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  1. Dottles


    I could see putting this on:
  2. Dottles

    Good Job LeBaron

    Sounds German to me.
  3. Hit @Wilbur up for restaurant options. The guy is 2 for 2 for me.
  4. True but all those tourist towns in my experience always have better pizza options... though you will pay more for that. Otherwise I like Pizza Slut. One of the few chain pizza restaurants that's been able to hang.
  5. Kmart has been disappearing for some time now. Losing Pizza Slut is no great loss. But losing your local grocery does blow. Sorry to read.
  6. Dottles

    Krazy party

    Is this Kzoo's son lighting the torch?
  7. Right? I hope he didn't steal one of her fries without asking.
  8. If this is Beth.... then yes.
  9. Dottles

    Good job LeBron

    Who is LaBron? It sounds French.
  10. I wonder about the tread. If I buy a tire that can never go flat, what good is it if it's worn and bald? It's only as good as the tread lasts.
  11. No coincidence that I am in the ER as we speak.
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