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  1. Yes, I saw that later where he said he was from there and he has a lot of posts in the password protected forum here that were not included in his 9 post count.
  2. Yeah, he gets second billing to a /:($& emu.
  3. I thought it was going to be aboot fake something or other, like beyond meat.
  4. Eggzactly! I never really looked back, and now an occasional coke is a rare treat.
  5. Yeah, those 8 posts were awesome! Maggie, OTOH, was a total zero.
  6. You can take that up with Airstream's lawyers. But you are correct, it can't be called a pocket window. And it can't be used for room length window installations, unless you have it less than half the wall height and have it drop down I 'spose.
  7. Oops! The term is taken for replacement windows. What is a pocket window? Pocket replacements allow you to keep the original frame, trim, siding, and casing intact, and are commonly used when homeowners want to replace a worn window with a new window that's the same size, and the current window frame is still square, level, and in good condition.Jan 4, 2018
  8. If that describes a pocket door I think calling them a pocket window makes sense. I think there would be pretty significant implementation and cost problems, but they can start oot as a niche for the riche, like Teslas and such.
  9. David. I mean it is is a little complicated since he was a latecomer, but owl stick with that answer.
  10. I would live on dirt cheap Produce Junction produce if I was single or had a like-thinking vegetablerarian wife.
  11. I thought she did become a clinical psychologist? Maybe just part time while sticking with music?
  12. Did you wear your arc flash suits? See, everyone gets a kick oot of the fonzie bump. PI.
  13. Thanks for the support, cheese. I was just thinking it would be cool to have some means of determining a thread’s age from topic listing. Like color coding, green for new, red for old with graduations along the way. If forums are still around in 10 years the software will be awesome! Of course a simple date would be easier.
  14. Yuppers. $.75 an ear here at farm stands, only a slight discount for bulk.
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