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  1. I don't feel that way. I think in the end we are going to do what we want to do and in fact there will be those that do whatever they want anyway and you're not going to be able to stop them without Draconian laws implemented -- and I don't ever see that happening. You're dealing with human beings here, Max. Fallible. Myopic. Me-first organisms that have trouble thinking and trusting beyond ourselves -- particularly when it comes to things we cannot see. I'm not advocating it --- but it's going to happen. The same reason I think this planet burns up -- global warming is too big of problem for mankind because by the time one realizes it and accepts it, it's too late. And how you get all counties on board and who going to get to politice it is almost impossible? The honor system isn’t going to work same goes with Covid It is unsettling. I'm just saying sooner or later covid is coming to your house no matter what the government and private sector does. Get your vaccines.
  2. Looks like Jason's taking the risk seriously.
  3. You know, people for the most part did what they were supposed to do. I'm not talking about folks out in the country or other individual rights over public rights states. But after having 2 boosters and knowing other folks who had the same and still got covid, maybe it's time to let is pass through the community. Not because wearing masks is a drag but because you're bound to get it anyway so why fight it and subsidize the pharmaceuticals? Honestly, I don't care that much anymore because it's a weaker strain and I've already got some protection against it. I still keep my distance though. I say get the shots, keep your distance, don't face swap saliva with strangers, and then live life. Masks optional.
  4. Dottles

    Levi 501

    Levi’s are for Cowboys and Cowboy wannabes with skinny legs.
  5. Dottles

    My brother

    This should be marked as the solution.
  6. Yeah, that's one I'm going to want to go over a few times too.
  7. All the more reason to quit following that horseshit. NCAA football can jam it
  8. Things I am grateful for: I live in a country that Putin isn't physically attacking I have access to great coffee 24/7 I have a roof over my head and I can pay my bills. i'm 55 and most of the world's problems are left for the younger generation to solve I have a lovely wife I have a great cat I have running water Food (good food) is not a scarcity I can defecate in a room with a nice, clean toilet I have a few friends I can still get it up I own a bike I have access to the ocean I can still fly anywhere I want I get to live another day I live in a beautiful area i neither work or live in Seattle I can see Wilbur from my back front door There are nice people in this forum. I get to actively enjoy @Razors Edge remotely. The East is a good place for him. I could go on but why?
  9. I still believe in America if that's what you're asking. This is my home. And I'm going to eat some of the best carrot cake you can only dream of.
  10. We are planning to attend Blaine’s 4th of July waterfront fireworks show in my home state. Small town on the border that puts on a heckuva show over Drayton Harbor. The Canadians will come down to watch it also . Folks from from the area just walk into town with their lawn chairs. Very well behaved and no drunks We plan on attending a couple other parties over the weekend -- including a salmon bake.
  11. Mick, no offense but you can have your Maryland humidity.
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