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  1. Building a home in 2019 was stressful enough... I don't want to do that again.... ever. We did sell our old home in less than a week in the late fall of 2019. That was the beginning of the housing shortage. We didn't get over the list price. Good luck... finding a home to buy.
  2. I sure hope you can return the part. OK... I searched and found this. https://www.hondapartsnow.com/genuine/honda~cable~assy~72171-sr2-a02.html The bad news... they don't have any. But it appears to be the correct part number. Maybe Honda can find one.... Or it is time to go to a junk yard and hope the 26 year old part will work for more a few more years. I'd say ask the Honda dealer for an estimate. Just be ready for a big number... WoBG's 1997 Honda Prelude, drivers side door, outside door handle... if you pull up on the handle the door will open. But there must be a spring or linkage, that broke. The door handle does not pull itself back into the door. You have to push it back. Other than that, it all works just fine. I asked the Honda dealer for an estimate for the repair. $600. Yeah pushing the handle back into the door works just fine. That's the only thing in the car that is not repaired. I worked on lots of cars back in the 70s and 80s but I'm not going to even try to do the repair myself.
  3. I decided 2 years ago to take the money and run... before it (or most of it) is all gone. If I live to be something past 90... I made the wrong choice. Time will tell...
  4. Well... holy shit.... 11/20/55??? That's my bday too! Happy birthday....
  5. How else did the writers for Back to the Future, know that the Cubs would win the World Series? You are correct... they missed by one year. Yeah... what are the odds of that??? They had to know....
  6. Hmmm... You must have thought that 12 Monkeys was just a movie. That was a 'glimpse' of our new reality that is unfolding now.
  7. Sooner than you expect... I'd assume it will have auto pilot too. https://www.aeromobil.com/
  8. Bikeguy


    Just this afternoon, flannel was put on or bed too.
  9. And then... all of that snow cotton outside. Never mind all the trees are green with lots of leaves. You just about never see their breath when they are outside in the cold. Or... how they NEVER have anything in a cup, that they 'drink' from time to time. But... WoBG loves this crap... so I post here... read some fake news on the internet, possibly buy something... etc...
  10. I was surprised about Tanya Roberts. I think, that leaves only 2 'Angles'.
  11. In the summer of 76, I lived in Milwaukee for summer school at college. My roommate and and I were both engineering students. We had a third floor apartment on 24th St, just north of Wells. It was hot so we had the windows open. My roommate woke me up at 2AM. "THEY ARE SHOOTING OUTSIDE!" I told him to F off and let me sleep. BAM BAM BAM... crap... You aren't kidding! For the next 2 hours... The cops had a shoot out with the guy in the apartment directly across the street. The Milwaukee police eventually used teargas. That stuff is NASTY....
  12. Hmmmm. 2 people meet in a small town. One is from NY and had a BIG promotion that 'could' happen soon. All that need to happen is the ______ (fill in the blank of the business) has to be sold. First they hate each other. Then they don't Then they break up..... then 3 minutes before the movie ends, a miracle happens. The big job in NY is gone forever. They live happily ever after in the small town.
  13. OK... Here is a picture of WoBG's dog Skipper, I'll guess... maybe 60 years ago. I like how the dog dug a hole to lay in.
  14. I normally take our 2 oogs outside at the same time to minimize any the time for that task. During these movies, I let the oogs get out of sync... and take them out separately. I'd rather be outside with the oogs. WoBG will ask... "Do you want me to stop the movie and wait for you"? NO.... just let it play.... I'll figure it out.
  15. There are good bots and bad bots.... https://www.kaspersky.com/resource-center/definitions/what-are-bots
  16. OMG they must be clones... The good news... all the commercials get skipped. That would kill me for sure.
  17. https://www.insider.com/celebrities-who-have-died-this-year-2021-1 I must have waited here almost for 5 minutes thinking about posting about this ^^^^. Then I was considering it was probably too soon... (or not)
  18. Help.... this is the start of the third Lifetime Christmas movie today. I've survived (and liked it) nearly 40 years with WoBG. I'm not sure I can survive this... Any of the Dirty Harry movies would be MUCH better than this horror.
  19. Yeah... I've seen a higher deficit and much less time.
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