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  1. Did anyone in your family work for the government printing office?
  2. Currently we have orange cherry tomatoes, cukes, apples, an orange, and an avocado on the table, with chips, taters, and onions in hanging baskets. Also a jar of pickle slices on the table. And on the counter a little jar of peanuts, which might be a bad idea since they are so tempting. I like visible food!
  3. All I can picture is a few people fighting over the steering wheel while the car plunges off a cliff. Steering seems to me like a job for one person at a time! Route planning committee might make more sense, but I guess it does have less cachet.
  4. The newest IOS 13 for iphone allows you to slide your finger around and it works pretty well! I had previously used the Swift keyboard for that but it kept going away. I also hold the phone with right hand and type with my left index finger and this slider thing works very well for that. It is smart enough to insert spaces. It sometimes gets the wrong word so it might be a little slower overall, but much less annoying than lifting your finger for each character. Another first world problem remedied slightly. As far as non-qwerty, that is quite drastic! A good first step is to set your keyboard for one handed typing which at last scrunches everything to one side so the keys are closer together
  5. My first big bike I painted a mottled jade green and gold. It was quite a changed from its staid black British origin.
  6. It is funny that I have never felt the bern after eating for stuff. :D
  7. I regret that I have but one dog. No three dog night for me. I did have a few two dog nights but we got rid of the spare dog.
  8. Colorado is just too beeyootiful!
  9. Sometimes just sheet, sometimes nothing, and sometimes a blanket.
  10. He died? He was sort of an ersatz James Dean so that makes sense I guess.
  11. I would have given that an envious, shooter, if it weren’t for the bear and elk warnings.
  12. That seems a little silly! BTW, I goofed. The Stan Ridgway song is "Don't Box Me In".
  13. That looks a little similar to the beef and pickled cabbage I love at a Chinese restaurant.
  14. Well you have to do that anyway if you live in Oregon!
  15. I came here to post Stan ridgeways don’t fence me in, but I was bedazzled by the completed Airedale acres. Yay!
  16. I always liked Susan Tedeschi too.
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