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  1. I actually knew the question for final Jeopardy a few days ago. That said.. I did't get more than a few questions correct during the game, So I'd still lose. the game.
  2. And that's why my digital watch displays the time, date, and DAY. My watch tells me it's Friday.. so it must be Friday. Not that it matters that much anymore. Except... for Monday, that's when I need to take out the recycling and garbage.
  3. I thought you were going political with this.... with suggestions how and where we spend our vacations.
  4. WoGB and I signed up for a 2 part continuing education class about estate planning. We got thru class 1. Class 2 was canceled, the junior college campus is has been closed for a while. We have a will. We started this before the pandemic. We figured, we aren't going to live forever and we want to be sure our daughter and grandson get our estate rather then the state (via taxes, etc...). Now we need to call the guy soon.er then later. If his business is 'essential' or not, will determine if we get to meet the guy (or a phone conference) any time soon.
  5. Did they fix this? https://www.zdnet.com/article/amazon-fixes-ring-video-doorbell-wi-fi-security-vulnerability/ Since my drive way is 150+ feet long, I installed a wireless motion sensor near the start of the driveway that triggers my door bell. Normally (assuming I'm home) I answer the front door before the can get to the door.
  6. Google asymptomatic covid 19 We should be afraid...
  7. No it’s a warning from a bank about penalties for early withdrawals
  8. Right about now, I'll guess the only thing more difficult to find, other than TP, would be a N95 mask. So I can't wear a mask, I don't have any. I guess I'll need to look online...
  9. This works for many tasks. However in some cases it may not be the most efficient coding, but it will work. I've searched the internet for specific help. Reading the help screens in Excel can help too. I used my old HP41C calculator, with the printer, and a tape drive to store the data for our golf league. I collect the score cards and enter the data before I had too many beers, and print out the results, team standings, handicaps, etc... at the golf course. Yeah like I said a real geek..
  10. Yeah... seeing the trucks lined up in Italy to haul away the bodies was 'the moment' for me. That's starting to happening in NY now. Sad to say... probably will happen in other cites int he US sooner than we expect.
  11. I'm guessing you shouldn't get run over outside any time soon either. Traffic is WAY down here.
  12. ...seem more realistic now, based on what they did. The short version... They TOTALLY locked down millions of people, in there homes / apartments etc.. NO travel, period. If that would happen here, there would be protests about human rights violations etc... China’s Draconian Lockdown One web page (which I can't find now) even mentioned if you had a dog, you still didn't go outside. The dog had to find a place inside to take care of business. Families were split up based on how sick they were, etc.. https://www.france24.com/en/20200331-china-lockdown-may-have-blocked-700-000-virus-cases-researchers
  13. Yeah, I was good at visualizing how you expected some code (mostly Excel macros) to execute, based on ‘typical’ user data and/or input. The fun was to trap errors from bad data, or unexpected user selections. From time to time, I’d get calls, your macro crashed. I’d see what they did or the data that was being manipulated, and OMG I never expected THAT. So, the next version was released with more robust error trapping. Me… just a geek mechanical engineer, who knew enough about programming to be dangerous. And saved a LOT of time for our department with some of my Excel work. My real job was not programming, but working with customers. Yeah go figure… I learned more on the job about interactions between people. I got good at reading situations and people too.
  14. exactly... I hope not...
  15. OMG... I'd suggest that walking on a pool tarp is NOT a good thing to do. In the unlikely event (but it could happen) the tarp detaches from the sides of the pool, you could be at the bottom of the pool wrapped up in the tarp, with no way to get our of the water. Just tying to prevent something bad from happening.
  16. Yeah learned BASIC on my old Apple 2E, I wrote a program (moistly to learn the language) to track my mortgage payments. A few years ago I purchased a HP 50G calculator, just to see what the programming language was like. The users manuals are hundreds of pages long (PDF files), the advanced user manual is 900+ pages long. OMG who has the time to learn this? It was simpler to write a macro in Excel. That said, the calculator probably has way more computing power than most of the computers they used to to land a man on the moon. I just used what I knew about programming to help me with my job.
  17. Based in the premise that many people think 'they' will not get sick. Or 'they are not spading the virus. This will probably still continue for a while, and get much worse before it gets better. Just a few examples;. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/31/florida-megachurch-pastor-arrested-for-breaching-covid-19-health-order https://floridapolitics.com/archives/325997-which-florida-beaches-are-closed-which-are-still-open https://nypost.com/2020/03/26/chicago-threatens-fines-arrests-for-coronavirus-crackdown-violators/ https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/annehelenpetersen/coronavirus-covid-cities-second-homes-rural-small-towns https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/03/dont-even-think-about-leaving-new-york-city/608884/
  18. I remember learning FORTAN back in collect and creating decks of punch cards for our programs, Dropping a deck of cards sucked.. Waiting for the batch process to run you program, only to get an error message on a line printer sucked too.
  19. This morning, after not shaving for a week.
  20. The total miles driven my WoBG and I is down 64% for the month of March, compared to last year. If this continues, we can probably quality for a low mileage discount for our car insurance.
  21. I was reading some news, etc.. on the computer. WoBG has been on her phone talking to her friends for the last 2 hours, and I hear this BANG… after a while BANG., it kept repeating. I was thinking. WTF is WoBG pounding on and while she is on the phone? WoBG just walked in to the room where I’m sheltering, and she asks what are you doing to make that noise? I looked at her, and asked; you mean that’s not you? OMG it’s not her. So I figure the noise can’t be good. I got down to the first floor, and BANG on the dining room window. WTF.. who is that? The dining windows are adjacent to the front door. So, I go to the front door and open it to see what the hell was going on. On the pouch is a wild turkey trying to kill the other turkey in the dining room. The turkey ran away… scared to death of me. It better be scared, I’m not a vegetarian and I like my windows the way they are.
  22. I joined the LF back in late 2003, or early 2004.
  23. Hopefully this isn’t just wishful thinking. Looking at the graph of Daily New Cases in the United States, it sure looks like the number of new cases per day is slowing down and possibly soon levering off. If the data is indeed leveling off, that would bee a good thing. And if ‘the curve’ is bell shaped, then you can predict the end of this.
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