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  1. Season 6 starts early next year. Owl have to check oot 5, because I thought I stopped at 4. Been so long owl have a hard time picking it back up.
  2. So today I listened to Rock Solid with Lou Gramm from foreigner. It was good! Now the podcast segued to Tiny Desk with rapper D Smoke. I hate rap, but this guy plays a nice piano so that sucked me in and I left in on. Apparently he came to fame on Netflix’s Rhythm and Flow, which I might enjoy - never encountered it. There seems to be a lot they have that never comes up when I am browsing. Weird.
  3. Probably 10 years. Can’t even remember why. Might have been to get my atm card fixed.
  4. It has been a hell of a long time ago for me, but I don’t remember ever getting a copy.
  5. Funny how the Netflix thing is coinciding with Seinfeld returning to tv reruns in my area after a few year hiatus.
  6. Owl never forget watching it with daughter #2 and it did nothing for her.
  7. I never got into running methanol blends in the kart engine because of the invisible flame problem, the corrosivity, and the cost. Glad I didn’t.
  8. You can at some places like some Wawas, but it is aboot $.50 more per gallon, probably because it is a limited volume specialty product, I have to remember to buy it for the mower, snowblower, and generator next time. I think this is a relatively new product for the public, but you could always buy aviation gas, but it has way more octane than you need and costs a ton. Not sure what octane it is. For the main 90/10 stuff, it is greenwashing/political dealing big time. It has been demonstrated to do nothing for the environment, its major selling point. And it takes aboot as much energy to make it as it produces, Pure bullshit.
  9. I am really looking forward to the First Annual SWCF Symposium/Brewfest/Grand Fondo/Sidecar rides at the SW Estates Greenhouse and associated grounds.
  10. Do it! My brother and I had a Midget and nothing feels more British. A mechanical ox cart but still so much fun. Loved the exhaust note with the top down. How much rust?
  11. I can see you talking for that long on classic cycling stuffs. Or maybe surfing and the California lifestyle.
  12. Totally understandable and natural. Boy Scouts has been a ton of work for you. As someone who really values downtime and has a good bit for a person with a full time job, I can only imagine such a commitment. Once you pass the torch to the next sucker you can relax.
  13. Bullcrap! At the very least is the Order of the Silver Beaver! And sailing,
  14. Yeah - why is Cheers seldom rerun? I guess it has been but nowhere near to the extent of ILL or Seinfeld or The Office.
  15. I figure it is the first look for most people. I was stupid enough to buy a used 72 that looked just like that for my first car while on my own, which was incredibly dumb for your only car! I used to carry spare distributor caps and once a taar guy talked me into going tubeless against my better judgement so I woke up the next workday to four flat taars. Fun times. I rolled them two at a time to the gas station about half a mike away to get enough air to get back to the taar place. I used to put the racing kart in the back, so its rear end hung oot. That got some looks, The front wheels would hook right over the car's rear wheelwells. Not a whole lot of room leftover for the accoutrements like a gas can and tools, etc.
  16. I look at that shallowness as comic license and just schtick.
  17. Don't forget neurotic and cringe-inducing! Ricky Gervais probably owes a debt to Larry.
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