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  1. Shu Fang

    Sunday Dinner

    I already ate Sonic. Shu Fang
  2. I would buy two. And then, I would get a dog. I'll send you Ylva in a week. Shu Fang
  3. And if you use consultants, documentation is billable. Documentation isn't glamorous and the people paying the bills, would rather pay for horribly written code and infrastructure. Out of all my years of consulting, most CTOs paying the bill, complain about paying for documentation. The information in documentation is just as valuable as normal billable work but, short sided thinking from CTOs usually takes over in the line of work I do. The project deadline is more important and the immediate ROI takes over the focus of the project. CTOs have to answer to CIOs and CFOs and my schizophrenic chicken scratch isn't a valued line item. I can document like a mofo though. But you usually need a crazy person to interpret it (or someone from IT). Shu Fang
  4. That's how Wilbur blows bubbles. Out of his butt! Shu Fang
  5. Oh shit. AWWC is gonna freak out! Shu Fang
  6. Cancer can get fucked! Dude, I'm sorry you are going through this. I fucking hate this shit so much. Sorry I offer no inspiration. Just know I genuinely love you and you can ping me anytime so we can talk; if you want too. Shu Fang
  7. All, As I mentioned in my perfectly worded thread the other day, I hate death. Death can get fucked! But as we all know, it doesn't always come when we plan. Any my friend Dann is not only hurting from losing his son, he's hurting and going to hurt financially because of his son's untimely death. I understand you don't know my friend Dann and you will likely never meet him. I only ask you donate to this fund, if you have the spare money. Please don't do this if you are hard on money and don't feel obligated to donate because I'm posting this here. Only donate if you personally feel compelled to do so. Below are two links to the Fundraiser. I hope they work. GoFundMe Full Link: https://www.gofundme.com/to-help-the-barczyk-family?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_co_shareflow_m&fbclid=IwAR1w1gPQJ-hIY06fyjamU_QhSy7zr7NGO59v9l9DeLv1lCzlU10ETtrWHmA Thank you, Rick
  8. Shu Fang

    Canada rules!

    Yup, the Leafs are really bad. They always find a way to lose to Boston. I always pull for the Leafs though but they break my heart every time. It's all AWWC's fault. Shu Fang
  9. Shu Fang

    Canada rules!

    They like won a baseball game or something. Canada, is now better than everyone else. Admit it suckers! All kidding aside, I'm extremely thrilled the Raptors beat the Warriors. KL is a freak'in beast and I love his approach towards The Press. Canada, I'm proud of you. Even though all your hockey teams suck, especially the Leafs. Shu Trudeau
  10. One of my childhood friends suffered a heart attack a few days ago. As a result, his brain lost its source of oxygen. He's currently in a brain dead state. He's 47 and he's going to die. His mother literally helped raise me as a baby as my mother worked during the day. He was one of my closest friends growing up. I loved him. And, one of my college roommates just lost his son of 20 something years old. Due to a staph that took over his body and killed him within days. They took him off life support in the afternoon and now he's dead. It's is clearly devastating. Fuck you death. Rick
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