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  1. I’m not quite beyond that “sparkle like diamonds” example with the shoes.
  2. Flat pedals, no clips so there’s that. Thankfully he put his foot down when we stopped because we were tipping hard. mr. said to give a little hop off and get both feet on the ground when stopping, so that I can hold the bike upright. It’s going to take more practice.
  3. roadsue

    Garlic knots

    Is there a doggy remedy for bloat?
  4. Wow. Sorry about your board, and hoping your mom’s situation has a good outcome.
  5. #2 son rides as the stoker, and I was terrified of having to stop suddenly. We did ok, though. Not too fast and a little on the wiggly side.
  6. roadsue

    Garlic knots

    This recipe has a few specialty ingredients. I dare say proprietary. Pizza dough flavor?
  7. Looked very bright from here, too.
  8. roadsue


    I started crying when George Washington began singing. So many poignant moments.
  9. roadsue

    Apple pie

    I just put cherry pie into the oven.
  10. #2 son is providing fireworks. $50 for the fountains and sparklers that are legal here.
  11. All of our beds are on drip systems with pressure regulators and timers. The end result over time is more than worth the up front cost and installation.
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