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  1. roadsue


    I saw this thread title and thought “what is Airehead talking about hotboxing?” I’d say getting caught was part of their plan.
  2. Everything I’ve ordered online hasn’t been sized consistently, so I prefer trying on. The last time I lost weight and needed new clothes, my actual size was a surprise. I had to go down a few more sizes than I thought. It might be the same for you.
  3. I saw a commercial for it last night. I like lager, but I don’t like Budweiser.
  4. roadsue

    March Photos

    Mojave Desert and snow in the same frame.
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  7. I saw this on FB and didn’t get it. You tell it better.
  8. If you have any Ibex or Smartwool, can I have it when you’re gone?
  9. Sounds good to me. I got in half an hour of weights and fifteen on the bike. I only do two sets. But consistently working out for years, it’s enough.
  10. Kirby, I’m so sorry. Suffocation. That’s nightmare stuff.
  11. I would rather bike anywhere, but drivers here only look to their left when turning a corner. Stopping at every intersection regardless of having a green light adds stress and time to each ride.
  12. As if there is no such thing as a confused doctor? Accurate information for each child is not too much to ask. And further opinions are a medical right.
  13. I wish I knew what you were talking about.
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