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  1. Olympic games do not determine my level of nationalism I feel for this country. That comes from economics and hard core sex.
  2. The problem with posting videos is that one needs to take the time to watch them. I like the shallow down shit one can get from glancing over trite political quips.
  3. Not watching so don't feel real comfortable posting in this thread. But I dooooooz it anyway.
  4. "Negative thoughts can really affect you and shallow down your spirits"?
  5. Kris was on that other forum that shall not be named. The P&R section which I believe they shut down. But @maddmaxx might be able to confirm.
  6. I mean as a traveler, you can't beat the Salish Sea.
  7. You should be proud. It's an amazing place.
  8. Correct. I do not care about Eddie Money whatsoever.
  9. Be honest. It's arguably one of the most beautiful cities in your country. Plus they recently added a poop factory. What's not to like?
  10. They just opened a second place in La Conner. This place was in Bellingham. But if you've never been to La Conner, go there. In fact anyone coming to this state should go there. And sight see Deception Pass and then head into Anacortes and take the San Juan ferry. That's my tourism hint for the year.
  11. Dottles


    I thought of you. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g58350-d1744233-Reviews-Tree_Frog_Night_Inn-Bellingham_Washington.html Tree Frog Night! Sadly, I think they're a COVID-19 victim and permanently closed.
  12. @Wilbur I was wrong. On the other side of Lake Whatcom is this. https://theforkatagatebay.com/ Recommend.
  13. They opened for somebody I went to go see. Very mediocre. Check. They were poor but surprisingly the crowd was either gracious or really high themselves.
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