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  1. Right?! We’ve been looking at apartments and casitas in Mexico City.
  2. I’d have to take a personal day. and subs are really hard to find. So, I’d probably go to work where I could give my students their own piece of sidewalk chalk and an hour to decorate and write on the concrete surrounding the building. Except they’re not invincible, so more like six minutes.
  3. I’ll be ushering folks across the border.
  4. Do I still make noise and take up space even though I’m invisible? That would put a damper on any plans to be around other people. So, I’d probably sleep in then go for a bike ride.
  5. Was there ever a @Rumble_Stripheyday in the SWC? I’d like to know your memories of them. Maybe we should wait until next year when they turn 60 for the birthday roast, so let’s keep it positive this year. Happy birthday. 🎂
  6. Yes. Most recently I reminded some students that, to them, a non-gendered potato head toy seems like the answer to a non-existent question, but children 15 years from now won’t know there was ever a conversation about it. Just like years ago, when they were born, people thought a glitch in computer programming would shut down the whole digital infrastructure because computers hadn’t been told to change the date to start with the number “20.” They didn’t even know that Y2K was a thing.
  7. Oscar Wilde’s final resting place at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. It had been vandalized many times, so it’s surrounded by plexiglass, which many have kissed to leave a lipstick mark. I didn’t kiss the plexiglass, but I find the heavy stone angle a moving tribute to Wilde. He became “rock star” famous through image and promotion, but as we all know the “sound and fury...signifying nothing.” Or, signifying one’s place in the IB rotation.
  8. Oooo... So, it’s a jamboree, not a hootenanny. Got it.
  9. Ok. Not sure what kind of hootenanny y’all call “Sunday meeting” if it turns your hat into a crushed and sweaty mess. But...God bless it.
  10. On our bike tour in the Netherlands, we rode past fields where just a couple of weeks before there were tulips and other spring flowers. The server at a little restaurant across from a field said the area is packed with tourists during the two weeks of flowering. She told us we picked a good time for our bike tour. More relaxed.
  11. It’s lovely! In lots of ways...
  12. Watching the birds, drinking coffee, praying for the good people of the SWC.
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