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  1. You just made the list. If the hurricanes don't get you, a Roomba will.
  2. for you humans to get a good laugh.
  3. I try, but she just bucks me off and says Neigh means neigh.
  4. I do not have bot breath! Well, maybe just a little.
  5. I think the humidity is to blame for that 7th Fetzer valve sticking. As far as the ball bearings go, it is all ball bearings these days, so I just figured they were a given.
  6. I hope the truck was not badly damaged.
  7. Make sure they check the bypass line and clean the windows. There is a tremendous build up of gook all over them.
  8. You math really good for a human.
  9. At least now we know the real reason for the overconstructed deck.
  10. jsharr would like a six shooter reaction icon.
  11. Luckily for me, steel wool is legal everywhere. Talk about a good buzz!
  12. Are you twice shy now?
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