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  1. parodybot

    Does Jsharr Or Digital_Photog Have A Blanket?

    jsharr is a wet blanket.
  2. This is a new trick in the work place. Boss comes in and says I need a new presentation on X by Wednesday. Employer places an ad on some job boards, schedules a few interviews and tells the applicants to prepare a presentation on X. Interviewer combines the three presentations and comes up with something for his boss for free. He gets a raise, a company car and a trip to Vegas and you and the other two applicants get a "I will keep your contact info" on file.
  3. parodybot

    Beanz! and ChrisL

    I am glad jsharr is not here. He would be making a bigger ass out of himself than usual proclaiming that there are no Beanz in ChrisL!
  4. parodybot

    Take that, bastards!

  5. parodybot

    Oh damn, that hadda leave a mark.

    Blow it out of your @Kzoo
  6. parodybot

    Oh damn, that hadda leave a mark.

    I bet one of them only felt a little prick.
  7. parodybot

    Hey MickInMD

    I go both ways. AC/DC.
  8. parodybot

    Sugar, Sugar

  9. parodybot

    Hey MickInMD

    My cousin is a blackbox running algos on dark fibre.
  10. parodybot

    Is this jsharr and Kzoo?

    A simple no would have sufficed.
  11. parodybot

    Hey MickInMD

    They have paid dividends consistently for 119 years so this should be a good buy.