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  1. Now wally pipp is almost as famous as Joe dimaggio Lou gehrig
  2. I think SAR discourages that as people in a pickle may be hesitant to call when they are in real trouble.
  3. shoulda rubbed some dirt/snow/ice on them. Then tell her you found them on the trail
  4. are you all Luddites???? Know your baseball (yes.....for a long time)
  5. About ten years ago I was getting dehydrated. ER docs could not track it down. I was getting dizzy too. When that happened I would go into nurse treatment & ask for a bag of heroin water. It was very frustrating. It took about an hour. They had no problem doing it. A few months later my Crohn's was Dx. Don't know if that was related I'd do it
  6. @MickinMD not (yet?) a Bear market. 20% down is a Bear. We are only in correction phase. It needs to go down another 10% I gifted son of Scrapr his Roth contribution recently. Once before year end & once last week. Didn't "time" the bottom but that's life. In 40 years I'll be gone & he'll be happy with the buy
  7. We finished it Friday night. Excellent series. We had different opinions on the last scene. Don't want to go further than that The whole Widower experience is very on point. There is some experience in the writing room.
  8. Has @Inspiration Bot been on vacation? I'm thinking a nice cabin up in the Rockies. Close to @denniS but not that close. More Montana than Wyoming. A little fire in the stove & a good book.
  9. you must install dog stairs to the bed yes the little dog goes under the covers & against the legs. The big dog lays on the covers until we get in. She will then "circle" & then plop/fall down against my legs. I love that & miss it if I don't have a dog up against me. Sometimes she wants under the covers. She'll stay for a little bit then gets too hot i think & climbs out.
  10. I heard you get a Cialis pill with every purchase
  11. my bank went to drive through only during the first part of Covid. Now you "can" go inside but I think they prefer clients use the drive through. I can mobile deposit up to $5k. After that I use the drive through or ATM. If I have cash (rarely) to deposit it's drive through only for moi
  12. when i was in a Prius (work) I would sometimes draft a semi. Instant mileage would go from about 45-50 to 65 or so. Not all semi drivers were on board with this plan. I would move to the edge of the windstream to get more pull. This would put a headlight right into the rear view mirror
  13. no cable. Have Sling, Netflix, Peacock( only for Yellowstone, will drop when done) Apple TV & Prime Sling is for Pac 12 sports mostly. Netflix is supposed to be paid by T Mobile, Prime is piggybacking on the lovely Sara with an H ex husband account. I think Apple TV can be paid by T Mobile too
  14. 11.8 miles inside. Rode a Sufferfest video from over 10 years ago. I downloaded a few that I had bought and pull em out for inside rides. Peleton (free for 60 days) are an acquired taste that I haven't acquired yet
  15. Even better than a Get Well card! Congratulations
  16. Neighbor of my MIL sounds like she is selling her rental house at the front of the lot & an ADU in the rear. Has to be sold together. That setup would give everybody room to breathe
  17. Good luck Square. From the outside this feels like a good thing. Take some time and decompress. Hope you find something you like and way less stress
  18. Now you're thinking like a boss. Categorized 77" Sony Bravia TV as "Office Supplies"
  19. 8.3 on the indoor Wasn't bad but not quite what I was looking for. This was a GCN youtube. I used a Peleton video the other day but it was meh. I have some Sufferfest videos downloaded from BITD. I may run through some of those
  20. Large Marge of course But is there a Mr Plow?
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