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  1. I read a couple articles about trying to capture this water & divert them directly to the aquifers. IDK the exact procedure but it sounds reasonable & cheaper than dams. Fish kills with dams is a thing
  2. Virtually every day. Costco bagels labeled as Einstein. I have cream cheese with. Sometimes buy the Costco tub o cream cheese. It's big but I get tired of plain. . But I mix it up a little with a Tillamook cream cheese. It's pricier ($4 a small container) but I like the very veggie & the strawberry flavor. I don't think they put much weight on me. It's likely the ice cream a few nights a week
  3. True...about 20 years ago I switched from Classic to a fatter pen with some heft
  4. Always a pen. I have had Cross pen for 40 years. Right front pocket at all times. Recently I went looking for a refill and there was none to be found. Guy at Office Depot said Cross went BK. So I bought a cheapo Cross pen off the rack. Looked at the cartridge and said to myself that looks like it might fit. It did! Good for a few more years
  5. I have $50 right now. We went to Rome & thought that we'd get by mostly on CC. I had about $40 American when we landed. Went out to get a taxi and got bushwacked by a gypsy taxi guy. We got in with another couple. as we are pulling out I ask...CC OK? Screech! No cash only. He wanted 48 Euro. Sarah & I scared up about 45 US. He took it in lieu. We never got anymore cash. I used CC the whole 10 days. Including bathroom! It was 70 cents Euro for each of us to go potty at the bus station. Then we got to New Jersey airport & sat down for a drink on a 4.5 hour layover. Woman gave me a strong pour of whisky. But I didn't have any cash to tip. I ran down to the ATM and pulled some out & tipped her well. Not much tipping culture in Europe
  6. Just bought a 12 pack today for the minibar fridge. Sugar free..... Sarah is sick & that's what she wanted
  7. one blue tire & one yellow tire? I suppose you mix plaid & stripes too
  8. Just about a month ago I made the run. We had snow & trucks don't run so I was a bit off. They come down our alley @6:00 am, pull into the street & turn around to pick up the other side of the alley. I had lost track of my days (retirement....uggghhh) and heard the truck. My first thought...that can't be the truck it's not Thursday....then ohh shit(!) it's Thursday.I pulled it out after he had turned around & was 1 house down.He was kind enough to slow down for me. Recycle comes about noon so I'm good there
  9. Hey! those are clean laundry We got in on Sunday afternoon & the clothes lines were full. I said tp Sarah...must be laundry day. Then the next day & the next day all had laundry out. So IDK what day is laundry day.
  10. every day... I can get bogged down in details & Sarah gets me out of my funk in no time. We booked the Siena apt last minute. Owner sent over the docs last minute. So I'm trying to enter all the info from my phone upload passport picture all while bouncing around on the bus. I was grouchy. She let me be then we were good when we arrived. She is a great travel partner. Interested & interesting
  11. We are at the end of our stay in Siena Italy. So we washed out some things in the sink and hung them out to dry. *picture for promotional purposes only. That's my underwear on the left. And my new cycling jersey too. We spent a few hours wine tasting and learning about organic wine. Plus a delicious lunch. Met with a young couple from TCU. He's studying in Rome. She is visiting on Spring break. Had a great meal at a family run place. Sarah got a Florentine steak. A massive T bone. After she asked for it they brought it over for approval. We could see all the preparations from our table. Proprietor might have been famous because a table of locals got a selfie. Steak, pasta, bread & olive oil. Plus a digestive....I had grappa. Sarah had a lemon cello. Really really fun Then we walked a few laps around the square. Bus back to Rome before we fly back.
  12. No...she hasn't asked yet.... Saving that for September and in Ireland . We are going to her family area. There is a castle there. Maybe there
  13. We saw the Coloseum at night. It was pretty awesome. About 50 people there in about 2-3 groups. For one shining moment I was The Spainard (Russel Crowe in Gladiator) The lighting was magical Pictures: exterior was originally 2 concentric structures. After it fell into disuse it was looted for other building. Then an earthquake took down most of the outer ring Senators seats The underground. They had 28 elevator to bring props and gladiators to the floor
  14. WFH= Work from Home. Nines is good. Top of the old Meier & Frank building across from Pioneer Square. Depends on what (if anything) is happening at the Square. MAX (light rail) goes right there. You could Light rail out to Beaverton. I've done several events at the Nines. I like Hotel Vintage on Broadway. I proposed there & had 25th anniversary there. Get the skylight room. They have remodeled them since I proposed but you used to be able to lay in bed & look out the skylight. There is a ton of new hotels downtown.
  15. Covid has changed Portland downtown a lot. Plus the demonstrations from a couple years ago. Right in downtown itself the foot traffic is very low. Office workers are WFH. Which leads to business closing. I went down to my jeweler a couple weeks ago. Parking right in front. Only cars there for 2-3 blocks was me and a uber driver picking up food from food cart. Sarah & I went yo Lan Su garden for lunar new year. Last year it was a disaster. Tents right up to the front gate. This year tents cleared for several blocks around. So things are getting better. But Portland is a city of neighborhoods. They are doing great. I love the 'hood my MIL lives in. Walkable and lots of places to eat.
  16. She will have to write a book on Star Wars day May the 4th
  17. Mathew McConaughey was on a flight to Frankfurt yesterday that dropped 4k feet (all of a sudden) The lovely Sara with an H & I were on the same flight the next day
  18. reportedly a bet was placed on a scientist getting published in New England Journal of medicine. The one party meant that a clinical study would be published.The other parties sent a letter that was published saying MSG was "bad" with associated side effects. He won the bet and a legend was born *this comes from the Car Talk guys so believe it
  19. Scrapr


    Burgers/sandwiches at a food cart are pushing $15. About 5 years ago I declined a grilled cheese for $12 (plus tip)
  20. The app says my projected discount is 0%. And I'm best of the best! #1 Top of the class. I've only been on for about 3 months so they may be taking the longer view. I saved a boatload by changing companies. I had been with the other company literally for decades. And I'm sure they took advantage of my loyalty by raising prices
  21. I was visting my brother in Surprise, Az & thought I would rent a bike for a few days. Took my gear with. Took a look at the traffic & bike lane & noped out of it. The main road (Bell Rd) had a bike lane but it wasn't wide enough for me. Connecting roads did not have any marked bike lanes. There was zero possibility I was going to "ride with traffic" I'm sure that once you get out of town it's better. But "town" goes a long way as the towns but up against one another. Give me the country life Wilbur
  22. I sort of remember. I was 11. Watching the movie was a good reminder of the old days Watching 1923 last night. Spin off of Yellowstone (Helen Mirren & Harry Ford) the sheriff dragged out the Asian wife of one of the cowboys. No intermarriage of Black, Japanese Chinese & white. Miscegenerationis what they called it.Native Americans were included in draft bill from a previous session but several legislators had native american wives so the sponsor took out that phrase. I had never heard of that term so looked it up
  23. Movement of the phone. I have a magnetic mount on my windshield. Just pop it on there. I think I can pull over and stop and use it. Directions and music. That doesnt seem to trigger it The app is all phone based. No OB2 connection. I have used a couple uber and that kills my score. But there is a setting to change if you are a passenger. So I do that. Of course a lesser man would use that to take out the bat outta hell scores I stream Spotify and that doesn't trigger event. It's all movement based. I can take my phone off the mount and quickly change a setting(music, traffic)
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