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  1. Not a bad deal for pa! “We’ll collect the sales tax and you take care of the ambulance and ER traffic!”
  2. Looks like I overreacted. The humidity dropped and it is snot QUITE as hot as hell.
  3. Yup! I had watched from the middle with the family a while ago so for the first few episodes it was new to me, then when it got to where I came in it was familiar.
  4. Yes, it was a partial, not total eclipse. So I saw a diagram that shows the partial shadow moving across the top from left to right but I couldn’t see any difference atoll on the actual moon, and we had a clear night.
  5. So the astronomers pulled a fast one on us, the bastards!
  6. Love the last one. There is a gray bird that keeps squawking at me, often with a worm in his mouth.
  7. We did go for a walk. A slight breeze saved the day.
  8. It may be too hot and humid to walk ruby already.
  9. It seems like it will be tough to maintain the tension through another season. I hope they can do it!
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