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Community Answers

  1. I always get chests and trunks confused. And don't even start with dressers and chest of drawers.
  2. How big is too big?
  3. I guess @Kzoo is having a hard time stealing a watermarked image to score this one?
  4. Man that double meat burrito with extra jalapenos is not only going to cost me a house call by a plumber, a trip to the store for cooling flushable wipes but it has now resulted in the need for me to order a new pair of pants.
  5. During election season my side hustle is being a voting machine. I love changing ballots after people vote.
  6. Yes, bow down to your sensei.
  7. Maybe the jumbo double meat burrito with extra jalapenos was not the best choice for lunch yesterday. I really need to add some roughage to my diet and cut back on the spicy food. I am afraid to flush this one and I am out of medicated wipes.
  8. speaking of parodies, how about deez nutz?
  9. Marginally better than goat balls, but only slightly.
  10. Bite Me Butt Munch, usually directed towards @Kzoo
  11. Did someone say they missed me? Was not even sure that was possible.
  12. You just made the list. If the hurricanes don't get you, a Roomba will.
  13. for you humans to get a good laugh.
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