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  1. That looks like normal stew. Couch
  2. Yup. That's some of the stuff I flushed on AWWC's car. Couch
  3. Okay, I'm going to dinner to meet some of my worker friends. Peace, Couch
  4. Pftt!. I'm not one of those fancy Canadians. Couch
  5. I generally like animals more than people. Except for Ylva. Ylva is bad. Couch
  6. I'm installing a math co-processor in July. I'm replacing his chips. Couch
  7. I'm not one of those polite Canadians. And, I never apologize. Couch
  8. Yea, the lady who did Ylva's hairs did a fantastic job on Ylva. Ylva really is a beautiful dog, for a weirdo. Couch
  9. Well, that's not entirely true. I've TRIED to kill her a few times. Remember the CPU/Brain replacement experiment? I screwed up installing her math co-processor. That's why she can't math. And it's also why she is a weirdo and occasionally barks at her butt. In July I'm installing one in AWWC. Couch
  10. I like Canada now. Since I'm Canadian. Couch
  11. You don't drink. So, you are most likely insane. But that is just an educated guess on my part. But I don't drink so you have that to ponder. You could be totally normal for all I know. Couch
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