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  1. That could be the case... the guy is 84 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maitland_Jones_Jr. It's hard to tell what really happened there. Maybe he has taught the class the same way for decades, and the way students 'learn' has changed, but he has failed to see that change? And the students were correct? Or maybe his is correct? The students just didn't understand the material, and they should have flunked? There is sooooo much that is not being explained. Or worse, being explained incorrectly. Maybe they truth is in the between both extremes? Yeah.. we may never know what really happened. I'm just glad I graduated back in 77.
  2. Nothing. WoBG would hang me out to dry if I had a girl friend.
  3. Prayers for your family
  4. The OPEC production cuts are planned for early November. I'd guess the price will be even higher.
  5. I'd probably bleed out before anyone could get help.
  6. If I wake up... I figure that's a good thing. Then we do what we have to do.
  7. After I use my chainsaw... I'm always glad when I still have 2 legs and 2 arms.
  8. Have you ever ridden on a tar and chip road? We have LOTS of those here. They are dangerous on a road bike just after they add new stone to the road. It takes a few weeks for the car traffic to mash the stone into the old road. In the meantime.. LOTS of loose gravel. Even weeks after the road is little bit better, but then there is a 2 inch pile of stone along the sides of the roads. Then I just I ride in the tire tracks of the traffic. I ride a road bike here. Recently my favorite route was not rideable. In our township the roads were OK, (the picture below) I rode 2 miles south got to the next township. Yeah they added stone to the road. Nope... not riding on that. Loose gravel and a road bike... not a good idea. I changed my route... and found a way. I could ride my MTB,
  9. @MickinMD If you think that is bad.... you NEVER want to call the IRS. Their automated phone system makes it nearly impossible (I'm sure that is their plan) to connect with a real person. I had to take notes about the various menu options I tried... After I got in the phone que to wait to talk to a person... the hold time was at least an hour, closer to 2 hours. I got hung up on the first time a 'real' person answered the phone. Then I got to navigate the menu again and wait on hold again. Yeah that was a fun morning.
  10. One gas station chain here has lower prices if you sign up for direct debit. You provide you bank info (routing number and account number) and you get gas cheaper. They don't have to pay the bank fees or CC fees. My understanding about how this works... they have 'their' debit card (not a bank card) that card takes money directly from your bank account to pay for the gas. Nope... not doing that. What could go wrong? I can just see the notice.... Sorry our customer account data and bank data was hacked. The hackers have direct access to your money.
  11. You could always move here. Then again... many are leaving our state for a reason. Maybe moving here... may be a bad idea.
  12. I think it was 'required' to use Ovaltine where I grew up. The factory that made the stuff was just a bit less than 1 mile from my parents home. When it was in operation, it smelled like chocolate in the area near the factory. The factory sat abandoned for years. Then someone figured out it could be used again. https://www.ovaltinecourt.com/ The web site had this picture. The site looks a LOT different now.
  13. I was there a long time ago. Lower Michigan Ave at lower Hubbard.
  14. Some things I don't want to see... this was one of them
  15. I just tell WoBG... My brain is full. If I learn something new... something old gets overwritten and it's gone forever. (Exactly like the hard drive for my security cameras)
  16. Insider trading, kick backs, bribes, campaign donations... nothing to see here.
  17. Hmm... maybe we should help out one of the bears? Voting early and often. Live cam for bears https://explore.org/livecams/brown-bears
  18. Yeah... cognitive questions /testing are part of the Medicare "wellness' checkup. Now... don't ask me the age that starts... I don't remember.
  19. You noticed that too. Yes there should be an age limit. Good luck getting that constitutional amendment passed any time soon. How many of the old self serving politicians would end their gravy train?
  20. If I recall... I went on my first date with WoBG in late June in 1981 and about 10 months before we were married. That's how it worked out for me too.
  21. THIS.... Your friend had reasons to leave Company A. I'd suggest the root cause of those reasons probably didn't change. Unless of course the offer was lots of money. Then again,.. what Jerry said will happen and they will find ways to make it painful for your friend. By then Company B will no longer need you. I solved that... I retired. Best thing I did.
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