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  1. The story where Heath found his forever home

    (throws another twenty in the swear jar, knowing he's going to regret what he's about to say, knowing that counting to 100 won't stop it anyway). And @Square Wheels give me a warning, because I'll probably need it after this one. (breathes deep) Dude... There have been times where I've wanted to say this to you before. I've wanted to say it because I like you. I've met you, I've drank with you. And because sometimes, somebody actually needs to say the crappy thing to someone they like. But there are times when I want to yell "Fuck you and the mangy dark, dipshit skeleton of a horse you rode in on for making it all a little more negative when you could be doing the exact opposite". I've had enough fucking negativity to last me a lifetime, and admittedly, some of it's self-inflicted, but some of it is self-inflicted like somebody cutting on themselves, an action that didn't start without a cause. Somebody who's seen enough, heard enough, experienced enough that when all you can see is a shit world and a shit self, you believe it. And it's hard -really, really, REALLY hard -to not become part of it when you've experienced it the way I have. And I still AM it some of the time, as people can no doubt see here. And yet I have to believe that hopefully someday the world will become a better place. The place where I can be the person I used to be, experience being the positive, decent (well, I think who knows) person I was who believed that more than just individual persons were good, and that people were crap. Someone who believed people were built to be good, to do good. Somebody that can actually be outwardly good without it being taken advantage of. And then you take a couple of decent things, and you just pull your fucking pants down and take a thumper-dumper pile of steaming shit all over them over semantics and a couple of little namby-pamby piddly things that annoy you, that have nothing to do with someone who actually DID good, TRIED good. If that's who you're going to be, crawl back somewhere where you can be that on your own without spreading it like a case of the clap everywhere you go. Because it doesn't do anybody an ounce of good, and in fact, it's a net loss. Instead of looking at something good, you look at how it could go bad, and you're the anchor on the chain that keeps the boat from going anywhere. I'm not asking you to find Jesus, I'm not asking you to save the world. And there's probably some good things you do in it that I'm just not aware of. But those above kind of actions are those of someone who pisses in people's Cheerios rather than trying to enjoy a small bit of light that someone just gave the world. Once is a moment, twice is a coincidence, third time's a statistic. Do good, and try not to do bad relative to how it affects others. And if you have to piss in Cheerios -do it in your own bowl in the bathroom where nobody else has to see, smell, or hear it.
  2. The story where Heath found his forever home

    No, I'm pro "stop bitching about the term forever home and make it a real term". I'm pro "stop bitching about a bell ringer and celebrate the good some people, a possibly small but significant number of people, do in the world." Before we decrease that number of people and instead cause the world to churn out more !@#$-ing Honey Badgers. (walks off muttering about the counting to ten that he's already failed and tosses a !#$ing ten-spot in the swear jar)
  3. The story where Heath found his forever home

    You know, I was having such a good day until I read two of your posts on two separate threads. I think I'll just leave here for awhile and resume cuddling with the four felines that found forever homes at the Honey Badger compound. Hey @Wilbur come on over and maybe we can have a few drinks after we give money to Salvation Army bell ringers.
  4. Do ya think about your funeral ?

    As you grow less afraid in life...you grow less afraid of death. I won't say I'm fearless; but as some of my emotions have lessened or dulled, I questioned why I should be afraid. Two massive anxiety-inducing jobs (and maybe the cure to them) made me ask why I should be afraid, if I should ever be afraid of someone, or something in that manner. I don't go looking for death, but as I was once afraid of it, I ask myself why I should be. If the faith I hold onto is wrong, well, it's certainly likely that I'll no longer experience pain, or sorrow, or any of the negative things I did or experienced in life. I can look on that as a relief. And if the faith I've held onto is right and I've done a few good things on its behalf, then the song that I think of that gives me most comfort prevails. My only hope is that if as part of that process, I can be a sacrifice for someone else for good, that I am possessed of the courage to do so in that event. I do not share the Mormon faith, but this is the best rendering I could find on short notice. The full lyrics are in the Wikipedia link. I have loved to sing in life, and this song is one that still gives tears when I sing it. Credit to Philip Bliss, the author, and the true story that led to it. Bless you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_Is_Well_with_My_Soul
  5. Should I torment RG with Barbara Streisand...Christmas....

    No, they're just travesties. Streisand could be the subject of a Dostoyevsky novel.
  6. Should I torment RG with Barbara Streisand...Christmas....

    She's a violation of the Geneva Convention.
  7. Tonight's beer

    I love a decent Saison. Probably my current favorite is a local brew pub that makes what I call the Quad-S. The Spicy, Salty, Session Saison. It matches the description perfectly in a good way.
  8. Tonight's beer

    Slightly tart, crisp, and yet good body and wonderful flavor. Notes of toffee and fruit. I'd like to see more brewers try this style.
  9. Barbara Streisand.

    That does suck. I'm cruel and inhuman, and even I would never subject someone to Barbara Streisand music. Don't fly United. They follow the Honey Badger motto.
  10. Eeentelesting. Veeellly Eentelesting (Beer of the weekend thread)

    More for me. You're missing out. This stuff is !#$ing good.
  11. Eeentelesting. Veeellly Eentelesting (Beer of the weekend thread)

    If you can't get that, get some Founder's CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout) before you can't. I've already got three bottles. It's available in 46 states, while it lasts (released last weekend). Founder's Breakfast Stout -aged a year in maple syrup barrels, and it's only brewed ever several years.. I have had four on tap glasses in the past week; I have been spoiled.
  12. Get them to play something you can sing to. Like this:
  13. Hey Dickbag!

  14. Whoa. This is one interesting one out of a very interesting and creative Grand Haven MI brewer. You should definitely drink some Hazel's Nuts . I don't think it's on the cheap side, but this is some pretty special !#$@. Pronounced hazelnut, notes of cocoa and a hint of coffee. It tastes -like luxury. Fererra Rocher doesn't have anything on this, though an upscale version of those in a stout is the closest I can think of. If you like stouts, hazelnuts, or beer, drink this.
  15. So it begs asking

    Did he look like this?