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  1. Don't click that link folks. It's a link to a Hippy Cult. LRH
  2. This is objectively untrue. All hippies are the same. Hippy qualities everyone should be aware of. 1. They smell bad. They generally smell of Patchouli; which they use to cover up their more awful hippy smells. 2. They smoke the Devil's Lettuce constantly, so having a rational conversation with them is damn near impossible. 3. They constantly have sex with each other and call it "Free Love". Let me tell you something folks, love is not free. It's very expensive, especially Hippy sex (constant doctors visits). 4. Hippies can't dance for shit. I've watched this in person once at a Hippy Concert in 1994 in Ohio. I was stoned out of my mind on the Devil's Lettuce and I had no idea which planet I was on. But, I was smart enough not to dance like a Hippy. However, I fended most of the hippies off with a bar of Lava Soap. That part was awesome. 5. Hippies eat alot of Taco Bell. Don't ask me why, but it's the only reason why that place exists. Visit one sometime at 2:00 AM EST but be warned -- they might ask for money. Mudkipz
  3. You need to apologize. You were not supposed to post in this thread. Mudkipz
  4. Myles Garrett did nothing wrong. Mudkipz
  5. Yea, he sent me a French one. I had a bad case of Hippietitus as a result. Mudkipz
  6. SW, please make this a sticky thread. Mostly to piss off my future roommate, RG. Mudkipz
  7. This is just wrong! But, I drive a RAV4. Japanese cars, minus Nissan, are the best cars in the world! Mudkipz
  8. I've never been. But this is good information to know. Mudkipz
  9. Well, what were you wearing at the time? Mudkipz
  10. I have horrible luck. It's awful actually and I'm clearly aware of how bad it is. So in anticipation of my possible move next to a commune of hippies, I need to study Page's behavior over the next month. I need all of you, except Page, to update this thread with hippy type activities Page expresses over the next few months. I need to thoroughly understand his hippy motives and hippy actions. I need to prepare for what is to come. You all are my "Watch-guard Posse". Consider this an honor as you support me during this trying time. I need all of you to report what you see, hear and immediately report any hippy type rumors in this thread. And, I'm throwing out any form of Scientific Method during this case study. Subjective opinions and lack of critical thinking skills are highly encouraged during this trying time. Thank! Mudkipz
  11. Absolutely not. No gifts. I am trading dogs with Aire however. Mudkipz
  12. I just got word we are the winning bid. I just called Tude and she is happy. The shitty people downstairs and their piece of shit children won't let me sleep today, so this is fantastic news. But, this experience has taught me something - - I really don't like hippies. In fact, I don't like them at all! And I can't wait to get away from the people downstairs. Mudkipz
  13. I haven't seen a AWWC post since the move. What did SW do to tick of AWWC? We all know SW is the reason why AWWC doesn't post. So naturally, I'm inclined in blaming SW on this one. Give me the reason, peps. Now. Mudkipz
  14. I don't care what Ylva thinks. Mudkipz
  15. No. It's a defense mechanism. Meep also uses it to clear a room. This was just a yearly checkup. Meep is in perfect health. Mudfartz
  16. It's not spin. It's direct rational thought. I learned it from RG. Mudkipz
  17. I love the show. I'm glad you are enjoying it. Mudkipz
  18. We currently rent. I've finally broken down and decided to buy. I've never wanted to own a house again; I was burned by a house back in 2008/2009. Anyway, we have had two sets of neighbor's downstairs who are self centered and extremely difficult to be around. The current neighbors are currently hammering another picture on the wall. The landlord is going to love taking care of the walls down there -- every wall is covered from what I can tell. Between the constant loud sex and their loud mouth breather crotch fruit, both Pat and I have had enough. Hopefully this all works out. I realize we will live in another highly populated area again but at least most of the noise we hear will be from us; which we can control. Mudkipz
  19. I drank that va few times I college. Horrible stuff. Mudkipz
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