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  1. Morgan James is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She has appeared in numerous Broadway shows, including Motown: The Musical, Godspell, and The Addams Family. Her first studio album, Hunter, was released by Epic Records in November 2014. Wikipedia I wanna see Motown! (Looks like I missed that party. )
  2. Fun with covers - I love it! Thanks, UB! I had never really appreciated PMJ enough.
  3. Yay Billy Idol! That song holds up well. And, there is snot enough clarinet in music today.
  4. This one is so cute. Dave Koz kicks some ass.
  5. It took me a while to adjust to progressive, but I like them now.
  6. I've never seen a bad turn on its own legacy the way LED Zeppelin did.
  7. You don;t hear that many covers of Cure songs
  8. Bootmey Farnsworth! Uncle Bootney! Sound track by Curtis Mayfield. Nice.
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