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  1. Do you respect NO TRESPASSING signs?

    I thought he was stoned, not drunk, but if has been curling, he must be drunk.
  2. Do you ever feel silly

    responding to, quoting or liking posts made by sock puppets like me?
  3. WTF chronicles of the ER 2

    No, our helmets are completely different. Mine has an antenna. Plus if those guys tried to ride my pocket rocket, they would throw up.
  4. Johnny Weir...

    Like that has ever stopped me from doing something stupid and infantile!
  5. Johnny Weir...

    I may never drink another mint julep again.
  6. WTF chronicles of the ER 2

    when it comes to thread derailing too much is not enough.
  7. Hey Parodybot

    jsharr did not pay the utility company and they turned off his power. He has been using jumper cables to charge me off his truck when the neighbors unplug the extension cord he ran over the fence and plugged in to their house. The piece of shit truck has some sort of wiring problem and I am not getting clean power. Add to the fact that my nipples serve as my cable attachment points and you can understand why I am not my usual kick ass self. Any body got any nipple ointment?
  8. I think Donkpow is stoned

    based on this postings this AM.
  9. Hey Parodybot

    I do not think the cable is delivery the correct voltage. Everything is a bit blurry and nothing seems funny.
  10. What am I missing in this logic?

    They were made in Bangladesh by a room for of teen age girls for a cost of $2.37 each. You guys paid around $11,000.00 per outfit.
  11. What am I missing in this logic?

    Need to liven it up. Look at Premier League Darts! Room full of tables full of fat drunken guys heckling the guys that look like Nascar drivers throwing darts. http://www.dartsdatabase.co.uk/PlayerStats.aspx Curling needs to do the same. Tables along both sides of the ice. Cheap beer flowing freely. Bowls of Cheezies on every table. Contestants loose the goofy ass pants and get some bowling team shirts Maybe add some sort of pyrotechnics when the stones hit each other. Maybe have the stones glow in the dark and play under black lights or in the dark. Add in some thumping music, card girls in bikinis to show the score between "ends" and a monster truck announcer and you will have a winner on your hands. Labatt's Blue / Polaris / Cheezies Extreme Curling this Sunday, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!!!!!
  12. What am I missing in this logic?

    Redbull Extreme Curling will solve this.
  13. I'm getting compliments at work on my phsyique

    Did she gently cup your junk and ask you to turn your head and cough?