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  1. It's wonderful. These people need appreciation and all the support they can get.
  2. Except you're not at the top, buddy. I jest.
  3. 100%. A trip to jail probably isn't were you wanna be either.
  4. Also wearing a mask may not even protect me as much but I know it helps protect others. It's natural I argue to think about protecting yourself but if I'm wearing a mask, I'm cutting down on spread even if I don't know it. That's a win.
  5. Let's just see what kind of tough guy he is when he's on his way out to a coffin.
  6. Over 1200+ deaths alone today in USA and we haven't even peaked yet. I wonder where RoadRunner is now. https://www.cnn.com/world/live-news/coronavirus-pandemic-04-05-20/index.html
  7. I'm not so sure. I'm guessing finding a ventilator may be an issue.
  8. Yeah, it's not bulletproof for sure but it greatly improves your odds. This is all about odds. It's why I keep my distance from others -- to improve my odds. It's why I wear gloves and take them off in particular way to reduce my odds. It's why I stay home 6+ days a week so I can improve my odds. It's why I use sterilizers and wash my hands frequently -- so I can improve my odds.
  9. I keep a couple masks stored out of site but wear them when I clean the stoves. I had some cheap ones and the straps would tear off my head so my wife stepped up her game and bought me some higher quality masks that were more sturdier and filtered at a greater level. I use them maybe 3-4 times a year. Well, duh, they are N95s! So I went out to deposit a check at an ATM and went into a Lowe's and Coastal Farm and Ranch store equipped with an N95 mask and gloves. I social distanced and cleaned my hands. I feel pretty good for going out. A risk for sure but I minimized that risk. First time I went out all week.
  10. So their life is more valuable than say yours or mine?
  11. They should but then it comes across as preferential. Also I forgot to put you up there with RG.
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