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  1. I often answer with a, "Hi there!" Back in the day of land lines and no caller ID ut would set people aback wondering how I knew it was them.
  2. Yes but only because I haven't gotten around to throwing it away.
  3. I get old game shows along with Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, Petticoat Junction, Lucy (both 'I Love' and 'Show') over the digital antenna.
  4. I only used them in the winter to cut down on static in the winter. Spring summer and fall, I used none. Now that I am married, it is two per load.
  5. It isn't getting better
  6. Naw. I don't care too much about where Mrs Grumpy goes. She wants me to be as hard to find if I am missing
  7. Mr. Grumpy


    The electric bill, a bank statement and a shit-ton of junk.
  8. Mr. Grumpy


    Sorry. You didn't win the Publishers Clearinghouse drawing.
  9. Usually it's "Talk to ya later", "Bye" or "Buh-bye" followed by an "asshole" under my breath after the connection is broken.
  10. I need to know. It is important. For us it is usually 2 per load except for sheets which get none.
  11. Mr. Grumpy


    Finally got our mail. YAY!!
  12. That is only because they're testing more.
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