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  1. Millennials ??

    Here's my issue. If they sold everything for a boat, why didn't they sell a little more yet of everything for insurance on the boat and everything on it? Oh, and howTF were they going to eat, pay for fuel, and slip charges for wherever they happen to be planning on parking the thing? I'm sick as hell of working, even now that I've finally been in a non-toxic situation for several years. But I'm logical and know that it's going to be a long time before I just up and quit, because I can't afford that. It's not exactly where I'd like to be, but in IT, every job opportunity seems to be the chance to dive into a pool filled with warm and brown, and so when you have a couple bad ones in a row, you become less of a risk taker. I wonder how people can even have the hubris to leech off the lives of others; I was raised not to owe people. As for GoFundMe, I'm not a fan, but I understand it during a few times. A different fund (fortunately not GoFundMe, a place that relies on "tips" on top of donations to survive) was set up for the bike shop owner who sold me my bike in 2003, the one guy who actually apologized (why?) for not having a bike in the size to fit my Clydesdale self, told me he could order one that day, no-obligation test-ride, after I'd called half the shops in the lower half of the Lower Peninsula (as far as 2 hours away) and been blown off. He has cancer, and it's likely to be for health care extending his life to have time with family (it is almost certainly fatal). I gave to that; dude is first class and so is his shop. But there's a difference between helping someone in need, and helping someone because they're not properly planning for life, and then hoping to leech off the generosity of others.
  2. WTF, chronicles from the ER

    Dude, sorry. I know how scary that is, after WoHB's accident this summer. Best wishes that everything checks out fully.
  3. Patch Hell

    Oh, kwitcherbitchin'. I'm patching Exchange Servers. Though @JerrySTL wins with Oracle. (sleeps with cross and wears garlic from neck)
  4. Another Heidi Bowl performance from NBC Sports

    As Northerners and Canuckistanis know, going to cbc.ca/olympics allows you to stream tons of events for free, done way better than NBC. Even if you're an American, they're not region-blocking anything. Let's hear it for the Canadian Broadcorping Castration.
  5. Fergies anthem

    Lately? This is the woman that has pissed herself on stage while singing. BEP is one of the least musical groups I've ever heard, and she's no better solo. The National Anthem is not a song anyone should attempt to "make their own". Hint: The song belongs to the whole country. You've got hundreds of songs, even covers, you can make your own. Make this song ours, and stop the opera, jazz, falsetto, and other BS. For every idiot out there, I've got a shining example for you who did it right. Matthew Morrison, Tony-award winner, at the World Series in 2012.
  6. I did not know this. Until I found out today that Couches can be heterosectional or homosectional.
  7. Does it really matter who wins the Superbowl?

    I use the SB as an excuse to eat awesome, bad-for-you-food, and to drink beer, and to enjoy ads that aren't as funny as they used to be, like everyone should. Winning? Who gives a flying fart about a team winning?
  8. Minnesota explained by the fine folks at Surly

    I have one happiness...we had a suitemate in college who was just a self-centered ass. Cared about nobody but himself. Rude, still managed to be popular with a certain crowd of friends (probably because he made the JV basketball team his frosh year), etc. before heading back to Minnesota on transfer and saying his experience sucked, and he didn't like it here. That guy was from Minnesota. And was a rabid Vikings fan. And every time they lose, I get a tiny little satisfaction knowing he dies just a little inside. Yes, it's petty, and I just. don't. care.
  9. When did this start happening for friends, etc.

    Personally, I find at some point that having the freedom to choose what I want to do (within reason and budget), not beholden to anyone else, to be interesting and fulfilling. And I'm pretty sure they don't have a job that has a description like "swim with the manatees" or "read suspense novels" or "eat omelettes with home fries".
  10. Well, that's that

    Indy, I wish you good fortune, and a place that allows you to be you, enjoy what you do and where you do it. And I might recommend a Honda Civic be on that list, good fuel economy, and reliable. My employer offers money to obtain health insurance rather than the insurance itself, so we use WoHB's plan and have a separate HSA with our credit union for extra expenses. They did add a 401k with matching over time, and this year just added life insurance and disability, so that's nice.
  11. Kirk is from my area. I've heard his dad preach; his father is a master of public speaking, and highly interesting. He's one of the few football players I enjoy watching, and I'd welcome him being closer. The Redskins were the only team I rooted for in playoffs last year.
  12. When did this start happening for friends, etc.

    There was a time when it made sound financial sense (here as a public employee) to "buy" years of retirement. You could do this in public education. I was young, poor, didn't understand it, and didn't take advantage of it. You could buy a fair number of years and retire early (though you had to plan it carefully, it wasn't cheap, just forward planning). It would be taken out of your salary. Times changed. It became a lot more expensive to do, and was no longer worth doing by the time I understood it.
  13. When did this start happening for friends, etc.

    I'm older than the friends I do have, not a ton of them, but older. I'm in that generation that has zero chance of an early retirement unless I trip over a winning lottery ticket in the gutter, or something catastrophic (heaven forbid) happens in my family and I inherit some money, which would probably not cause early retirement, just better saving for a proper one (not that I'm not saving, I am, but it doesn't seem to really amount to much if you plan to live 20-25 years after retiring). I have twelve years into a pension that vested. And some money the state withdrew unfairly from it will be paid back with interest. Don't know how much yet, but that's modest -and assumes the state legislature won't muck with it in the next couple decades and leave it underfunded. We each have a retirement savings account, with some matching, contributing 10% a year to them, monitoring that to increase as salaries do. I don't see the next 20 years necessarily being enough though, even when those and Social Security (assuming we haven't bled that stone dry by then, making it tighter yet). I'd love to retire. In my field, people are often encouraged into it through age discrimination (old IT guys don't get hired easily, and aging ones are sometimes creatively pushed out, though it's too soon to think about that). Gee, I'm just a little ray of sunshine, aren't I?
  14. early pic of DH

    I thought WhatsHisName (the one with the loopy girlfriend that he wasn't dating and was still supporting, I'm having a senior moment...Jim?) didn't come around here anymore...and now it looks like he hacked somebody's nick.