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  1. roadsue

    Fridge died

    How about a water and ice dispenser? Or, a door box so you can get high frequency items without opening the big door and letting in the room heat?
  2. roadsue

    Chicken feet!

    I surfed and found two sites selling grass fed beef bones. They cost about the same as the meat, it seems.
  3. roadsue

    Chicken feet!

    Any bones will release their marrow into the stock and give you that collagen. If not the chicken feet, then get those big ol' beef marrow bones. Lots of online, grass fed, beef marrow bone vendors.
  4. roadsue

    Fridge died

    Shopping is fun. And there are so many cool features on newer refrigerators. We looked at a few with a freezer drawer on the bottom and side-by-side doors on the top, but decided to go straight side-by-side when we realized the grandchildren could crawl into the freezer compartment.
  5. The least expensive milk chocolate we bought in Switzerland was far and away better than Hershey's milk chocolate. But, I still like a Hershey's almond nugget or a piece of Hershey's on a s'more. I also like the Miniatures, especially Mr. Goodbar with peanuts. For straight up milk chocolate, I choose Dove. If I'm buying chocolate to impress, I get ChocoLove bars. They print poetry on the inner labels. I've fallen out of fascination with dark chocolate. The snappy texture and bitterness is like eating death. I picture frowning old women when I eat chocolate over 70% cacao, even with a glass of port.
  6. What did Tennessee? Same thing Arkansas.
  7. The moon is made from earth stuff, but it was a really long time before this age of humanity. So, probably no human cellular matter in moon dust. There may have been a previous age of sentient life caught up in the creation of the early universe. Neither confirmed nor denied...
  8. I think about the distant future with some awe similar to the distant past. At some point in time, procreation began and eventually resulted in my own existence. And then in my children. And all of us. It happened hella long time ago. What will our planet look like thousands of years into the future when my dna has traveled via offspring across time and place? It’s humbling. My matter becoming motes in a sunbeam shining through some translucent opening.
  9. Stop peer pressuring me to do drugs, Page.
  10. Do I want to become nicotine dependent?
  11. I’d like to have a noble reason for being sleepy. Just cannot quite reach alert today.
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