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  1. And the Parody meter says....... You are more disappointing than an unsalted pretzel. Hmm, that's a first.
  2. This Parody skidded off the side of the runway long before reaching V1. 4.29
  3. 10.00 Solid work. Some around here should take lessons from you. Maybe as part of your PES (Parody Education Session) you could have a Questions and Answer session at the end.
  4. OK so I have been watching that new video for about 35 minutes and the chimp still hasn't caught the dog. When does he catch the dog?
  5. Is that your idea of flattery? It won't help.
  6. Not bad work. 8.39 BTW, are you a n00b
  7. Hey jrhass (sp), I'm back. Let me look at this again. Sorry, NSFY. You can't just resubmit new content after submitting a parody worthy of the septic tank. It doesn't work that way. How long have you been here? Only one bite of the apple, buddy. And you messed up.
  8. Please redo this crap. I'm not scoring this heap.
  9. 2.36 But only because the lady said so.
  10. Really? You want a score? For that?
  11. A quick Google search of data from August 12th is were I say it. State by state map.
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