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  1. Dottles


    If that's anything like my assploding, then sucks to be you.
  2. Dottles


    Her heart, bub.
  3. That's pretty much my thinking. But when I'm facing another team that has deeper pockets than I, it does give me pause. I'm very happy to sell to these guys as long as they keep their word and don't try to screw me. I'm married after all.
  4. I'm way ahead. Happy Coffee Day!
  5. My question is who the hell would want to play the Titans or Vikings this week?
  6. Dottles

    Should I Go?

    Sit the fuck out and tell her to fuck off.
  7. As it should be. This'll send ripples throughout the empire.
  8. Correction. It makes moral dilemmas harder. Much harder. Otherwise it's the way to go. It benefits all of us.
  9. Ugh. Wildfire smoke will drift into Oregon and Washington overnight Tuesday q13fox.com/news/wildfire-smoke-will-drift-into-oregon-and-washington-overnight-tuesday
  10. He is a good person to consider who lives there. But what happens if he only had one buyer? What if he got a letter he didn't like or maybe didn't get one it all? What if the letter was complete BS? We all know how to write persuasive letters. I know you are just calling out scrapr for being a good soul. I and others agree. But sometimes it's hard to distinguish good and bad. My wife told me most folks don't even think about that and just sell to the highest bidder -- and she's right. I'm a very thoughtful person and all it does is screw me.
  11. Your Ravens are one of the top 3 teams. I wouldn't stress too much... nor would I worry that last night's performance will be the same in 15-16 weeks from now when you play them in the playoffs.
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