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  1. Shoveled the driveway Then tied a sled loaded with hand saws, loppers, chainsaw and gas on the back of my groovy lil 45 year old snowmo and finished clearing the path out onto the lake and snowmo trail. Its brisk out there.
  2. I've been up for hours watching it snow. For once we got more then they said we would. And I love how quiet it gets outside while its snowing. That is until the snowplow goes by... I'll wait until the sun comes up before I clear the driveway.
  3. Dang it! I could have changed mine today instead of puttering around all day. I wonder if Napa is open tomorrow. I'm going out right now and re-measure the battery box before I forget.
  4. I'd imagine a guy walking along the edge with a hedge cutter would NOT be popular. This scene comes to mind.
  5. Maggie has a few different jackets/harnesses in hi-vis colors for hiking depending on the weather conditions. In the first pic, it was just below zero degrees, (note our Gdaughter's snowmo suit). Other then that, Maggie gets a new bandana every time she goes to the groomer. Mrs needs to get Buddy a jacket before we go UP north for Valentine's day. All he has are bandanas.
  6. Awww. The edges of my ears turned grayish and look misshaped, like a huge caterpillar chewed chunks out along the edges. The times it happened to me, I was snowmobiling and wearing a thin balaclava and a cheap helmet at minus 30/40 degrees. Young and foolish. Thankfully snowmo clothing has improved since the 70s.
  7. Before our February snowmobile trip UP north, I plan to replace the itty bitty three year old factory installed battery in our SUV. Between heated seats/steering wheel, trailer lights, all the other electronic gadgets, etc, that itty battery is stretched pretty thin. It always seems to crank a little slowish, even in the summer. They even left plenty of extra room in the battery box for a larger battery. Anything to save a little extra money and weight from the factory I guess. Plus the last few February trips the temps were in the minus 20s, colder at night. Besides, asking our son to give me a jump start with his huge fancy pants luxury SUV is out of the question.
  8. The tips of my ears are all messed up from getting frostbit so many times.
  9. And don't even get me started when a doorbell rings on TV....
  10. Electric Light Orchestra's Mr Blue Sky. I can be in a horrible mood, and listening to this song always makes me smile. Jeff Lynne is a musical genus.
  11. Its hard to say which Elton John song is my favorite. I think it's whatever early E J song is playing at the time. Like Levon, even though they over played it for over forty years, I turned it up instead of turning it off when I heard it on the way home today.
  12. We're fine. Except when the dairy farm to our south spreads their manure (usually every other Friday) and the wind blows it our way.
  13. Seems that rude driving has become more common these last few years. I'd like to blame the out of towners, but its mostly the locals that are the rudest, most aggressive drivers around here. I'll signal ahead of time and slow down to 10/15 miles per hour before I turn off the rural county road into our subdivision. And there is usually someone riding up my caboose that feels that I'm ruining their life by being in their way. Due to the limited visibility, trees and such, I'm just not going to take a chance of running over kids playing, people walking their dogs or other motorists on our street by taking the corner on two wheels. People even tailgate a few feet of my taillight while I'm riding the speed limit on my groovy little motorbike on that road. Lots of impatient/rude people out there lately.
  14. Its 1 degree here and a bunny wandered into the poodle coral this morning. Now the doggies keep pitching fits to go out to make sure it hasn't returned. Then they wont come back in. When Buddy's itty feetz get too cold and he starts limping, I need to go out and herd him and Mag back into the house.
  15. LOL, yes, yes she does. I adopted Maggie to accompany me doing stuff Mrs has no interest in. Hiking to see waterfalls, road trips, etc.
  16. There are three people off work due to Covid, several at the places we deliver to. And we need to be careful what we say at work. I mentioned last week that I didnt feel 100% and they wanted me to go get tested.
  17. I've toured the Yoop a few times by motorcycle, and several times by snowmobile. I recommend touring the UP anyway you can. I still intend on doing a UP tour with Maggie in the Miata.
  18. I like LL Bean stuff. I also buy a lot from Duluth Trading too. I get a lot of grief because around here, Carhartt is the ultimate in fashion and style.
  19. Last summer I sold both my "street" bikes and bought a groovy little duel sport.
  20. I think I read somewhere that Lake Superior winter shutdown will be next week.
  21. Sweet! And thank you. Time to update my desktop picture for the season. This is my current pic, and then, the one before.
  22. I was laying in bed at 4am staring at the ceiling, when I just got up and started doing my laundry. Now I'm drinking coffee, listening to 70s on 7, cuddling with the doggies and watching the sunrise, while the last load is in the dryer.
  23. This morning out our back door. Five inches fresh snow and 10 degrees.
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