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  1. Dottles

    credit card limits

    I've got a ridiculously low rate and a very high limit. I tried one time to get a car loan and they pushed it back at me within 5 minutes saying my credit card offered a better rate. I had forgotten my limit was so big. So sure enough, I went out and bought a new car on it. When my wife was working, we had that paid off within a year and that the total amount of interest was ridiculously small. But now my wife is in between jobs and the rate I can pay it back is --- ugh. I hope she can find something soon. When she works, it's all gravy. And I don't stress. Stress my be a strong word but there is concern there.
  2. Dottles

    credit card limits

    Good advice. We just got slammed in 2018 with some bad things and we wanted to upgrade the house. Had to actually. Like this rotten deck that we thought we'd be able to get another year out of but that's not going to happen. Unfortunately that deck is the main entrance to the house as well as the only practical entrance. It's not safe now, and in the event we need to sell, it definitely needs to be replaced. So we take my bonus money and replace it now.
  3. Dottles

    What is the purpose of the blues?

    I am not taking the bait. I admit you're fun to mess with, Latte. I mean really fun. But I am committed to running a clean program over here. So.... why don't you tell me about the blues.
  4. Dottles

    What is the purpose of the blues?

    What i need is somebody like Latte to tell me about what the blues are. Do you think anybody in this forum can make this happen?
  5. Dottles

    I think I would lose any fight I got in now

    I never hit anybody unless it was on the soccer field.
  6. Dottles

    I missed a text from Jsharr this morning

    You're lucky. I never get texts from jsharr. I'll I get are flowers.
  7. Dottles

    I need sex

    He needs a real partner. Me and my inflatables don't count.
  8. Dottles

    I need sex

    Your next partner is going to be lucky
  9. Dottles

    I need sex

    Is that guy taking a leak? He looks like a big dog relieving himself.
  10. Dottles

    I need sex

    My marriage is safe and sound you mofos.
  11. Dottles

    credit card limits

    Once again -- how little you know. I love you're posts RE. They're so informative.
  12. Dottles

    credit card limits

    I am sadly in a case where I have a lot of debt build up on credit cards. Much more than I feel comfortable with and my old lady isn't back to work yet. And they're high limits. So I've literally got the next 2 years to eliminate it and now I need a new deck. Ugh. When it rains it pours. I hate debt and am seldom in it. But I am now so I deal with it.
  13. Dottles

    Tax time was very kind to us

    No. You're going to have to deposit it first.
  14. Dottles

    A thought about Bridget Fonda

    I didn't say I was. I am saying it was really bad PR for her.
  15. Dottles

    A thought about Bridget Fonda

    You do understand you agreeing with me on this issue is gonna cause trouble for me with @Page Turner.