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  1. Dottles

    I just had a crown come off. What do I do?

    For me it was over an implant. So the post was attached but the crown had managed to pop off. They cleaned it up and reused it.
  2. I remember being near the top of Mt. Rainier hiking up to a bowl shape glacier and showing off with my friends. Basically it had a lip on this bowl and then dropped immediately like 50 feet and sloped straight down as far as the eye could see. Basically broken bones in the picture and you wouldn't have been able to stop oneself. So if you were in tennis shoes, you could skate the lip by sliding down the steep slope and hopefully stopping by digging your shoes in before you plunged into the white below. Well I managed to do that like 3 times and all the guys with me thought I was nuts but I captured the respect I was seeking. Well, I went back to that same spot years later after I was all grown up -- and sure enough -- I was nuts. Fucking unhinged. OMG. Such small brains we had -- just to be 'cool'.
  3. Dottles

    Cranes, cranes, and more cranes

    I really like that this thread has spiraled into nothingness.
  4. Dottles

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    You're warming up to me.
  5. Dottles

    I just had a crown come off. What do I do?

    My experience says otherwise. Maybe that's just a California thing.
  6. Dottles

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    Did you just usurp jsharr?? Oh my. That's gotta sting. I'm curious how it takes this. Oh wait. I see he liked it. Paying homage.
  7. Dottles

    I just had a crown come off. What do I do?

    I've had that happen multiple times. Just put it in a plastic bag and call the dentist. I hope you didn't swallow it. I had one come off while I was chewing cake in a car -- cake of all things -- and thought it was something that dropped in the cake at baking time so I spit it and everything out the window. Then we drove down the road and I realized that was a post my tongue was feeling. We drove back and I'm searching the streets of Tweekerville looking for my crown. Lucky I found it because that would have cost $2K out of pocket.
  8. Dottles


    Yeah. So that would have been in 48.
  9. Dottles

    You'll Never Guess What Happened this Time

    Yay!! Now that lighting/fan issue should no longer be a problem for you -- like maybe forever.
  10. Dottles

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    I could do it. I think though that I'd need to be in a tumbleweed place with immediate access to the forests like Boise or Leavenworth, Yakima, Bend, or other. I think the plains out in MT would be too harsh and desolate for a wimp like me.
  11. Dottles

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    Reads like Seattle. Anything Asian is going to work well here. I used to be a meat and potatoes guy growing up but then discovered Asian food and spice. I've a big fan now. I realized I lived in an area that had such a great Asian influence, I should be out there taking advantage of it. That was 20 years ago.
  12. Dottles

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    He's from the big D buddy. I'm pretty sure you know him but I'm not naming names. Why Middle Eastern or Mediterranean? I understand you have good Chinese restaurants there.
  13. Dottles

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    Did you meet her at the grocery store??
  14. Dottles

    Carp (weather related?)

    Catch and release only. You don't want all them little bones.
  15. Dottles

    Saharan dust has invaded Dallas

    Speaking of which, I have a native Texan coming over to my house tonight, I'm going out to dinner with him and his family (yeah, I'm going to have a steak but have 'em cook it medium and not medium rare -- because I'm a man not animal), and I'm going to loan one of my bikes to him for the next ten days. He's a native Texan and thinking about getting out because of it's ultra conservatism.