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  1. Horrible. At your age, I'm honored to consider you a friend.
  2. Ugh. I was hoping you'd do the work.
  3. My wife and I are both over 50 and living with someone in their 70s. That's what give us this possibility -- at least that's what I'm being told. Nothing set in stone yet, but I think this can happen.
  4. I knew as soon as I posted that. But this is the artists interpretation of the numbering system. I prefer naked numbers.
  5. I have the opportunity to get the shot. I was going to wait and let this vet out and let you all test it. I believe in the science -- but this is pretty quick. Should I or would you do it? I'm not too concerned about problems but more cautious.
  6. I may. Kind of like tuning into an auto race. You just watch to see if there are any crashes.
  7. Umph. Numbering systems are not patriotic. Maybe their context and units but that.... uh... anus patriotic.
  8. His err is that wily veterans like us know that 't' isn't even hexadecimal.
  9. Or knock Patrick into concussion protocol
  10. Was I the only one that saw that helmet to helmet blast on the goal line? That was the first thing I noticed. Bummer for the Browns because if they scored there, it would have made this an interesting game.
  11. They've got a decent shot. So much so that I'll be watching the game -- at least for the first half.
  12. Dottles


    Ugh. Be safe and take care! Can we send you a care package?
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