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  1. We will be putting up most of our outdoor Christmas / holiday lighting. Had a start at it today a balmy 35F. And I removed all the leaves from the yard today. Hopefully the last time... Not taking that bet. Tomorrow a heat wave... 47F.
  2. If the house next to @BR46 and his garage of racing motorcycles getting tested worked on etc.. can sell Ziggy's house will sell too. My first thought when you mentioned Ziggy...
  3. I like when it's snowing with almost no wind. It's soooo quiet then. Horizontal snow means I probably will get to plow my driveway more often. I remember when I worked and I HAD to drive in just about any snow condition. Several times... I had to drive through whiteouts... via the brail method. If you felt bumps on the ride side of the car, you need to move to the left a bit. Now I can stay home and wait for the snow to stop and the plows to clean the roads. Yeah retirement is good.
  4. Happy anniversary... That's a loooooong time. I told WoBG a while ago... we were married more than we were single. Now 60% of my life has been with WoBG. I'm sure your % is considerably higher.
  5. I wonder... if Arlo works for FedEx now??? Hundreds of FedEx packages found in ravine in Alabama Police speculated that the packages were thrown into the valley, { OMG do ya think so.... } but hadn’t figured out why as of Thursday night. The ravine didn’t even have an address.
  6. I remember watching the movie too...
  7. Yes you have heard that more than a few times....
  8. Hmmm... The first 3 seconds of the video I found had these people riding down. I'm not doing that.... Even If that didn't scare me... my old rim brakes would probably melt / overheat / fail, etc... I would end badly for me.
  9. I ride in the second flattest state in the US. I'd NEVER be able to ride up those hills. I'd be scared to ride down too...
  10. I'll let them do this.... No... I'll stay here in flat IL.
  11. I haven't used headphones for a long time.... (no ear buds, ever...) I had a pair of Sennheiser headphones like these, if memory serves... from the 80s. They died from foam rot, many years ago. But they had great sound. I can't remember how much they cost.
  12. And that's why buying it in a can is soooo much easier for people like me. Our big choice is jellied or whole cranberry sauce in the can.
  13. No I didn't notice... then again... I haven't posted a YT video in several days. If you were sad... and this helps... glad you fixed it.
  14. Yeah... I've paid for 4 knees to be repaired on 2 different dogs. Probably $5K just for that. We pay for our dogs family member to help them when needed.
  15. We have had the pleasure of living with 7 dogs. The last 6 were all rescue dogs. The first dog we paid about $400 for the dog. Parker our last dog to find his way to our home, was 12 when he arrived. He's been living here for almost 2 years now. There are lots of dogs that need to be saved.... This ^^^ I love my titanium bike... I'm sure I'll be paying for maintenance as needed for WoBG's 23 year old car.... she loves her car.
  16. Bikeguy

    It's snowing

    WoBG and I drove 8 hours to visit my grandparents. My parents were already there for a visit too. I can't remember if it was a birthday, wedding anniversary, etc... but I digress... We got to my grand parrents home and my grandmother got REAL upset about who let those strangers into her home. I tried to explain who I was... but that didn't matter. She just go worse. So we had to leave. We rented a boat at a lake for a while. Then we returned... same results. We stayted at a hotel and returend the next day... same results. So we talked to my grandfather for a while. then we drove home. Alzheimer's took WoBG's mother and my mother too. Alzheimer's sucks... Prayers for both of your mothers.
  17. Yeah... our dogs don't follow the 5 second rule. It's more like the 0.5 second rule.
  18. No. We don't watch many tv shows. We mostly watch movies. Good luck to your cousins kids...
  19. I don't run up (or down) stairs. Running is evil. Running on stairs.. could be bad. I guess I'm old...
  20. Ok... so I read the thread... I guess I need to be more selective about the threads I read.
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