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  1. I just got an email from Rocket Mortgage/Quicken Loans today: For a limited time, our 30-year conventional fixed rate is at 2.875% (3.039% APR),1 and our 15-year conventional fixed rate is at 2.375% (2.768% APR).2 These are the lowest rates Quicken Loans has EVER offered.3
  2. There's great rates out there right now. Almost enough for me to refinance again -- and I just did. They will never be better. But even so, they don't make financial sense for me to do it.
  3. Quicken Loans essentially took appraisals by looking values up on Redfin. The guy noticed our house was close to what I thought it was based on some other similar sized properties in the area and he agreed (that was how I calculated my value). I was very skeptical of this online process but in the end -- it was the easy and best way to refinance. I highly recommend it.
  4. Dottles

    Bear with me

    They're so cute into they start sizing you up for food -- which is all the time.
  5. Boooo! Nobody's interested.
  6. Those are good, mate.
  7. They've learned more about it. Masks and social distancing most likely are the wave of the future. Mid-March was an uncertain time.
  8. While it's astronomical, it's not the gold mine it appears to be. Still, it's one helluva payday. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29419411/is-patrick-mahomes-500-million-contract-actually-team-friendly-answering-eight-questions-chiefs-qb-deal
  9. I'm so on board with that.
  10. What you say here is true. I know the drill as I was pretty motivated most my life. But I face a new challenge now. Even with enough signs in my personal life to light a fire under my ass -- my ass has become teflon and doesn't care. The motivation within has left -- even under dire circumstances for it to return -- and it's not returning. So I'm trying things. I'm hoping just getting into a walking routine will do it. I'm hoping having a fluffed up a pedometer will do it. I'm hoping posting my concerns about it here will do it. I"m willing to part with the cash to try to get me moving. And the idea of having a coach or trainer telling me what to do and/or barking orders would most likely get him a punch to his face -- I'm not going that route either. External people motivators I don't think would ever work for me. So I'm hoping this digital external motivator does -- after all -- that motivation still comes from within.
  11. I read that. Good stuff. Please post any of his creations in the forum.
  12. Attending a football game is an activity for the rich. Here in Seattle, 300 level tickets are sold for like $300 a game and -- I kid you not -- they charge $80 to park near the stadium. You don't even want to know what a beer will cost you. Ok. I'll tell you. About $9. I don't think any sporting event for a family of 4 is worth more than $100. But spending a $1000?
  13. I'm happy to report that having the watch did motivate me yesterday. I was able to meet my target steps and had to go out of my way to do it.. Actually, it was educational because I really had to go out of my way.to complete it. The area I usually walk was about half the distance as I best guessed it to be and therefore had to double up my efforts. So not only did it help me get off my ass and walk -- it helped me get off my ass and walk twice as far. It starts all over again today and it's raining outside. Let's see how I do.
  14. Does it really? I bought a Garmin device a few years ago and it did not. I could not initially get it to load and configure. Glad they have stepped up their range. Fitbit is a work in progress. A huge online presence complaining about their crap load and install. Even with Windoze I had to get creative.
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