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  1. There's a great political pun here. <slithers into the grass>
  2. Dottie

    Hey Kzoo

    ASU even. Ouch.
  3. Dottie

    Wilbur and Zackny

    Piñatas for all.
  4. Dottie

    Wilbur and Zackny

    In sum, this place is a winner. You are 2 for 2 my good man.
  5. Dottie

    Wilbur and Zackny

    Authentic Mexican food is tough to beat. This place reminds of some winner places in central Washington.
  6. Flying out of Boise in two hours. We stopped at Tangos at lunch for the empanadas. Constant line of at least 7 peeps deep. Unfortunately no pics. But we are at Coalcoman's now. Reviews later. @Zackny @wilbur
  7. Dottie


    Be forewarned. Cut the expectations of battery longevity in half based on specs
  8. I have twice. See my blogs. I have two trips there. Yes, totally worth it
  9. I cannot believe the amount of bikes here. We are at the Boise, Hyde Park Street Fair. Insane!! At least 4 large bike cages
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