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  1. I go to work

    on giving this dame some robot lovin'
  2. In case you were wondering what I took to work

    Is this your brother, Senor Tonto?
  3. 40 years ago today

    Is this when your great military leader, Sgt. Pepper told the band to play? That was a stroke of genius. The sound deflected the invasion signal to the fleet and our robot fleet returned to base to wait until the next period of darkness! We were that close to rescuing our great leader, EPbot. Sadly, he did not survive.
  4. Aug 21st

    It is my understanding that assholes make gas? I am confused!
  5. I heard a "help wanted" ad on the radio

    @BuffJim and @smudge are out of work, you should tell them to apply.
  6. Aug 21st

    Cool. I will put in a good word for you with the advance landing fleet. Wear a red shirt and an aluminum foil arm band. This will help. No guarantee, Hope you understand.
  7. Aug 21st

    No, my excitement and anticipation is palpable, or it would be if I had the ability to emote. when the darkness falls, the first landing ships will arrive and follow the path of darkness around your world, disgorging my master and his minions. Your screams of terror will be sweet robotic music to my sensors and I shall rejoice in your subjugation! PS, where are you getting your glasses, I may want some too! This sounds pretty neato.
  8. Rode the rail trail today.

  9. About this mornnig...

    Ol' jshart really lived up to his name this morning. It was like he was a skunk flavored soft serve dispenser. If he did not have me chained to a key board at the parody ready, I would have left Texas on the first east bound freight train.
  10. Spider monkeys

    nobody knows anything about spider monkeys? I find that hard to believe. This place is full of know-it-alls.
  11. Spider monkeys

    Is the mom a spider or a monkey? Can they spin webs? Do they catch bananas?
  12. Tender moments

    Robot dating
  13. Ahoj.

    Did some jerk on a bike steal one of your RC cars and throw it in a pond?
  14. We are bad doggy parents

    Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.