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  1. My wife makes the occasional pie or cobbler. But I eat a few per day throughout the season. Mmm, wine or brandy sounds good!
  2. We had a real gully washer yesterday around 4. Might need an ark soon.
  3. Whoa! The guy running away was pretty intense!
  4. My wife ordered these small wedge thingies after that happened to her. It fills the gap completely. She went hog wild and ordered a bunch for all our cars and our daughters and their SO’s cars.
  5. Is the current one new enough where a reboot might help? That was all ours needed last time it stopped. Darn Microsoft influence!
  6. Crabapel slinging was a fun pastime in my youth. The slings were probably made from crabapel branches since hey were right there next to the crabapels.
  7. I am thinking maybe my workplace healthcare coordinator, but I don't know. That would be more if the insurance company was the problem. I'm sure the corporation that took over doesn't GAS. Maybe just state regulators or attorney general. Shirley it will fall on deaf ears, but it just isn't right, dammit, that a healthcare company takes over another and doubles the prices. OK, here is one answer from Uncle Google. https://www.propublica.org/article/why-your-health-insurer-does-not-care-about-your-big-bills OK, not surprisingly, the takeaway from that story is don't bother, you can;t beat the system. Take your lumps and pay your bills, no matter how high handed they may be. The High Handed Act of 2020. TRIVIA The High Handed Code as ammended in 1912 states, "If the party of the first part digs a well cutting off the water of the party of the second part, the water becomes the property of the party of the first part and the party of the second part is hereby deemed 'not to have a leg to stand on'" The Stupid and Ridiculous Law of 1966, which ammended The High Handed Code as ammended in 1912 states, "Anyone monkeying with the aforesaid section, which deals with one fellow drilling and the other fellow being out of luck, will be subject to a $500.00 fine and two years imprisonment, or both."
  8. I would love doing that.
  9. Me neither! I go on binges for one band that can last months, but musical variety is best for the long haul. My car pool people think Radio Paradise goes a little too far though, and they weren’t even there for the Authentic Inuit Throat Singing. Satellite radio had a really good mixed channel, where I discovered Bad Bad Not Good.
  10. That song was going through my head when I took this.
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