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  1. No. My nephew, Kevin is a great guy My best friend and heterosexual life partner is named Kevin. He's an enigma. He's brilliant, gifted and 1% in the upper IQ range. He might be one of the few who completely understands the underpinnings of quantum physics, string theory and he considered bronzing his Organic Chemistry papers. But, Kevin is also a Browns fan. Trust me, Kevin is fully capable of full jackass. No Kevin is immune. Mudkipz
  2. I don't think he would like living near me. Mudkipz
  3. Is this the real AWWC? Mudkipz
  4. I know. I didn't create the meme. An OSU graduate did. Mudkipz
  5. Observing your avatar, I can understand why you don't understand. Mudkipz
  6. None for you. Apologize! Mudkipz
  7. DUDE! That was freak'in awesome! So, Wheels, would you karate chop AWWC in the beanies? Mudchop
  8. Nice! Are the boys being helpful? Mudkipz
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