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  1. I loved his sig line, something like "Taking up space since 1956".
  2. You probably don't get Great Lakes oot there, but I love their Erie Railbender Scottish Ale. Love that style - the perfect blend of caramel and hoppiness.
  3. And way back when before the WI mafia, we had the Nova Scotia one. DeVinci, Valleyguy, and Jaymac. Jaymac was a hoot!
  4. Damn! I am not worthy. 200 and 300 miles! Shit!
  5. This is an enjoyable rabbit hole.
  6. Why do I miss all them so much? I guess it is mainly because Change is Bad.
  7. And just to prove that I can tolerate and sometimes even like country, here is some Ronnie Milsap. Although this reminds me more of DooWop, which I absolutely love.
  8. Yes, I did happen to notice the sexy part. Just aboot everything is my style. Tiny Desk can do no wrong in my book.
  9. It is really weird how that fits him so well.
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