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  1. And a lot of us would have to tread water!
  2. Your stomach overpowered your brian!
  3. We have mint that tastes ok. Aboot all it gets used for is the occasional mohito or tabbouleh.
  4. Glad to see that Dick, Jane, and Spot have not aged a bit!
  5. Kirby will be doing a happy dance!
  6. They should give peas a chance.
  7. Why in the hell are they navy blue and not pea colored? (At least they are not pee colored!)
  8. https://tenor.com/view/wrong-day-to-stop-drinking-gif-9261978"
  9. Dr. .Egobia is almost as good a name as Dr. Galicewicz!
  10. The little bastard had chewed a hole through the plastic fence. He was forced to give it up in his zeal to escape!
  11. Red Roof Inn seems anachronistic for some reason!
  12. As long as you don't complain aboot you, I spose!
  13. Siriusly, effing ticks are one of my big deterrents to trail riding. That and the fact that the roads are right ootside my garage but the woods are a few miles away, which is nice they are even that close, but still a gumption trap for me.
  14. I was thinking "swoop in and poop on people", but your works also. :D
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