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  1. His voice is amazing. Hmm, the other is a new one on me! I’ll have to listen to it! Hmmm, Take the Coltrane, In A Sentinental Mood - nice! Speaking of underrated as in Hartman, Etta Jones and Houston Person are pretty darn good too!
  2. Yay! It was in a Netflix show History 101: Robots.
  3. I think my favourite jazz album might be Hartman and Coltrane.
  4. They are both very simple and low bandwidth sites, partly because they are old!
  5. This is a new one to me. Sammie is great on lead and Maggie great on backing. They are so versatile!
  6. I keep wondering if sheepherder would bring the sheeps in the house if you hadn't insisted on it when it is cold ootside.
  7. Don't know, but I am down the rabbit hole. Maggie is all mine with Cheese MIA.
  8. Here is one. http://www.robothalloffame.org/news.html
  9. So what do you think it is, no googling or binging or duck duck going or wiki-ing! Here is a hint - Trenton makes, the world takes!
  10. Fennel has always scared me away - a veggie that smells sweet seems evil! Even though I love anise and licorice.
  11. Sounds to me like is both! I almost died mowing half the yard and half of that was in the shade! The sun was wicked today.
  12. Vewy twue. The half-life of that meme is just a little shorter than my memory. She sounds familiar but I can’t place the meme. Ahhh, who needs memory when you have Wikipedia? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_(slang)
  13. You are saying the ice machines are loaded with benign bacterias? Or even beneficial ones?
  14. I once took a course from an expensive consultant who wore the same disheveled clothes every darn day! He was a strange bird.
  15. Ylva looks happy! Good! Otto Correct does not like the name Ylva!
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