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  1. You know, it really gets tiresome of these stalkers. You know I had a problem with another poster who constantly looks for any chance to take cheap shots at my posts. I contacted you via pm and stated my concerns. Even involved her so we could settle it off the board. But recently she took it upon herself to take a couple more shots at me and I let it go. One comment was describing my posts as unpleasant etc. If you remember, I told you I don't even open her threads. I only see the crap she posts when she is trying to take cheap shots at me. Which I do not at her seeing as I totally avoid her posts. It gets tiresome dealing with these assholes who can't grow up. This caretaker has made more than one comment pertaining to child molesters online. The fact he has not posted any comments in other threads, shows he is just being an asshole. Yes, he has tried to leave comments hinting at rudeness toward Gina too. All I can think is that these people are unhappy with their lives and jealous that others can have fun and live their happy lives while they live in a world of hate. Most people here are cool but too bad you have these very few that like to start shit with a targeted few. Sadly yes, this caretaker asshole knows about the internet and what protection it gives him from getting his fat ass bitch slapped! Fuck these assholes, I'm outta here!
  2. So I searched other granddaughter threads and as I suspected, you did not leave one comment in threads that have more revealing pics vs that of my granddaughter in a softball uniform and long tshirt and tights. I can dig up recent threads as proof if I need to prove to SW you're just being an ass. I rest my case, you're just being an obnoxious ass. I've seen a few comments you have left in my past posts and ignored them but you're beginning to get on my nerves so please refrain from making ignorant comments in my posts seeing you only post your ignorant comments here. I rest my case!
  3. So tell me, I have seen other posts with grandchildren. DO you take it upon yourself to make your comments in their posts as well or are you just being an obnoxious ass making these stupid comments in my threads?
  4. I'm surprised you post on the forums seeing that you're so afraid of the world. Now that I think of it, this is the second time you have made that kind of a comment on my grandkid posts. I actually trust the small community here so what's the big deal? Maybe you have some kind of a sub conscious perverted problem with children and assume the rest of the people here share your same thoughts?
  5. Yeah, she runs trails too! She says she has to stay in shape to play catcher. Her mother, my daughter has done several runs. Including some 500 mile run called Ragnar. 6 woman relay team. She has been into running so my granddaughter started running with her.
  6. The taller one on the left is my 11 y/o granddaughter Franki! Playing softball. She's somethin' else, that one! Yeah, all my grandkids call me Papa Beanz.
  7. Another flat boring ride! .........13.2 miles 1,220 ft gain. Not sure how but I set a PR on an 8% 1/4 mile climb today. Nice cruise around the hood, nice 80 degrees and a bit windy. Straight from the door step, first 4 miles of my ride 800 ft. Not a bad ride considering I was carrying all the extra weight of the Incred-I-Bell.
  8. I tried to talk Gina into buying these shoes to match my truck. But the sale price wasn't right and not quite the right size. But hey, she doesn't have to walk in them, I'll let her ride in my truck. Don't ya hate when you wash your truck then realize a headlamp is out? Only took about 3 minutes to replace it but just one of them annoying moments after you wash your truck.
  9. Guess I'm lucky, never had a problem with hot spots (I think that's the term used). I did like 23 centuries one year, longest being 126 miles. Our weekend rides are never less than 40 and never had that problem using shoes made my Nike (I really liked these), Answer, and Shimano. Maybe being flat footed is a plus in cycling!
  10. I always used spd double sided mtn pedals. I may have replaced them 2 times in 15 years. I stick with them and they work hassle free. I have buds that use road pedals and once a year, they look like the image in the OP. Many times, falling apart on our rides, so I don't waste my time with them.
  11. No crab. Taste of crab does nothing for me. MOF, I can't even taste it. So I am not about to go cracking and digging for it.
  12. All I got! I never really cared for SRV so I am very unfamiliar with his music. It would take me a long time to learn this as I am not familiar at all with the way it goes. Too much time to learn something I wouldn't ever play again. So this is all I got! Wooden guitar, I was too lazy to plug in one of the electrics.
  13. I'm shocked! Steve was one heck of a guitar player!
  14. I've never eaten a white, er uhh ...........chocolate bunny!
  15. Didn't do much for Easter other than ride. Some people believe in giving up stuff around Easter, I gave up my healthy diet and had a chocolate malt! Waiting for my treat!
  16. 41 windy miles with Gina. Kind of nice to get in a ride with just the two of us. Not having to worry about somebody on her wheel, not having to worry about setting a pace for someone else, nice little do what you want to do ride. at one point, it got pretty windy as we got near the coast. Gina asked me if I wanted her to go to the front offering me a little break from the wind. No, no thanks! I wanted her to conserve her energy for the later miles. But the offer was nice seeing as most guys we ride with hide in the back and try to avoid taking the front when it gets windy. Bunch of wussies! Just the two of us! This was the seagull she was watching and pointing out to me. Pretty colorful seagull! I'm not one for tats but, Summer is coming! I tried to get a pic of my Ultegra label on the fly. OK not really, but I got one! Gina dropping me again. She rolled by me effortlessly a few times today! Darn PowerBar gum drop thingies!
  17. 44 miles at 16.8 average. Another windy day. Had a chance to ride alone so I figured I would do my thing. Then Bad Bob saw me and turned around to join me for a while. He asked me to hold up so he could catch up. So we rode and chatted for about 5 miles into the wind. That's tough! With the wind today, not a bad average. Then on the way back I was rolling. One of those strange winds, cross wind I guess. I could see the leaves blowing with me in my direction but wow, sure felt like a headwind. Ran into Mark halfway back. He asked me to stop for a chat. I did then after 15 minutes or so, I got back on for the last 7 miles or so and man my legs had cooled down and were stiff. Took a bit to get rolling again. Bikinis are coming! Nice day but not hot enough for the "BIKINIS"! So here is a little teaser of what's to come this Summer.
  18. I'm a people watcher and I noticed plenty of people are to lazy to lift a finger or a hand. If there are too trashcans at the mall 10 feet apart, almost everyone will dump their trash in the container closest too them. Even if it overfills, most people are to lazy to walk another 10 feet to use the empty trash can. Some are to lazy to flick their hand to use turn signals in a car. I observe plenty of this behavior so I figure most people are too lazy to lift their arms as well. So I use the highest section of the door handle exiting restrooms figuring there are less germs there. If present, I just use the kick plate on swinging doors without a latch.
  19. I don't watch much TV but I think those are cool shows. Like who done it type shows.
  20. Whew, thanks I feel better now. I'm guessing without searching that you are referring to the Dennis Weaver movie with the crazy truck driver?
  21. Well not yet, but we've been watching Forensic Files and See No Evil programs on the ID channel. Stuff gets addicting. I enjoy those programs but the only problem is that everybody at the malls, on the street, and in the air looks like a psychotic serial killer now! So anyway, if I vanish, track down the drive of that truck back there. I think it's some wacko killer following me! I think he wants to break my nose!
  22. My brother traveled to Spain expecting good food. He was very disappointed, said it was terrible and skimpy as well.
  23. Once a week. I can not stand my nails to be long, feels very sensitive. I have to trim them too, can't stand catching socks with jagged edges.
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