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  1. Probably just roof access from that doorway.
  2. It’s no thing. Like GW said, piercing is as temporary as you want it to be.
  3. I want one if those. I cannot hold my phone and type with two thumbs. I only use my right index finger. It’s slow going even though I’m pretty agile. Maybe a non-querty keyboard would help. The kind you slide your finger around.
  4. roadsue

    October photos

    Next weekend we’re planning a day trip to the mountains. The fall colors should be at their peak.
  5. I grew up in Pueblo and spent a lot of time in the Springs. Not enough to know the difference between the incline and the railway, though. We are looking forward to the railway opening again. The view west from Pikes Peak is beautiful. If you’re haven’t already, I recommend driving the road to the top.
  6. I use a coffee maker at work instead of bringing it from home in a travel mug. I have two coffee mugs: one says I NY, and the other has my teachers' union logo. I wash them in the sink after each use.
  7. SW was drinking Kamikaze. That is my favorite shot drink. I worked at a pizza bar for a year, and the bartender would make us all a Butterbaby at the end of the night. It was Bailey's Irish cream and butterscotch schnapps. That's an ok drink.
  8. We watched this one inflate and take off. The last balloon off the field.
  9. Sauté in butter. Add a sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes along with salt and pepper.
  10. I’m so sorry. Sending prayers that he will stabilize enough to go home. And for continued care arrangements to go smoothly.
  11. It’s no thing. People don’t insert commas while speaking. Nor do they point out the lack of commas while engaging conversation. “You mean to say, ‘Now (comma) fuck off,’” said no one ever, polite or otherwise.
  12. I’m sorry your trip took a turn. Where are you, and what’s the strategy for getting FIL home again?
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