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  1. Oddly enough this thread did not attach itself to my mammary.
  2. Owl bet you dream you are a muffler tonight!
  3. Dangit, I meant JOE Walsh! Bob Walsh?
  4. Cute! I noticed hyundayhai is moving in on the dogs in car commercials.
  5. That guy is pretty good. Moving the pillows off the couch so there is a place to sit and the iPhone silence button are hilarious.
  6. Don’t know! High Point sounds very nice but it is as remote as you can get in nj! So I will give it a bob walsh “ain’t never been there. They tell me it’s nice!”.
  7. This was a good example because if you think about a donut, the hole gets smaller as the donut expands. So why is this different?
  8. Like a lot of people we have an excess of them. I have a rotation of aboot a half dozen. I like the ones with Boynton cartoons. I have been on a hunt for one to keep the coffee warm a long time. But ones with lids sort of suck the joy oot of drinking coffee for me, mainly because it stifles the aroma. I think the thick ceramic “diner” cups might be the answer.
  9. RG and RO like to try to camoflouge theirs.
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