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  1. Cheese is ground up milk and rennet, formed into shapes. An elegant interpretation...
  2. You might have some yeastie beasties in your gut. They scream out for carbs/sugars/wheat.
  3. But, RE wasn't far off at all. IMO, he was quite clever, not absurd. If turkey creates a turkeyburger, and a rice/bean concoction creates a veggieburger, then slices of cheese create a cheeseburger. How fun!
  4. Peace be, Jim. That's not the story ending we want, but sometimes it's the one we have.
  5. I can go with "Cheetos are the new potatoes," but in no way does a club sandwich translate into shrimp scampi. Maybe cordon bleu...
  6. At least RE's interpretation makes some sense.
  7. roadsue

    Chip substitute

    I like the broccoli stem raw, too.
  8. I tend to agree, except that the judgment call about “better and more interesting” requires one to know the least as well. I’m not going to write off a beer just because of the brand name.
  9. roadsue


    I saw this thread title and thought “what is Airehead talking about hotboxing?” I’d say getting caught was part of their plan.
  10. Everything I’ve ordered online hasn’t been sized consistently, so I prefer trying on. The last time I lost weight and needed new clothes, my actual size was a surprise. I had to go down a few more sizes than I thought. It might be the same for you.
  11. I saw a commercial for it last night. I like lager, but I don’t like Budweiser.
  12. roadsue

    March Photos

    Mojave Desert and snow in the same frame.
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