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  1. I use fitbit to track my sleep. Last night I got just above four hours. That's about average lately and it shows. It's slowly destroying my otherwise caring and soft nature. I've been through sleep studies and all that crap. I've finally accepted my miserable sleeping habits. GMS
  2. I'll remember this Canadian Bacon. GMS
  3. This isn't pretty folks. I dislike Michigan like most dislike a three day old ham sammich but, this is a slaughter. They seriously need to fire Jimmy. This is just gross. GMS
  4. Yes. Yes it would. But I think a stuck BMW in AWWC's front yard would be a bit better. GMS
  5. Have you ever seen one? I think I just clicked on one. Very strange. GMS
  6. You know damn well what and whom (I think I'm using that correctly) I'm talking about. They exist in Pittsburgh. GMS
  7. It's 3:00 AM. I'm at Denny's. It's not my fault, I'm hungry. I might hit the Taco Bell across the street afterwards to really spice things up. Wish me luck. GMS
  8. I just use the bread maker. Easy peasy. Then I pee in the shower. GMS
  9. Lol. This type is shit is why I can't leave you jackasses. G
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