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  1. 20 miles this morning at 15 mph. Beautiful morning with a steady breeze out of the NW. Aided by that breeze, I got 3 PRs including one on a short climb good enough for 6th place overall. Something about that little hill over the RR tracks seems to suit me. I'll take it. 673 mi YTD
  2. Are you effing kidding me?! I recognized HUNKY as an option but figured it was the least likely. stupid word (but maybe no less stupid than some of my other guesses). way to go, to the rest of you.
  3. Have to say, while I really liked "When My Time Comes" - that section of a cappella chorus! - but otherwise I'm pretty lukewarm on this band. However, I haven't heard the new stuff and will try to check it out. Too many meetings these days... and I rarely make time for World Cafe any more, but I probably should. Kaleo is no David Dye.
  4. After a miss yesterday I was afraid of a repeat.... today's exercise bore some similarities to yesterday. (I used EQUAL for the 2nd day in a row... Wordle is in my head, I'm expecting tricky things) also - reused the A in #4. Dumb!
  5. I just started reading a biography of Duke Ellington that I found in a used book store in Massachusetts while we were on vacation.
  6. I don't think so, in this general area. We're around the dividing line between New York teams and Philadelphia teams (even though Philadelphia is much closer to Trenton). Personally, I still follow the Patriots, though I understand I'm missing out on things like watching the game in a crowded bar with like-minded fans... must be a fun experience.
  7. I use one decent king-size pillow and one old flat one; together they're just about the perfect height. My wife uses one of those preformed weird ones, way too firm for me.
  8. 4 years of college here... I had a good time and made some lifelong friends there, but I never had any interest in going any farther with my schoolin'.
  9. Here's my second loss. I'll blame it on being at my desk at 3:30. I figured I was down to GLEAN or GLEAM and it didn't work out. I tried that damn E in all five places. And I often use COUNT as my second guess if I didn't get enough in the first, but here that would have only made things worse.
  10. I wonder how much my tires affect my speed. I run the original spec for this bike (32mm tires), at around 100psi. Even then I feel the bumps. But I suspect they are one of the main reasons my wheels remain perfectly true after upwards of 4,000 miles, despite carrying my 250-lb weight around. Maybe this is like the endless debate about capacitors affecting a guitar's sound. Some people insist it has a huge effect while others say it's negligible.
  11. I think I was a little beyond their targeted age group - in 1984 I was 12, and even then I thought TR was a little creepy. (Bob & Doug McKenzie sighting! )
  12. They misspelled "Rutgers"
  13. I don't know what that is but it looks amazing. Isn't cauliflower one of those vegetables that has somewhat limited nutritional value?
  14. Our tomatoes are similar... don't know what it is; other plants in our garden seem to grow to average sizes, but the tomato plants looked at me and said "ha! you think you can keep me within this silly cage? Nuts to that, I'm going way over there to say hi to the cucumbers."
  15. Neither the name nor the image is familiar in the least.
  16. At guess #3 I was going to use either INPUT or UNFIT, and I picked the wrong one.
  17. Just about 24 miles this morning, before breakfast. So muggy... I don't think I've ever been sweatier at the end of a ride. 653 YTD
  18. The times I have gotten a 2/6, have all been pretty lucky... but today when I entered ADIEU I really thought I had it. It took me a while to come up with what was probably the only other possible word (and possibly the more common word).
  19. Were you listening to Yacht Rock on Sirius XM (14)? I think I heard this on that channel last weekend. Strange but I've been gravitating to that channel when I'm in the minivan. I think if you listen for an hour you are guaranteed to hear "Baker Street".
  20. There's some Lizzo songs I like, some I can tolerate, some I absolutely can't stand. Something about this one I really like.
  21. Do you get Arctic Monkeys confused with Arcade Fire? (I much prefer the latter - the "Canadian Invasion"? though the lead singer originally hails from TX)
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