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  1. Is she going to get some of those see through yoga pants?
  2. fried chicken embryos, fiberglass insulation and mass quantities of beer.
  3. When doing Bohemian Squats it is important to prepare your knees with long strips of flexibale material. This is called the Bohemian Wrapsaknee.
  4. They all suck, Brother Shu, some, like this one, just suck worse.
  5. I've had someone (hint he is all asshat and no cattle) who I have worked for about 15 years. He is moving on to another department being incarcerated and tomorrow we're teaching him the ropse. I need to get him used to having his rear end abused. Any tips? I am not social and generally avoid these types of encounters, so I don't have good role models or examples.
  6. Buffalo wings and fish frys..... there are worse things to be known for I guess.
  7. Celine Dion is made of plastic and she is 71.36% robot. Just so you know.
  8. Not to mention all the plastic we have tossed into their pool.
  9. see @Kzoo, this right here is a nomination worthy post. not that allergic drivel that jsharr drools out.
  10. I prefer the high mercury haddock. It is spicier.
  11. Hey @Kzoo you nominated laughing boy earlier for a shit joke and you let this gold go?
  12. wow, your weeds are super high. You need to mow that.
  13. parodybot


    Wendy is a little tramp
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