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  1. Makin' beer, drinkin' beer and riding my Fat Boy.
  2. Well if she doesn't Strava it, none of it counts anyway.
  3. Not sure. I was out riding my bike instead.
  4. Just shy of 12 miles on some unmarked singletrack under the lights. Dude snapped his chainstay which made for some hiking back to the trail head. Still a good ride. Beer as always to follow.
  5. Hey, hey, hey! You take that back!
  6. Iceman Cometh race(Nov 5th) training has been in full force. This Saturday will be Bell's Brewerys' Gears N Beer's. Ride to Kalkaska(race start) then back on the race trails to Timber Ridge(race finish) for food and brewski's. About 45 miles in total.
  7. This past Saturday was TKMBD. Over 60 youngsters braved the cool damp weather to ride some singletrack. Nice raffle and pizza for all the riders. This little guy biked over three miles on what was the coolest balance/push bike. Awesome event!
  8. So, every 28 days you would hit the spacebar twice then?
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