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  1. Where TH am I going to get Kenmore and Craftsman?

    It's called an act of desperation. Not that it was the death blow, but buying K-Mart was an absolutely stupid decision. Nobody was shopping there any more by the time Sears bought them, Wal-Mart already had that market. I think Sears still has trade with Kenmore appliances and grills, and Craftsman tools. But other departments (clothes, jewelry, electronics), they're no longer a go-to, and haven't been for some time now.
  2. happy birthday fisher29

    I'm glad I met him, same place as Bikeman.
  3. So what age do you currently think is "old"?

    I'm old. When you see a member of the opposite sex, think they're attractive, then realize they're slightly older than half your age (and feel dirty about it), you're freakin' old.
  4. Hey, you should always secure yourself. Otherwise, you might never know when you've been penetrated.
  5. That didn't take long

    Surprised he didn't add some fake military veteran references and something about the kid to try and milk it a little more
  6. F'ing Nurse Ratchet

    Public schools only. And in some areas, they are sorely needed, because there's no other way a poor family would know there's a problem with their child, no way someone would notice a kid is being abused, or is pregnant, or has an issue that could require serious attention (which might be covered by some form of state health fund). It also ensures that young children that require medication aren't taking none because they forget, or three instead of one for the same reason. There's a lot of good reasons --that said, there's much smarter ways to talk to a parent about their child, and I'd have had a similar look as ChrisL, followed by a calm but somewhat frigid "If you want me to listen to what you've got to offer, maybe you should start with the honey rather than the vinegar."
  7. F'ing Nurse Ratchet

    Yep. Had a rear-ender two years ago in a company vehicle in horrible stop-and-go traffic, on a road I wouldn't have even been on had there not been a car fire on another road that diverted me there. I was watching the car ahead of me like a hawk, and I wasn't trying to vent at the officer (I never raised a voice or got upset once) who cited me, knowing the person in the back is the person at fault, but right after I said that, he said with the slight authority/attitude voice, "You should have been watching FIVE cars ahead." Yup, because I can really see around that SUV two cars ahead of me, sir. I'm glad that you know exactly what I should have done and that you're 100% cock-sure of the right answer, nevermind that I hadn't had so much as a fender bender in a decade. There were five more near misses in the next 30 minutes and one five-car accident. At that point, I start to see a problem with traffic flow engineering as much as I see one with drivers.
  8. For you folks wanting cooler weather

    By "cooler", I meant 75 instead of 95. In my ideal universe, temperatures would vary between 50-80 degrees. I'd probably allow for one week of colder temperatures and snow for all of the people that need to go nuts and jump in icy waters, go tobogganing, and all of those cultural oddities. Maybe two every leap year.
  9. So, I met the Smudge-meister and DoSmudge tonight

    I got 99 problems, but beer ain't one of them.
  10. So, I met the Smudge-meister and DoSmudge tonight

    She had a Perrin 98 Problems IPA.
  11. So, I met the Smudge-meister and DoSmudge tonight

    So you'd travel to Baa Haabaa for a Nastygansett?
  12. So, I met the Smudge-meister and DoSmudge tonight

    Actually, she walks with a brace.
  13. So, I met the Smudge-meister and DoSmudge tonight

    She has a very light Yooper accent. It's there if you listen for it.
  14. So, I met the Smudge-meister and DoSmudge tonight

    It is the same sort of pixie-cute as you have seen in pictures, so I'd say that's a yes. Next question?
  15. Do you have any intimate, burning questions you want to ask?