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  1. Oscar Wilde’s final resting place at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. It had been vandalized many times, so it’s surrounded by plexiglass, which many have kissed to leave a lipstick mark. I didn’t kiss the plexiglass, but I find the heavy stone angle a moving tribute to Wilde. He became “rock star” famous through image and promotion, but as we all know the “sound and fury...signifying nothing.” Or, signifying one’s place in the IB rotation.
  2. Oooo... So, it’s a jamboree, not a hootenanny. Got it.
  3. Ok. Not sure what kind of hootenanny y’all call “Sunday meeting” if it turns your hat into a crushed and sweaty mess. But...God bless it.
  4. On our bike tour in the Netherlands, we rode past fields where just a couple of weeks before there were tulips and other spring flowers. The server at a little restaurant across from a field said the area is packed with tourists during the two weeks of flowering. She told us we picked a good time for our bike tour. More relaxed.
  5. It’s lovely! In lots of ways...
  6. Watching the birds, drinking coffee, praying for the good people of the SWC.
  7. Me too. Glad it was the lesser of evils. Like @smudgesaid, if not the bill, at least a message about the undercooked shrimp. The kitchen staff need to know how they’re doing.
  8. Yes. Clear-headed and capable of multi-tasking after riding to work. And the words flow. Friday morning I kept saying the wrong word or couldn’t come up with the word I meant. My brain needs a bike ride.
  9. My brother said it’s because he knew I’d do what the paperwork says, what he wants to happen. Not sure if that’s a compliment.
  10. Quick reminder: I claimed any and all Ibex woolens long time ago.
  11. My economics teacher junior year led with Malthus. Best course I ever had.
  12. I didn’t ride this week, and by Thursday I was kind of lost. Just a 12 mile ride this morning and I’ve got a vision for finishing up the school year. I can see how important my commute is to the work I do.
  13. So do we. It was strongly suggested after numerous incidents of ruffians driving down the street destroying mailboxes with a bat. We replaced our box three times in as many years.
  14. I don’t have ADHD. I read the first sentence and scrolled on. Been there; done that.
  15. Substitute it when you’d ordinarily say, “Don’t get your knickers in a twist” It means overcome with emotion, but usually anxious expectation or some measure of pathos that makes your lower lip tremble a little and ties up your throat. Like the way little RO is the spitting image of RG in that photo. God bless him... She’s just adorable.
  16. I’m all for it! Been noticing that almost everyone riding bikes has either a grimace on their face or hunched up shoulders. I can only imagine the cell damage they’re undergoing from all that stress, the wash of cortisol in their bloodstream, the tissue inflammation. This is supposed to be fun. Liberating even! If e-bike pedal assist keeps the ride fun, then let’s do that.
  17. I like the way good government works, though, PJ. I find this quite inspiring of a few thoughts I’m encouraged to take elsewhere.
  18. ^^^This. And I’m all verklempt at the way RO makes faces for the camera. It’s a lovely acorn and tree moment.
  19. roadsue

    Happy Friday

    I don’t know; I cannot seem to get in front of this day. The right words aren’t flowing, the tech is glitchy, my admin did a walkthrough... And I cannot shake the sensation that I’m going to start crying any moment.
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