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  1. Happy Birthday Honey Badger!

  2. Oh, we're a lot more screwed than that. I firmly believe all driver's ed classes should fail people for the following: failure to use turn signals when turning failure to use turn signals when lane changing failure to keep right, pass left (major issue in my state) staying level with the car in the right lane, as opposed to passing and getting over, stalling the flow of traffic not learning how to let off the gas as opposed to using the brake in a panicky fashion in situations where it hurts the flow of traffic failure to yield right of way failure to understand traffic circles (it's not that hard people)
  3. It is odd that they went for mismatched, as if she was at home rather than at a professional photoshoot. Combine it with the airbrushing, and it's just weird.
  4. No, that's called "airbrushing". LoneWolf's rule #1 of art - If it's human photography, and involves airbrushing, you're doing it wrong.
  5. I always thought he switched hands so that one arm would never look stronger than the other .
  6. I'm not sure why, but Lance was managing Double-A (Erie Seawolves) and they brought him here to manage Single-A). It may be they thought he'd bet a better choice for budding players. The Whitecaps' previous manager was promoted after several very decent seasons. Oh, and one more interesting Rozema fact: On December 22, 1985, Rozema and his former teammate Kirk Gibson married sisters, JoAnn and Sandy Sklarski in a double ceremony at Grosse Pointe Memorial Church in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan.
  7. Yep. I have a Lance Parrish "autographed" souvenir bat from 82, the original Tigers Stadium. I would have been nine years old. Half-size Louisville Slugger in dark walnut (or maybe ash), made the same way the big ones were, before souvenirs got cheap. It's in the attic; I need to find it, because Lance now manages the minor league team here. I want to get a real autograph under the fake one.
  8. So, I mention Smudge because she'll probably know who this is. Remember this guy? He was a local hero in my neighborhood because he came from my hometown. Played for Detroit from 77-86, then with a few more teams, lifetime 3.47 ERA and 60-53 record, pretty good. And this is him (with me) now (yes, me on the right side). He's a nice guy. Honestly, much nicer than Jack Morris, whom I met last year. I love being ten minutes from the ball park.
  9. Sis and BIL were loaned a Chrysler Town and Country for a year while they were in the States on furlough. Maintenance problems a new car shouldn't have had, ever in its first year. Despite being a high-end model, a seat I couldn't get to adapt to my 6'4" frame when my Honda Civic fits me perfectly. I wouldn't buy one. Have you considered looking at slightly larger like a Honda CR-V? Handles like a car. I had the 2016 as a loaner (current gen) and was more impressed than I thought I'd be, just because I'm not a big SUV person.
  10. I no longer use Lian Li cases. They are made nicely, but the aluminum is too fragile. I'm not saying all aluminum is too fragile either, but I bought one for WoHB's system, and this past time I redid hers, I replaced it; they bend easy, scratch easier than other cases (maybe the anodizing isn't heavy enough?) and just aren't sturdy. I went with Fractal Design ARC Mini 2 for hers (I have a Corsair 650D, which is lovely, but I'll probably go smaller next time and closer to the FD). RAM is one of the two worst things for upgrades right now. Pricing is horrible for it. I've stayed with my system (Intel i7-4790K) just because I have 32GB of DDR3 memory in it that cost me $130; 32 gigs of DDR4 memory would cost me double that or more. Graphics cards are coming down, but still nuts due to currency miners; the graphics card I bought two years ago for 380 is currently "best priced" at $450. Go figure. I would totally be tempted to go Ryzen 2 at this point if I was in the market. It's a great buy, and competition finally made Intel nervous again; it won't keep them nervous unless someone buys AMD's gear, and the Ryzen and Ryzen 2 have proved to be very competent. Competition breeds innovation, and this was a textbook example. That said, I use my ThinkPad T460p much more these days than I use my desktop. Portable, quad-core, dedicated graphics, and 32GB of RAM. I got the RAM by trading two systems I rebuilt for it, that's the only reason I have that much, but it runs everything short of graphics heavy games.
  11. Why do I need that? The locking head on my Topeak Joe Blow Pro works great, and they even sent me a free seal when the first one got worn after years of use.
  12. @Square Wheels poked me last night...It was wonnnnderfullll.....
  13. Stopped using electrics years ago. Never could get as close (always left stubble), and they usually died within 1-2 years of purchase. I've tried a fair amount of blade razors; I settled with the Schick Hydro 5. Blades cost a bit less than Gilette's, they last far longer than the Fusion I replaced (or anything else I've tried), and they do a very similar job. I've tried Harry's (works okay, barely lasts) and the Korean company Dorco (which is what the Dollar Shave Club sells; I just bought direct), which just doesn't pivot well to fit the contours of my face. I use a separate razor for my head. I kept the Dorco razor for this; it does a good job, and I can get the blades very inexpensively.
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