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  1. Ylva's butt is really furry right now. I'm paying someone to shave her butt this week. Mudkipz
  2. And now, they likely have a customer for life. From a business point of view, it will likely pay off. From an ethical point of view, it's a home run. I prefer Delta because they still have a few MD 80s left and it's a direct flight to Atlanta from here. And, I like flying in the old birds. But when I have a chance to fly SW, I jump on the opportunity. MD Mudkipz
  3. You are too pretty to think. So, stop thinking. Mudkipz
  4. Thank you for updating us! And SW is a great airline. Mudkipz
  5. Yea. Kzoo needs to apologize to the world. RG, nice attempt but jsharr is better at this. Mudkipz
  6. Especially if I lock her in the back back part of the car. Mudkipz
  7. That looks fantastic! Did Ylva have some? Mudkipz
  8. She co-piloted it over to Air's house today. Mudkipz
  9. Answer this question with complete honesty. Are you wearing pants? Mudkipz
  10. Well, I hope the hippie is okay. I do like him, even though he is a hippie and does hippie things. Hippies smell bad. Mudkipz
  11. You can have her. Forever. She's AWWC's God Daughter or something and he won't take her. Mudkipz
  12. An Aldi just opened near us, I'll plan on going there today, actually. We are Wegmans capital of the world. I just can't stand going there though. I get road rage even during off hours. Mudkipz
  13. I plan on traveling somewhere next summer. I don't care where it is but keep in mind, I'm banned in Canada. Naturally, Wilbur will have to visit me. So, where should I visit next summer? Ylva will likely be my travel mate so be careful with the invites. Oh, and I don't do Michigan. Mudkipz
  14. I lived in Germany briefly. I spoke German there, if you can call it that. But I lived just long enough, to fuck up the language I think in sometimes. Mudkipz
  15. Fuck. Now I need to buy a Jeep. You should have told me this before Wilbur! Can you buy me a Jeep? Mudkipz
  16. I have snow tires. Barely uses W80s; for the ST naturally. The Rav4 has Toro tires. I don't know much about them but they will last me a few years. I'm hoping the AWD is nice in the winter. And for turfing certain lawns. Mudkipz
  17. Tude is really excited about this car. Which, makes me happy. I'm turfing AWWC's lawn with it next summer. Any suggestions for turfing tires? Mudkipz
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