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  1. I quit today

    I got you a meme for the general.
  2. Indy, Ralph, Smudge and I are unemployed

    I must be unemployed and the proud winner of a Harry Potter Cloak of Invisibility. Nobody ever remembers me for the threads that list people.
  3. Update on WoHB

    With the modern day environment of "everyone but me must be held responsible for the actions of my child", she would prefer just to stun or temporarily incapacitate, rather than the more drastic options. It only takes one incineration and everybody's gunning for you.
  4. A bit of innocence

  5. Unpopular president, civil unrest, protest music...

    Pretty sure this is relevant again...
  6. Update on WoHB

    She asks if you can help her install a Taser for when a child in her classroom misbehaves.
  7. I just heard a large burp

    For those who can stand it, Diet Coke makes for the most impressive belches I have ever known. I can't stand Diet Coke, so Coke comes in second. Less carbonation.
  8. Piazza Day

  9. Piazza Day

    I made sure I got his whole MLB career... Wait...I missed two.
  10. Piazza Day

    For the ladies....
  11. Piazza Day

  12. Piazza Day

    Because no-one can have too much Mike Piazza.
  13. Social anxiety issues

    I have had GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). Different people have different triggers. In my case, it happened when I experienced two toxic workplaces that expected far more than one person could deliver. What worked for me: Learning how to slow my breathing. Measured, even breaths, at a slow deep in, slow deep out to manage heart rate and fight tension. Rationalizing. You've figured out what causes your anxiety, explore the why. Once you've got the why, poke holes in it. In my case, I had to acknowledge that what people wanted of me was unrealistic instead of trying to please unrealistic goals, and work from there. Your rationalizing process will be different, but it could help. Minimize the stimulus that triggers your anxiety. Don't completely withdraw, but look at your triggers and decide how much you're willing to expose yourself to them. Balance that. Or see if you can adjust to it by exposing yourself to those situations in a gradual way. Finally, it doesn't hurt to check with your doctor and see if there is a medication for occasional anxiety that can relax you. I'm not suggesting pills as the instant cure but it can be worth it to have the equivalent of an asthmatic's "rescue inhaler" for those kinds of situations.
  14. Should humans consume hummus?

    Peas and their byproducts are evil. And squooshy, which is nearly as bad.
  15. Update on WoHB

    I'm holding, though it'd be better if I wasn't fighting this borderline-bronchitis bug. My diaphragm and sinuses hurt every time I cough. Thank you. She was taking some pictures on a slightly raised platform, and missed where the edge was. Tripped, fell forward on her arm. See additional explanation: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osteogenesis_imperfecta She will get to go home when she can manage on just standard pain pills. Thank you everyone for your concerns