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  1. Good morning! Sort of cloudy here, so it is a lazy day so far. I think I'll head oot to the patio for some reading and coffee guzzling.
  2. I didn't know that!
  3. I love Tennessee mountains!
  4. Ouch!
  5. Yeah! That's what I meant!
  6. Gorgeous scenery!
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallelujah_(Leonard_Cohen_song)
  8. My comment is: That said, I never really listened to the lyrics, so I didn;t get the recent SNL skit. I love the original, Rufus Wainwrights, Jeff Buckley's, and kd lang's versions.
  9. 10 for me.
  10. ANd he calls himself a redneck! Sheesh!
  11. Just you and anybady else over 80.
  12. I think Bob Dylan just turned 74. So it is not only the Rollign Stones that can beat the usual rock star lifespan!
  13. Wow - they're not even making him go around espousing the dangers of texting while driving. I agree with the family, justice was not served.
  14. Maybe! She was an odd bird, and it has #1/15 painted under the hood. Most of the exhaust damage was probably done by the local Meineke shop.
  15. I just read an interview with the designer of the new RF with the retractable hardtop. The car looks like a 60s xke.