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  1. Patches looks pretty darn innocent to me. :D At least she knows where her bread is buttered and came home. :D
  2. Hey, speaking of cooking, aren’t we missing airehead lately?
  3. Lentil and collard soup. As grandpa on hee-haw would say, mmmm-mmmm good! And I ‘spect it to get better as it sits in the fridge. Can’t stop eating it!
  4. Afeared of what might happen for the extra points, eh?
  5. Prima facie is even closer. Although she might be a singer like queen Loofah.
  6. Couch, you have totally redeemed yourself with this post. The forum shirley recognizes the awesomeness that is roadsue. :)
  7. I think it is a latin courtroom term, like habeus corpus, :D
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