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  1. Dottles

    Someone else's grief

    War and Peace
  2. Dottles

    Hey Latte and Canada...

    You guys weren't kidding. My wife and I have been making smoothies using this frozen blend and love it. First time we tried this was in McCall, ID and it was Wymans. They grow their crops in Maine (@late )and Eastern Canada. I'm beginning to think that @Wilbur and @shootingstar are totally right. Northern berries such as blueberries, raspberries, etc... may in fact be tastier in Canada. We've tried a lot of berry mixes from different parts of the US including my home state -- and this may be the winner: (@ http://www.wymans.com/product/kale/strawberries-blueberries-and-cherries-kale We use some cashew and almond milk and these smoothies are great. I honestly feel that if mixed in the correct blender, the are incredibly creamy and rival any milkshake out there.
  3. Dottles

    Give peas a chance?

  4. Dottles

    So, What do you do when you get a first meeting?

    I know how to kill threads.
  5. Dottles

    Someone else's grief

    Damn, Redcoat. This is pretty good, mate.
  6. Do you have to clean your denials?
  7. Dottles

    Give peas a chance?

    I love peas.
  8. Dottles

    Give peas a chance?

    Whirled peas.
  9. He is. Got a fetish for rubbers too.
  10. Yes!! Get that shit out! Nothing good comes from incontinence.