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  1. 7 mile commute into work this morning. But, no ride home today. mr. is picking me up so that we can meet with someone who will help us to find tile for our kitchen backsplash. The cabinets are shipping on Nov 7, not Dec 7 like they'd previously said. So, demolition is starting asap.
  2. Yay! mr. and I watched all of The Queen's Gambit last night and the night before.
  3. @Airehead I like orange and ginger, too. FWIW, @Razors Edge, the looser texture of Greek yogurt makes better mint sauce for spiced lamb meatballs than Icelandic skyr, which is more luscious and velvety.
  4. Insurance makes me happy. I like that it works when people need it.
  5. You’re welcome. We had State Farm for years and never filed a claim.
  6. He wrote it in Latin. Cogito ergo sum.
  7. My sphere is small. It’s a small skyr sphere.
  8. No amount of puppies can replace your health.
  9. Merica yogurt might as well be a glass of milk with a few tablespoons of sugar and a laxative mixed in.
  10. I ate Fage plain before I found siggi’s. A drizzle of local honey, a few blueberries...
  11. Those don’t exist in my sphere.
  12. Cannot ignore the risk for diabetes!
  13. The best. Every other planet-destroying pre-packaged for individual consumption yogurt wishes it was as lovely as this brand.
  14. We drank pre-sweetened root-beer flavored instant. I think it was a Safeway brand. It wasn’t Kool-Aid.
  15. I like Snowballs. Especially when they’re pink.
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