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  1. How about a picture of Lucy in her favorite spot
  2. It looks like the Supreme Court doesn't think the restrictions are unconstitutional.
  3. The man who lived next door was a mason, the brick layer kind. He'd come home from work and unload his pickup shirtless. He had a row of circular scares going from his shoulder to his hip on both his chest and back from when he was racked by a German machine gun in WWII. I seem to remember there were 4 of them. He was definitely lucky to be alive. We kids in the neighborhood thought it looked pretty bad ass.
  4. Exactly! And if there is no soap in the pantry, there is no reason to get dressed to go to the store to buy more.
  5. We have a fat ugly guy who sits nearly naked in his living room by the front window. It the first house when you come off the main road so it is tough to miss him.
  6. Including numbers in a name? Charles Schultz did it first.
  7. If you put off your visit for a little bit, you can see a giant Alf statue.
  8. They're furloughing us one day a week for 20 weeks. The company arranged for everyone to get unemployment. I shouldn't have to do anything until I get the first debit card. Once I get that then I have to arrange for direct deposit. I've been paying in for 35 years. It will be nice to get some of that money back.
  9. They furloughing us 1 day a week for the next 20 weeks. I can get unemployment for the day I lose plus I am eligible for the $600/week unemployment subsidy. I'll be making more money working 4 days a week that I was working 5.
  10. It is a sad day when a flower sports a more impressive package than I.
  11. Mr. Grumpy

    Hong Kong

    It looks like Taiwan is stepping up to handle the refugees it can.
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