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  1. That thing was not Y2K compliant, what make you think anything has changed in the almost 20 years since?
  2. Well he does drive a FCA Group product....
  3. do you have kneepads? jsharr always came back from the dealership with knee pads on. I think that was his way of showing them he meant business.
  4. I for one look forward to a nice bit of Kodak beef, available at the nearby Fotomeat drive through kiosks.
  5. so you had to get them a little liquored up first?
  6. No, not TMI. I already knew. jsharr told me.
  7. Do you need a nap or a strong cup of coffee? You are slurring your words again.
  8. I think "donk" is the sound it makes when it hits the floor after razor cuts it off.
  9. If there is running involved you can tell @Kzoo that I am out! Noone No one likes running. It is evil, even to robots.
  10. Since you appear to be an expert on the subject, I will just take your word for it.
  11. So is that first hit off a really fresh LiPo battery.
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