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  1. Dottie

    Edgy In This Place Lately?

    Speaking of edgy... I see wheels has closed down yet another thread. I see yet again it is not I. -- making my momma proud. It's what i do. Share the love, baby!
  2. Dottie

    A vote to determine if a member should be banned?

    But that's dogfooding! There'd be nobody left but SWC.
  3. I may take one of the days to go riding but I hate riding on Memorial Day weekend. A bunch of nuts out.
  4. Dottie

    I'm going to take a shower now

    It was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm thinking I may do it again before the year is over.
  5. Dottie

    Edgy In This Place Lately?

    Don't. Ever. Stop. jsharr, you have skillz.
  6. Dottie

    Edgy In This Place Lately?

  7. Yabbut if I fly you out -- you're going to have to bring mangos.
  8. Any plans? I suspect I'll be working on the foundation of my shed again. A complete and utter waste of free time because it's work time.... but also happy I have the time to work on it. Oh the inner conflicts.
  9. Ok, Zephyr, so that's a very interesting comment. What exactly is it that you do for a living? Filming the apocalypse? The Wrath of the Zombies??
  10. That's exactly where I'm at. It's a destresser and in fact gives me better perspective on just how sweet my job is after spending 15 minutes in this place.
  11. Dottie

    After a lifetime of drivel..

    i say that with jest. Your feelings rank right up there.
  12. I have done that on occasion but I am ok with just ducking low and going 85% of my max speed downhill too. In other words, I find riding in a more upright position for longer periods of time is the way to go... even if that takes me a whopping additional 15 minutes longer or whatever on a ride.