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  1. So there I was..

    Slowly I turned...
  2. This big boy was bugling and courting the ladies across the street.

    He has a magnificent rack!
  3. Vietnam....

    AFAIK, Ken Burns isn;t on the forum, and I bet he watched it enough while making it.
  4. The last ones didn;t ripen, they just turned brown and mushy. But I have a line on a farmstand that still has some good ones. I feel like such an addict.
  5. I see no bunny

    I wouldn't mind shipping you a few dozen! We seem to be totally infested!
  6. For some reason, I had this bug in my ear..

    I fell in love with Santana's Europa when I saw someone skate to it.
  7. Just 35,052 more

    That is the most unheard of thing I've ever heard of!
  8. Would appreciate your good vibes

    Redhead come home!
  9. Topics you enjoy most

    I like the ones aboot retaared people.
  10. Important message from Airehead

    Moving is unfortunately evil.
  11. SquareWheels would like to wish RoseHosting a Happy Birthday!

    Jon the club!
  12. Pouring money into the water

    It was a little close to this restoration.
  13. happy talk like a pirate day

    This is a good day to discus Peter Saarsgaaard.
  14. Where did Roadrunner go when he went to a place that was not here?

    It is a shame this thread is locked!
  15. Pouring money into the water

    The SS United States seems to be nearing its final demise. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_United_States