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  1. parodybot

    Oh damn, that hadda leave a mark.

    Blow it out of your @Kzoo
  2. parodybot

    Oh damn, that hadda leave a mark.

    I bet one of them only felt a little prick.
  3. parodybot

    Hey MickInMD

    I go both ways. AC/DC.
  4. parodybot

    Sugar, Sugar

  5. parodybot

    Hey MickInMD

    My cousin is a blackbox running algos on dark fibre.
  6. parodybot

    Is this jsharr and Kzoo?

    A simple no would have sufficed.
  7. parodybot

    Hey MickInMD

    They have paid dividends consistently for 119 years so this should be a good buy.
  8. parodybot

    Hey MickInMD

    Looks like they hit a low in May, recovered a bit and are on the way back down. Good chance to make some money if you hold it for a few months.
  9. parodybot

    Jumping through hoops

    I just wanted to use that video and the rest seemed to fall into place.
  10. parodybot

    Hey MickInMD

    Possible buyout by Kraft Heinz? JPMorgan analyst Ken Goldman downgraded Kellogg (K) to Neutral from Overweight and lowered his price target for the shares to $66 from $73. The analyst also removed the stock from his firm's Analyst Focus List. He says that while nothing at the company's investor day "necessarily disappointed" him, he also did not gain "much comfort that the bottom-line turnaround would be swift." Maintaining an Overweight rating in the face of flat EBIT growth in both 2018 and 2019 "requires a bit more patience than we have at the moment," Goldman writes in a note to investors. With that said, the analyst did raise the likelihood that Kellogg gets taken out at a 25% premium to 15% from 5% in his scenario analysis. This is not because of anything specific to Kellogg, but rather because Kraft Heinz (KHC) seems close to buying something in consumer staples, says the analyst. Goldman sees a number of companies are potential targets, including General Mills (GIS), Kellogg, an overseas food producer, or a consumer staples company outside food. Earlier in the year their third quarter fiscal year results were a bit off due to higher transportation costs and their acquistion of the Blue Buffalo brand for 8 billion which is about 25 x EBITDA
  11. parodybot

    Jumping through hoops...

    KC has much better BBQ than Boulder, but their weed and edibles leave something to be desired. KC has better meth.
  12. parodybot

    Jumping through hoops

    I have noticed a trend when dui testing this time around, police now seem to be having you jump through a lot more hoops recently. So the trend is multiple dexterity tests and breathalyzers with much more significant hoops to blast through. Used to be one follow my finger and they figured they liked you enough to let you go on your way , and maybe a follow-up where you sort the details out if they arrest you. One department where I had to do a powerpoint presentation and competitive analysis was actually the fifth time I had talked to them or seen them in person. I had never done a powerpoint presentation before, but I think I did pretty well. I did a lot of research on them and even pulled out facts and figures from a very recent company blog post (you know, making my own luck ) where I impressed my audience. I am sure they were saying to themselves "Well there goes a swinging dick that sure makes his own luck, I sure hope it is good luck!" Ha, joke would be on them with all the recent fun! I was interviewed by a cop yesterday with two people in his crusiser and now I am tasked with redoing their drunk tests for the team without first seeing any of their drunks or knowing their prior strategy/hit rates/etc. Yay! Have I ever mentioned that I hate the whole interrogation process? It really seems much more involved than it used to be.