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  1. I did get it (in time), and was also surprised it's in the top 10.... but after thinking about it, it makes sense.
  2. We have one and I'll say "yea" solely on the basis of the spaghetti that cooks right in the sauce (with just a little water). The flavor is outstanding.
  3. this is the second-best non-dairy coffee creamer I've tried, FWIW. the best (by far, in terms of similarity to half & half) was a soy creamer from Trader Joe's that I haven't been able to find for at least a year.
  4. I do enjoy seeing a good nor-easter develop... and I enjoy looking at the model outputs but lately they just seem to be a more elaborate way of getting the forecast wrong. I need to fill the gas can, and I need to make a beer run.... otherwise if it snows, if it doesn't snow, we'll be fine.
  5. I went for years thinking "fish tacos" didn't sound appealing.... then a friend made me some. All those years wasted! I would hope to have mine with some seasoned rice, cole slaw, kimchi and sriracha.
  6. Tim, I also did not see your earlier note, but I wish you a very happy birthday.
  7. Well, see, there's your problem - the hexagonal stop signs aren't worth a damn! Unfortunately people seem to think that traffic signals are the solution to all problems, when in fact they can lead to new problems. If volume conditions are right then an all-way stop can be very effective. However, there are minimum criteria for an all-way stop and if that major roadway has a whole lot more volume than the side street, then over time people are likely to get tired of stopping for no one, and just keep going (without telling the guy at the stop sign).
  8. I drove my 2000 Jetta for about 120,000 miles, and I'm pretty sure the check engine light was on for half of them. Whatever caused the indication had no apparent effect on the car's performance or fuel economy, and I didn't really sweat it unless an inspection was due.
  9. They have largely completed a few-years-long project to widen the Interstate highway bridge over the Delaware River near our house (formerly I-95 and now redesignated as I-295). The old bridge, opened in the mid-50s, was just four lanes with no shoulders and no acceleration lanes from the interchanges on either side, meaning chronic miles-long backups northbound in the morning and southbound in the evening. The new bridge provides a total of 9 lanes, plus shoulders (and now a toll!) so barring major incidents traffic backups should be a thing of the past, as this is much wider than the mainline highway to the north and south. Best of all, the bridge includes a separate ~10-foot wide shared bike/ped path which connects to the canal towpaths in NJ and PA. I had to ride for a couple hundred feet on a muddy towpath to get there, but it's a nice facility (with lights, even - I will have to try it at night). All the other river bridges nearby have narrow ped walkways, most with wooden planks, and they're narrow enough that they want you to dismount and walk. It's nice to have a way across that you can actually ride. Unfortunately I think the main intent is to connect the towpaths, because on the PA side it puts you among a handful of roads that aren't so bike-friendly, but a little white-knuckle riding and you can get to some better conditions.
  10. I've been doing Jumbles since I was a kid - often I can solve them fairly quickly and without a pen or pencil, and this was one of those times.
  11. A new tube on the front, and 15 miles on the road yesterday. The difference between 37 degrees (yesterday) and 29 degrees (Saturday) was significant. 32 YTD
  12. I didn't do much cooking as a teen. But I remember the morning I made myself three fried eggs and a pound of bacon for breakfast.
  13. Went out shooting for 5 miles around the neighborhood, and the front tire went flat at mile 3. sucks. I walked it from there. so put me down for 3 miles at 29 degrees. 17 YTD
  14. I am hoping to get in a ride, but I fear I'll be too worn out after another exhausting week of work.
  15. "There, we're in kind of a gray area." "How gray?" ".....charcoal?" I think "lead singer" implies a singer of words, and not just oohs and aahs. But she did win legal judgment for her contributions, didn't she? "Great Gig" is a masterpiece nonetheless. I learned how to play it on the piano when I was in high school and I still remember it.
  16. I played that album to death in high school, but then I went years without hearing it, eventually devoting most of my musical energy to new indie stuff. But maybe 6 years ago I spotted Bat Out Of Hell at the used CD shop and plunked down $2 for it - and for a few weeks, at least, I played it to death, especially the title track, and the last song "For Crying Out Loud" which has a big key change that hits me where it counts. RIP.
  17. Wow, I never knew that. I never for a second thought it wasn't Waters.
  18. Got it in three today. I've never gotten it in two, but my strategy has been that guess #2 is five new letters no matter what I hit on the first. So barring a very lucky first guess (three or four green letters) I won't ever solve it in two, but I think I increase the likelihood that I get it at all. It has worked so far, at least.
  19. I think Barney Miller and WKRP have held up the best of any 70s sitcoms. also, IMO, Barney Miller has maybe the best opening theme song of all time.
  20. And Tie-Dye Guy? We blew through that show so quickly... hoping the second season lives up to the first. Sometimes I wonder why Martin Short didn't reach the same level of success as some of his colleagues (like, well, Steve Martin).
  21. Got it in 6 - although I didn't really see another option, I didn't feel too confident when I hit 'enter' that last time.
  22. Agreed. For as exciting as that last quarter was, seems wrong for the game to end like that (last play).
  23. Got today's in five. Actually, in seven plays, it has never taken me fewer than four.
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