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  1. That is quite the collection of rugrats!
  2. I also would PM WIlbur on your behalf.
  3. HBD, Florida Yakkee, wherever you are!
  4. Middle of nowhere. Near Nate I think.
  5. Ours just failed but thankfully in the won’t run mode. Stripped a torx trying to fix it so now I am stuck. Previously a Maytag just stopped cleaning well so we replaced it. We liked this Samsung until it crapped oot prematurely. Only aboot 5-7 years old.
  6. Well shit! That stuff has been used for 30 years.
  7. I like it that way, nice and simple! i can't believe I last one the day on March 6!
  8. Yes, I think so. I only have one picture uploaded and it shows up both as the avatar and on the profile page.
  9. Wow- those product features are written in engrish.
  10. Sergeant Carter! Gooo-oo-leee!
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