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  1. Seems heavier to me. Definitely aggressiveness and excessive speeding is up.
  2. Yes, I go. It helps that work gives us money to go.
  3. Jerry says they only used a laugh track to give the same feel for scenes that couldn't be shit shot in front of a live audience. So I guess my beef is with the loudness of the laughing, not the artificial-ness.
  4. The thing that stands out for me in the recent bout of reruns is the very intrusive laugh track. Makes it seem as old as I Love Lucy.
  5. Plumbing is eville! A necessary one though.
  6. We keep the other mustards in the fridge, and ketchup.
  7. I don’t know. Then poor people like poor moseysusan can be boobytrapped. I am getting attached to our “hold to spray” type. I guess a lot of acceptance or preference is just what you are used to and if you’ve made peace with it. The problem is if you have high water pressure you would have to get in the habit of turning the water on slowly in case it was left on spray, and a good design would not make you do that. Even if there is a good indicator offline, you should not be required to check that before turning on. So to always default to stream is a good design, as is hold to spray, but I don’t think a maintained button that holds last setting is a good design. The only real problem with hold to spray is you can’t leave it unattended on spray, or use both hands for something else while on spray, but I have quickly adapted to always having to hold it.
  8. Sometimes I put the hot mustard in the fridge.
  9. Oops! I forgot all aboot rechargeable battreys! We used to have a bunch of NiMH. There is probably a better type by now. Man, were NiCADs a real POS!
  10. I recently found a website named red pen reviews that is a pretty good fact checker for books that make health claims. It gave Dr. Gundry 26% for scientific accuracy. Sounds aboot right to me!
  11. Passwords suck more and more the older you get. A royal PITA.
  12. I really miss the battery testers that were built into the packages for a while. A shame they discontinued that practice.
  13. Yup, we do have a lot of water pressure.
  14. I wanted to be pissed for the deception but the dog is cute!
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