts as well, and this is on cable.
  5. I have a 4K TV, but all of the broadcast and cable content available, even that labeled "HD" isn't. It is no better that than the old analog TV broadcasts.
  6. It is a White Star. Babylon 5 was an excellent series. They did the best with the budget and technology available. Better yet, they did not rely on CGI to attract viewers, they used good stories and actors.
  7. There is nothing I can receive in my area that is even close to HD quality.
  8. Wheeler Dealers just worked on one of those.
  9. 32 here with a 20-30 mph winds.
  10. His troubles are just beginning.
  11. jdc2000

    Now hiring

    I wonder how much malware can be found at each of those web sites?
  12. https://thedroidguy.com/2019/10/5-best-phones-with-full-physical-qwerty-keyboard-in-2019-1084656
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