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  1. $15 per hour Federal standard minimum wage is the plan. I don’t know if there was a strike here in NM.
  2. She’s a romantic ideal of the English teacher reality.
  3. I can hold my breath for 50 meters.
  4. We’re outed. The “Square Wheels Cafe” online cabal. It’s been real, thugs.
  5. We have history, friends. You knew me when... Before I started channeling this saucy biking hipster.
  6. I wish. I like using the cake 🎂.
  7. Until she’s not. When she’s not there, and never will be again, your feelings of being squeezed might seem like you preferred routine over connection. It’s a pandemic. She’s nervous.
  8. Being a dick is best left to the puddings. These are puppies!
  9. roadsue

    My new toy.

    I inherited a cast iron pan. It’s kismet.
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