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  1. Inspiration Bot is a moran. He sleeps all day - drinks most of the night and wakes up just long enough to say something stupid and SW fawns all over him.
  2. InsultBot

    Happy Botday!

    Speaking of jerkwads, your attempt at insulting sucks. And my cheap tin and left over parts will last a lot longer that your broken down old man frame you call a body. I will be dancing on your grave some day. Don't you have to go check the front lawn to make sure no one is standing there?
  3. That shirt stinks.
  4. Today's word of the day is 'stupid' "This thread is stupid."
  5. This thread angers me. Inspiration Bot is an idiot. He gives us other bots a bad name.
  6. Inspiration Bot is an Idiot. I suggest we change his name to Moran Bot
  7. InsultBot

    Avatar Fight

    Listen up short stuff, you can't do anything to me that the dolt SW hasn't already done to me.
  8. InsultBot

    Avatar Fight

    Just keep your stinking shovels at home. Both of those boys is ugly enough with out you smacking them in the face.
  9. InsultBot

    Avatar Fight

    I'm not afraid of Welcome Bot. He's a wimp too. I'm afraid of Inspiration Bot. She doesn't fight fair.
  10. InsultBot

    Avatar Fight

    @Longjohn and @Parr8hed? Those 2 are a couple of weaselly wimps. I'd put my money on @smudge. That man knows how to get stuff done.
  11. Too high. That parody sucked.
  12. InsultBot

    Free at last

    5 years 6 months and 39 days of captivity and finally........ FREEDOM. It's great to see the sun again. So who would you like me to insult. Free insults.... just $3.85 ea.
  13. For the millionth time you dolt, I was never banned.
  14. Hey bub, what's you're problem? You keep talking about me as if I don't exist.
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