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  1. I got tired just thinking about all of that... I'd rather ride 50 miles on the roads.
  2. Not for what I did in 1962. Over the years... I've had a LOT more time to do stupid stuff. They could be looking. Twice... the got the wrong guy. Once... I was late for a meeting 60 miles from home. I had an old Chey Citation with a V6. I was on I-80, and I had the speedometer pegged at 85, I'm not sure how fast I was going. I noticed a car way down the road in the middle between the lanes, I assumed it taking radar. I slowed way down. Some guy in a yellow Camaro passes me and he gets pulled over. So I put the pedal back to the metal....
  3. They haven't caught me yet.
  4. Wow.. I used the Google... yeah that could be a LOT of money. https://geology.com/meteorites/value-of-meteorites.shtml
  5. Similar to @jsharr and @Tizeye I have gas powered stuff. My old John Deere 325 has been retired from cutting grass (still used about 1 hour a month to keep everything working) and will now be used for plowing snow. The new John Deere X390 is used for mowing the grass. When the 325 dies, I'll buy a new plow for snow (or the snow blower) of course the snow blade I have can't be used on the X390. Bastards changed the way it mounts to the tractor. Then there are the 2 Toro mowers we purchsed for mowing at the old home. One is near death. They are used for mowing in areas the JD can't get. I like Stihl for the other stuff. Chainsaw, hedge trimmer, trimmer/edger, pole saw, and the leaf blower/vac. And I have a small tiller and a power washer.
  6. I walked to school just about always. I'd guess unless it was raining a LOT, or below zero. If I lived about 3 more houses away from HS, I could have rode on the bus. I not sure if that would have been good or bad. It was just short of a 1 1/2 mile walk. I remember walking to school when I was in 2nd grade. Probably less than a 1/2 mile walk. For some reason I was going to be late. That scared me to death. More accurately, the nun that was the teacher scared me. So rather than go to school late and experience the wrath of a nun, I hid out behind the gymnasium building. I was found a few hours later. Everyone was looking for me, the nuns, the police, and my parrents. Yeah... I'll never forget that day, and that was in 1962.
  7. When I drive somewhere to ride, I'll wear my sandals, with no socks. When I get to the place I ride, that's when the cycling socks and cycling shoes are used. Of course when I drive home, sandals again (no socks). Only for a short distance while using cleat coves, then the shoes (and socks) come off. Then again, you west coast people are always about 10 years more advanced in fashion than we are in IL.
  8. Yeah... news to me too. https://fitaxguy.com/the-end-of-the-backdoor-roth-ira/ ditto...
  9. Hmmm... this seems to be sooooo wrong to me. Then again, I've never been very up to date with fashion trends.
  10. Al least on one home in Canada. B.C. woman awakes to a hole in her roof and a space rock on her pillow.
  11. I'm late to this thread... THIS was my first thought. WTF socks with sandals. I'd never wear socks with sandals. You don't get tan lines like this with socks.
  12. My drive to my office was 65 miles. Many times I'd have to drive 90 miles to our departments main the office for meetings, training, etc. The worst was the 110 miles to our corporate office for meetings with our VP, in downtown Chicago. For the trip to Chicago, many times I'd drive the 65 miles to Joliet, get on a commuter train and ride that to Chicago. That was great, except for the one day... the train ride back Joliet, usually about 1 1/2 hours, ended up being 3 hours. Most of the time we were stopped waiting for the train in front of us. It hit a person crossing the tracks and they couldn't move until the investigation was done. Our train eventually passed the train that was stopped for the investigation. That was a long commute that day, about 4 1/2 hours. Yeah... retirement is good...
  13. I missed it too. Then again... I saw the topic and I assumed you sold your bike.
  14. So you get back from your vacation, work for one day, and now you need to go for a walk. Enjoy the walk...
  15. Yeah WoBG's phone got that patch last night. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212846
  16. Bikeguy


    This is more of a 'oh shit'. I sure hope the 4 year old, doesn't die. Or lives, but with some long lasting side effect.
  17. This^^^ When do you abandon the Titanic? Before all the lifeboats are gone.
  18. Is that an oxymoron? Most muffins you can buy are not healthy. I suppose if you make your own the outcome could be different. Note: Keep in mind my response to the This group has some excellent cooks thread. That should explain my lack of knowledge about healthy cooking.
  19. SW is probably looking for employees....
  20. Maybe they already had covid and are immune for a while yet. Hmm... so another mandate? I don't like paying high insurance rates for obese people. Maybe, the insurance rates should be based on BMI index, and/or how many steps you can climb before your HR is over 120. How long before there are protests about that?
  21. Yeah... I told WoBG, I need to find my (and her) hard hats from when we both worked. The nuts sure hit the ground HARD. If our yard was a job site, it probably would be shutdown because of hazardous conditions.
  22. That sounds like it could become expensive...
  23. We have several black walnut trees on our property. Just recently we noticed the multitude of squirrels we had for the first 3 years seem to be gone. Not sure why.. They have LOTS to eat here and I wish they would come back and do their job. Now every other day I have filled a 5 gallon bucket (sometimes filled it twice) cleaning the hundreds of f'n walnuts out of the yard, and off of the concrete drive way. The husk.. that stuff stains concrete. We didn't have to pick up the walnuts in the prior years. The squirrels must have decided they can work from home from their stash from the prior years. When we are outside, I've been waiting for the day WoBG, the dogs, or I get hit by the walnuts when they fall out of the trees. You hear THUMP when they hit the ground. I need to be sure when we park a car outside of the garage, to not be under a walnut tree. The trees are tall and I'm sure that would be worse than hail hitting the car.
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