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  1. Did she get kicked oot of the Spice Girls for being overweight?
  2. That must alarm you to not understand what makes you feel the way you do.
  3. CSN is ok but I am much more of a Neil fan.
  4. Why do you say that? I am a great fan of Briggs engines. Never had a Honda mower but I can't imagine any problems with their engines. My generator has a Subaru and the sneau bleauer is a Tecumseh. Actually none has ever had a problem, but Briggs impressed me by being able to run even with the intake manifold falling off.
  5. This was my first year with a new Craftsman. Very nice mower, I sure hope it lasts that long. The Briggs engine starts on first pull most times. I am still amazed there are no throttle or choke controls at all to mess with. Elegant simplicity is cool! There is one adjustment for self-propelled speed. It is currently set to drag my sorry ass along at a nice brisk pace.
  6. He left a great university and libraries as his legacy.
  7. Wait - how do they get a Chrysler hemi in a Ford car - mind, blown!
  8. I remember when I was working in peoples' houses as a teenager, and they had that quiet violin music on, and I thought, "that will be nice to listen to when I am old". Same thing.
  9. What a field day for the heat - I think that made them famous.
  10. Grilled burgers and salad.
  11. Music threads usually bomb. Just ask cheese. Oh wait, you can’t, but that is the Cheese axiom.
  12. You have got to be aboot the blingiest cyclist around!
  13. A good variant on CRS Is CRAFT disease.
  14. Hey! Right side up with no editing! Oh wait, I guess that is because it is landscape.
  15. Oh, to live the life of an airedale!
  16. I meant to ask you if he knows any of the Chevy engineers from the commercial.
  17. New Snot bad. What is an argot? noun. a specialized idiomatic vocabulary peculiar to a particular class or group of people, especially that of an underworld group, devised for private communication and identification:a Restoration play rich in thieves' argot.
  18. Yeah, that is a little cognitive dissonance when they bleep oot words like that but leave in all the s and f words!
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