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  1. Do you like him/her more because he/she makes you money or hasn't lost you money? Both? Peace of mind? Piece of mind?
  2. Bump. This thread deserves more attention.
  3. You know, those crafty master manipulators that can make or break you. Do you have one, and if so, would you recommend him/her to your friend?
  4. Well better his exes than him I figure.
  5. Who's smoking dope around here?? @Longjohn? I'm pretty sure with that brown beaver posting.
  6. I'm not a chick. I don't know what you are talking about.
  7. John, what kind of peppers are you growing again?
  8. Will do. But I'm the boring type. All kinds of folks talk about reactions to all kinds of injections. I typically feel a puncture for about 2 seconds or less and then nothing. No reactions. Just nothing. Once in awhile a sore arm but that's seldom.
  9. Well duh. But I think it was the peeing down the drain that really made them scamper.
  10. I moved so it's hard to tell... but I think it's picking up.
  11. Still no signs of FBI agents -- they must be really good. I probably should check underneath my shower drain.
  12. @Longjohn this is a ploy so I can get closer to @Kzoo. I have a secret desire to go through his garbage bins. Sssshhhhhhhh.
  13. Researching my Long Term Care insurance policy so that I can send it to my financial advisor so that he can tell me I'm screwed in retirement. Looking to weasel my way into Iowa. I'm gonna need those bow and arrow lessons from Ted Nugent so I can survive as a pauper.
  14. Well inspection of an old root canal. Probably a failure. Maybe a new root canal.
  15. If there is no destruction or misery or suffering, why watch!!!!???
  16. But I could take that same money and use it for a 5% down payment on an a studio condo with a $500 HOA tab out in the Toolies w/ a 4 hour round trip commute.
  17. @MoseySusan That phrase popped up from my high school days of yesteryear and had to laugh. The only thing I scam is desserts.
  18. Dottles


    The dogs are cute. She's not so bad either.
  19. Dottles


    I had the same thought.
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