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  1. I don’t do it for the scores, just to drop the other shoe when it needs to be dropped! Lessens the tension in the ether.
  2. What do we really know aboot Sardinia, anyhoo?
  3. He was from WV, so not like he was next to the ocean or anything. He was married with two kids so I doubt he was a fan of seamen. Ok, Uncle Foogle says it is a common tattoo meaning hope and stability, so not necessarily exclusive for seamen.
  4. Well Dangit. No one knows why he had an anchor tattoo withoot being in the navy.
  5. I suspect smart phones in most of these rear endings. All Steve Jobs’ fault.
  6. Same here. I don’t go to bars, but any conversation at all is always spectator sports. That gets old. And one of the things I don’t like about my neighborhood is all the z{##^* engines that seem to be running at least 70% of the ]]}#>£ time! Now it sounds like a pressure washer. Those are a scourge of spring and fall because they usually stay on all {}%^* day!
  7. Wait, I think what he had was an anchor, like Popeye. My mother said he was snot in any service so I have an inquiry in to my brother to see what he remembers aboot it.
  8. My grandfather had one. Hmmm, owl have to ask my mother if he was in the navy, I don’t think that subject ever came up!
  9. That is a pretty similar story for me. Probably depends on where the kids wind up, but all indications are they will stay here in uber-expensive NJ. Taxes are high but so is the pain of moving!
  10. Nay. Definitely nay. I ate them as a kid but I was a stupid hungry kid!
  11. No. One of the many benefits of ignoring futbal. There used to be a lot on normal tv but they have gotten elbowed oot by the much worse political ads.
  12. Shirley all that streamlining more than offsets any minor weight gain.
  13. That is a pretty sweet ride!
  14. Sort of. Not perfect but not bad either, I think we would have a hard time retaaring to somewhere that is much different. I sort of liked the Mayberry-type places like WV and western PA, but my wife prefers South Jersey where she has lived all her life.
  15. I know some people who were preferred to get a house from an old lady because they schmoozed her aboot raising their family there, etc. They moved oot after aboot a few years. In their defense, they did have a robbery there so that probably was a big factor in moving. No real point here other than you never know.
  16. Jay Lenovo probably owns lots of property too for his garages.
  17. We forumites are an inquisitive bunch. Thanks for investigating the industrial toilet.
  18. Mushrooms are delicious as a pizza topping along with onions.
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