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  1. It's pretty hard to just single out CA... unless you were politically motivated to do so.
  2. Incorrect. Indefinite suspension. This shit can't happen. But Rudolph escaping with no penalty at all is a joke. He needs to be ripped a new ahole. My guess is that they figure by keeping him in the field of play, he actually hurts his team worse.
  3. Baltimore is clearly establishing itself as the team to beat in AFC.
  4. That all sounds great but fact is there is an opiate crises in Everett just like many other places around the country. We went into a restaurant and there was a used needle on the floor of our table
  5. I had to make an emergency stop off Broadway in Everett, Wa to use the bathroom. Naturally 2 of the 3 customers inside the place were occupying the 2 unisex bathrooms. Finally got my opportunity and took care of business. Washed my hands and looked up and a swell of gratitude enveloped my being when I spotted it. So glad we've advanced my options for disposing my spent needles in case I pick up that heroin habit. I almost feel left out now by not taking advantage of it.
  6. Well, you benefited of an illegal pick for your last score but LJ just ran off a 39 yarder that was most impressive.
  7. Yep. Baltimore's defense is better so far. It's why I consider you guys a danger in the post season. In other news, Denver 20, Minnesota 0 at half.
  8. Well, there is no doubt Lemar is looking good. Let's see if Deshawn has any time to throw or any room to run. 14-0 Baltimore.
  9. Early on it looks like Baltimore's defense is better than Houston's. Lemar has time to throw and Deshawn does not. I wouldn't say LJ is necessarily playing better than DW though.
  10. Well, I'm happy to report this game is on up here in the PNW. So far it's kind of a yawner. The Minnesota/Denver game surprisingly has got it going on though.
  11. I was talking about Kool and the Gang. EWF was totally disco. Agreed.
  12. I'm not sure this band falls into the Disco category as they''ve done lots of things. But this is pretty darn good.
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