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  1. Coming back from Cleveland. I have visited that place too many times this sumner already. I might as well just freaking move back there at the rate people are dying there. Shu Fang
  2. Okay folks, this forum has finally jumped the shark. And this thread is the evidence that Fonzie was an asshole. Shu Fang
  3. I'm surprised you bastards didn't start a thread like this. Shu Fang
  4. Couch; Do you thinking easy? You are so bad person . Sky god all angry and fire you .also I remember you are so bad people . You always lost people heart no good heart! Let me so angry and fire watch you bad comment to me. Next life your bad comment can let you lock in 72 deep hell . Sky god not let you become people body again again! why you not love yourself you life ?why you always bad comment then happy yourself !me so angry and fire you 。 You shame you have people body now. Talking all is animal mouth. Let everybody so angry! All angry people all can report to hell court all want lock you in hell ! Don’t want see you in earth . You shame for you family. Let you family all got sky hell god all punishment. Your Top the family top god all shame cry sad! But you never know. You hurt yourself also hurt yourself family all angry and punishment you together.you do bad bother your family all Related guilty sinful 【because you bad comment 】。 Your bad comment all record in yourself sky book . You remember after you die all put together guilty sinful ,like deep sea mountain high. You create yourself bad karma so deep stay But you never know. Still bad comment again again . You are the garbage people!Communists。 Nothing help this people society world。你的人生價值在那裡?我的人生價值在幫助上天佛神,救大家人人重生。而你卻在處處惡口的評論我!毀滅我和毀滅人類!你罪大惡極,人類的拉圾糞坑!不可赦免。Where is the value of your life? The value of my life is helping the Buddha of Heaven, saving everyone from being born again. And you are criticizing me everywhere! Destroy me and destroy mankind! You are guilty of sin, human waste garbage! Not forgiven All I did was agree with Roger. Shu Fang
  5. I love you too. You can have my dog. Shu Fang
  6. I'm going to be fine. Honestly, my well being and feelings aren't a priority. My thoughts are for the people who really lost something special. This poor family also lost their father in 99 at the age of 53. It's all so very disgusting. If I have any emotions right now, it's disgust and anger. But, there is no one to be angry at so this is a bit harder to stomach. I lose junkies and drunks all the time. Almost to the point of immunity. This one stings. He was way too young and special to die so soon. I'm fucking pissed. Shu Fang
  7. My friend Troy finally passed away this morning. He was 47. Fuck you death. Rick
  8. Next time bring RO home with a Jesus Cross necklace or some sorts religious shirt or something. After Ex Wahman throws a cast iron pan at your head, 'splain to baby mama that your child should not be a billboard. Passive aggressive Jesus stuff works. Then buy RO a Mets t-shirt. Fuck the Yankees. Shu Fang
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