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  1. I recommend vacuuming the dust off the coils. Even if it’s not the source of the problem, the repair person will see you as tidy.
  2. We will find out tomorrow whether it can be repaired. Meanwhile we’re using our cooler and ice for keeping essentials cold. Plan b if this one cannot be repaired is to buy a mini fridge, just enough space for essentials. I’ll move it to my classroom for the remainder of the school year, then we will sell it. The bright side is I can finally let go of all those partially eaten leftovers and nearly empty jars of different salsas and pickled things. I opened an old jar of olives stuffed with garlic last week, and there was a half-inch thick layer of...I just don’t know what kind of fungus grows on olive juice. I think a lot of these jars are past their usefulness.
  3. Minimum advance on our appliance purchase was eight weeks, though. We purchased from a builders supply. Might want to look into it. We
  4. As part of our remodel, the contractor has to move two walls to make it fit.
  5. mr. is taking partially thawed frozen stuff and partially chilled cold stuff to our in-laws for storage. Our new fridge isn’t coming until November, so we’re going to try fixing this one. I hope it’s repairable.
  6. I don’t mind the ads, either. It seemed Spotify offered more new music, but I’m not sure.
  7. I made a Nujabes station on Pandora.
  8. Spotify, Pandora, YouTube... Where are the beats?
  9. The crabapple give good shade, are colorful in fall, interesting in winter because the fruit remains even after the leaves have fallen, and attract robins in early spring.
  10. We’ve traveled to BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. The cities feel more European than cities in the US, especially the ones in Quebec where people speak French. Even the small towns along the northern shore of Lake Superior had a Scandinavian simplicity. We regret not stopping at a fry stand along the highway.
  11. The bare bar soap brand here is Indigo Wild Zum Bar.
  12. I miss traveling. It’s fun to just look out the window. I like it when someone bikes past.
  13. window-swap.com I was just looking at Palermo.
  14. Very important question. Glides make me nauseous, but swings are ok.
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