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  1. Stuck

    Happy 2015!

    Hey guys! Gamma knife seemed to go OK, still a bit tired--got the same amount of radiation focused on the tumors I had left in about two hours as I received to my whole head over three weeks--but the onco said that when combined with the whole brain stuff the chances of them killing all of them is better than 80%. Still stage 4 melanoma but might be out of the woods as far as my brain's concerned. Dents in my scalp from the halo are almost gone--taking it off with a power screwdriver was odd--and back to work from home tomorrow. Hope everyone's having a great 2015 so far--I keep waking up every day, so mine's been pretty good so far!
  2. Stuck

    365 Grateful

    Add me to the "being grateful for surviving" group and being grateful for hats, 15 of them in particular. More than anything, grateful for the incredible support and generosity pointed in my undeserving direction from friends, family, random co-workers, and at least one random stranger that gave my wife $100 while she was waiting for me to finish a radiation treatment. Still gets me all teary-eyed, but apparently it's actually a side effect of the brain surgery, I get all emotional and stuff.. Annoying. And RR & bosox, very glad you both are still around and better!
  3. Thanks guys, but "I feel happy! Think I'll go for a walk!"
  4. Figured since I haven't been around in awhile I'd stick my nose in. Bunch of therapy stuff since i was here last, my PT decided that I'd enjoy pedaling more than walking so he dug a spin bike out from somewhere, pretty cool. MRI last week, not great news. The whole-brain radiation treatments I did for three weeks didn't do anything to the tumors that were there in addition to the big one they had to take out, good news is that nothing's growing back where there 6 cm monster was. Problem is the other 5 are still there and the one in my brain stem went from .7 cm to 1.26. We don't know if they grew between the MRI in PHX or if the treatment was just not effective. Gamma knife treatment hopefully this week to zap the individual ones, after that if it doesn't work, it's basically hospice. All that depressingness aside, been hitting the treadmill at home, doing some work on my arm/hand, working with speech & OT to get function back, can drive now, and since I'm not really symptomatic except for some endurance/fatigue issues since I don't sleep enough apparently, that are passing, I'm going back to work on light duty in January, just restricted to Utah and our sales meeting in Fl starting the 18th, then back to (hopefully) full swing in Feb--which means I'll get to come down and pester uglybob et al. Just because this news wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear doesn't mean I'm giving up. The docs in PHX good as they were, didn't think I'd see Christmas, so phooey on them. I've got stuff growing in my head, so what. I just need to HTFU and live a few more years. Sorry about the half posts, been hitting wrong keys, not typing much recently.
  5. Wow, haven't really been on the forums lately, someone did message me about this. Kinda hit me between the eyes--he's trying to do the right thing, staying fit, I wasn't, and yet I'm still here and he's not. 46 v 47, so we're of an age, makes it hard to accept. Gotta be brutal on his family, I'm sure mine can empathize. I'm feeling guilty that my recovery is going well, even. Just trying to stay positive, and gratitude keeps that going for me at least. Amazing support from family, church, work, and the support from my online friends--you guys astound me sometimes--kept me from curling up into a ball and quitting. Kinda the guilt thing, after all I've been given, how can I quit now? RIP Sonny, you'll be missed.
  6. and hang out, not AMG, sorry
  7. 'Bout sick of it. Usually it's rest AMG hang out while wostuck does the shopping thing, then has breakfast with MILostuck et al. Got dragged out of bed at a actually reasonable hou to go ou to breakfast. Then over to Verizon so daughtero'stuck could get herself off of our plan, 2 hours later she finds out she still has four months on her contract, so no new phone, which I told her week's show when I first heard this plan. Did anyone think hey maybe the guy that's been dealing with this crap for the last several years might know something about this? Then back home for Christmas decorating. I wouldn't mind except my wife is a perfectionist who does a great job, but can't be satisfied until she's tried every permutation and complains when it isn't perfect instead of just fixing it. That plus iTunes' singalong Christmas music channel that's been blaring for the last four hours. Christmas music and most really hot peppers and my nieces and nephews are alike in that I can only stand them in relatively small amounts. Rant over, and my reversion to Grinch status is complete
  8. Puppy power! Nom nom nom. He's bigger now, just no new pictures..
  9. B Been there done that :)
  10. Stuck

    365 Grateful

    Being able to move my left hand again, being done with radiation treatments, and for wostuck who's been getting us all through this without having a complete breakdown. And not being dead.
  11. The way you've always approached this has always inspired me.
  12. Stuck

    Rehab update

    Got on a spin bike today, good to get my legs spinning in circles the way they're supposed to instead of this treadmill stuff, just 10 minutes at abou 80 rpm but definitely beat me up a bit. And sorry RG, no sponge baths since the hospital in Phoenix, but the nurses were hotter there anyway.
  13. Stuck

    Rehab update

    Quick update, rehab's been kicking my butt, but it's supposed to, been walking better and talking a little better, radiation really sucks, and I'm going home to start outpatient therapy tomorrow. Can't wait until I can go upstairs without a railing, or until I can air up the tires in my old Trek and feel the wind on my face again, but I'll settle for going home and making it through the next two weeks of radiation. Looks like things haven't changed much here or in the LG, that's really reassuring, so keep it up guys! Have a great day!
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