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  1. All about glitter. You’d have to be a long-termer with this community to remember Hacker making cards and the ensuing discourse on glitter. That aside, it’s s fascinating read. https://nyti.ms/2R8ADPb?smid=nytcore-ios-share
  2. roadsue

    Do you know how to type?

    I type faster when I’m watching the words on the screen than when I’m copying from a document off to the side. And I cannot touch type the numbers and symbols row on a keyboard, but I can touch type the number pad.
  3. Whatever that means, it sounds messy.
  4. roadsue

    What do popes wear when they aren't poping?

    Everything the pope wears and owns must be the color white. And the long cloak the clergy wear is called a cassock.
  5. roadsue

    Went shopping Saturday

    I agree with her.
  6. roadsue

    Which Side Of The Sidewalk Do You Walk On?

    While in London, we asked the hotel concierge whether people walk on the left side of the sidewalk because we found ourselves frequently bumping into people. She said that people walk wherever they can move faster because the city sidewalks tend to be crowded. And that people bump each other all the time on the London sidewalks. Probably to give themselves yet another reason to apologize.
  7. roadsue


    Yes. Yes, all in the road house are well. Well, what...? To be determined.
  8. roadsue

    Currently reading?

    Personal Experience Narrative Essays. 120 of them...
  9. mr. saw it yesterday evening and said it's stunning. I'm hoping to catch it in two weeks when it comes back through town. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/16/movies/peter-jackson-war-movie.html
  10. roadsue


    You started it @RalphWaldoMooseworth.
  11. I continually waver between kindness and sarcasm, each tone equally poised for expression. It’s like I speak two languages, using the one that the other party would better understand.
  12. roadsue

    Do you still talk like an old person?

    The kids in my classes have a few variations of the saying “whatever butters your biscuits.”
  13. roadsue

    So, are you a hard salami kind of person?

    Obligatory vegetable, usually purchase already laid out at the grocery store. When I prepare a vegetable tray I slightly blanch the broccoli, pea pods, and asparagus so they’re brighter.
  14. roadsue

    So, are you a hard salami kind of person?

    We couldn’t have such entertaining tete-a-tete without a few French words. It’s part of the forum milieu.
  15. roadsue

    So, are you a hard salami kind of person?

    Crudités is French. Kind of like champagne, hors d’ouvre, piano, and rsvp.