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  1. I take this back. @sheep_herder responded. Hey Sheep, I'm the first to admit a half rack of ribbies is pretty tasty.
  2. The perfect, slanderous, inflammatory remark and nobody bit?? I'm losing it.
  3. This along with my 3 stents is why the asshats in here need to take notice. These heart attack in the wing victims can rage and mock the vegetarian lifestyle until they die of a heart attack or until they use their gawd damn brains and stop eating meat -- particularly read meat. Dummies associate politics and manliness to it (it's really macho eating farmed cow or 2 sq/ft. penned in pig with a gun and flag in hand... and even cooler if you can have a piss water beer in mouth while the kiddies are blowing shit up with fireworks). That rally cry seems like a fair trade off for cardiovascular
  4. One of my favorite songs of all time.
  5. Unfortunately I missed it. However I am pleased to be a motif of discussion.
  6. I don't know how to answer this -- but the appropriate response to such a sick and disgusting thread like this -- surely must involve something with your wife.
  7. Dead Horse State Park near Moab, UT is pretty darn sweet too! Awesome MTB riding and better views than Canyonlands National Park.
  8. I was walking down the street one day.
  9. I can't fit Chicago into my head right now.
  10. Don't wanna leave ya now, you know I believe in how.
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