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  1. But I could take that same money and use it for a 5% down payment on an a studio condo with a $500 HOA tab out in the Toolies w/ a 4 hour round trip commute.
  2. @MoseySusan That phrase popped up from my high school days of yesteryear and had to laugh. The only thing I scam is desserts.
  3. Dottles


    The dogs are cute. She's not so bad either.
  4. Dottles


    I had the same thought.
  5. @Allen is your pond catch and release??
  6. Scamming chicks sounds more appealing.
  7. No sir. I have his man cave reserved for video gaming.
  8. Sorry to read this M. Take care of yourself.
  9. No. None of those clowns are worth it. But it’s the going rate for spiritually deprived clowns like me that support them by viewing their league’s advertising on TV. At least I don’t pay their ticket prices. Heck who am I fooling? I’m a clown. I’m an addict. They got a 12 step for that too? What would @Razors Edge do?
  10. I would suggest the frog visit this thread.
  11. Yes, he does rock. Allen is a good guy and I still hope to go out and visit him. He knows what I mean . We befriended during my potty mouth days.
  12. Why do people care what other people think what will happen to them when they die? And why does an apology have to be more than an apology? But more importantly is why I feel any inclination to respond to this thread? Is it because I’m seeking attention?
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