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  1. I'm feeling a little better. I am going to see a nutritionist. I've put a call into my doctor. RG's and SW's post put a bug into my ear. Mudkipz
  2. Babies are NOT cute. Mudkipz
  3. You must know, you are doomed! Why in the hell do we alow people to have kids? Kids should be banned. Mudkipz
  4. Yea, that sounds like your pop. I love that man. Mudkipz
  5. Thank you. I'm going back to Vegan. Mudkipz
  6. SW just hugged me. Brave man. Now you will get sick my healthy Vegan friend. Mudkipz
  7. The last few months have sucked. I'm sick again, on a three day weekend. I slept 12 hours yesterday and ten hours today. My chest feels like ten packs of Lucky Strikes and a six foot bong hit. I can't wait until spring so I can get sick then too! Fuck. Mudkipz
  8. I usually give them to a sponcee after they get a year. I'll keep this one though. I plan on leaving four of my Seikos in my will for nephews and my niece. Mudkipz
  9. Yup. If I make it to next year, it will be a Tudor though. Mudkipz
  10. My favorite watch. I rarely wear it. It's my four year sobriety watch. Seiko discontinued it a few years ago. It's value has trippled since then, so I don't wear it as often. It also needs a full service which I will do once I have the clean room at the new house. Mudkipz
  11. I think AWWC would look super in a Rolex. But knowing him, he would find something to dramatically complain about. Mudkipz
  12. Only if you take Ylva. Paulie did nothing wrong. Mudkipz
  13. I work on Erp systems. Windows, Linux and AS/400 (my personal favorite). SAP and JD Edwards. Mudkipz
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