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Community Answers

  1. I’ve never had either in native form.
  2. I oscillate between Heath and Butterfinger, but I do sometimes go for their seasonal specialties. Pumpkin Pie with graham cracker crust was awesome! There were a few other excellent ones that I can’t remember, too, that rewarded me from stepping oot from my delicious rut. No wonder Warren is so rich!
  3. I think I escaped with that one intact! Barely though!
  4. I think it is relatively easy to just ramp down.
  5. Totally understandable. I am happy eschewing guns so it works oot to live in nj where that is easy to do. In Texas you have a whole different ball game of cultural expectations.
  6. I meant that you probably did see good reviews for it here.
  7. It seemed less intense. But with the flashbacks and time shifting I am totally confused as to both storylines.
  8. Wait! That might have been sarcasm. In fact I often do posts like that myself.
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