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  1. I thought viruses were very microscopic. It is pretty amazing that a mask can filter them oot.
  2. Seems like it's all a matter of "do you feel lucky, punk?". 3%, 10% - it's all just numbers until you or a loved one get it.
  3. I always like it when someone gets a New Jersey.
  4. This thread was great! Like eating 12 or so times.
  5. I would a never thought of salsa on haddock! That is aboot my favourite fish too.
  6. Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA is good schitt.
  7. My garden is so small it is aboot all compost, so it drains marvelously. I just planted two onions that were starting to grow. So this season won’t be a total bust.
  8. Pork loin and Mac and cheese and salad.
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