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  1. Back in March, we signed to have our roof replaced by a small local contractor recommended by a friend. After four months of excuses, broken promises, missed appointments to meet with the chimney guy, and him supposedly catching covid, etc, he finally brought his equipment here, over a week ago. Now he says its been too hot. Yep, that happens in July. But it was pretty cool back in March... This has been our view out the window all week. Cool machine though. He uses it to pick up the materials, it can move around the yard by its own power, lifts the materials up to roof level with it's scissor lift and acts as a work platform. Then he can fill it with the roofing debris and tow it to the landfill, or he can use it to dump debris right into his larger dump truck.
  2. The pitcher's mound scene in Bull Durum. (Dont know how to post it off my phone) "We're dealing with alot of stuff here. Lets see, we need the head off a live rooster and candles make a nice wedding gift etc."
  3. Clark Griswold This is how I wanted to react during most trips with my family. Caution! NSFW! F bombs!...
  4. I'm sorry I planted so many trees twenty years ago. Because twenty plus generations of birds have settled here and have been reeking havoc ever since. Bird doodie on everything. As I type I can hear the Robins squawking and fighting over the Serviceberries. Long term, I'm cutting down a tree per year. One Serviceberry down, two more to go. Then I'll start on the Arbs along the driveway. Short term, these guys have become the self appointed bird patrol.
  5. Our 401s took a hit. We're not hurting, but we're going to hold off on any large purchases (CX 30) just because. Mrs always tries to watch what she spends on groceries, more so now. I'm seeing more store brand food items in the house etc. The fuel companies are still my pet peeve. I REFUSE to give them any more money then I have to. Mrs is flying down south to visit family, and I was planning to take a road trip north with the foo foos. Its been in the works for months. But instead I think I'll just do a staycation. Mrs works from home and my commute is only seven miles. So my groovy 'lil 76 mpg motorbike has become my commuting vehicle of choice. Weather permitting I can ride all week to and from work using less then a gallon of gas.
  6. team scooter


    Severe storms went though his area last night. Hope all is well.
  7. It would be cheaper to buy an old abandoned racetrack, build a house on the property, then renovate the track to fit your needs.
  8. This is how ours is set up. I believe I bought it from Digital Photog several years ago, and only used it a handful of times. Interestingly when the one I have was new, I was three years old, and only lived a few blocks from the Schwinn factory where it was made.
  9. We're down to four newer comfort type bikes, four or five 1970s bikes, two tandems, a few vintage kid's bikes and a 1950s chain drive kids tricycle. We've already given some away. Mrs cant ride anymore, and she was my motivation.
  10. At least for me. The Viking Octantis. The Octantis left Duluth and is currently visiting Milwaukee Harbor. Looked into booking a cruise, a bit oot of my price range.
  11. I have a 1965 Schwinn tandem deluxe in the raspberry color I'll be needing to sell when I start selling off all our bikes. No sense in leaving them sit in the basement when others could use them.
  12. Front end loaders come with them. While working at the landscape supply and using one while grinding mulch and loading trucks all day, six days a week, it screwed up my left arm. You steer with the left hand, operate the front bucket with the right. As I'm mimicking the steering motion now, it still hurts my arm.
  13. Its been going around at work again. The way its been spreading, who knows, maybe I've already had it, just didn't recognize the symptoms. I've been double vaxed and boosted. Seems at work those that got vaxed are having little or no symptoms. Those that didn't get vaxed are getting hit harder.
  14. Mazda made the CXs for the Miata owners that need to do other stuff too.
  15. Zoom Zoom driving smile brought to you from the same company who brought us the Miata.
  16. My mowing shoes look about the same.
  17. Right now I'm binging on the Longmire series. Its about an old fashioned Wyoming Sheriff that uses an old steel coffee thermos, drives an old Ford Bronco and refuses to get a cellphone.
  18. I'm thinking... I only changed the oil on my old walk behind Honda mower once after the first season. It lasted fifteen years until the deck rusted out. I dont even remember checking the oil, ever. Always started first pull. The "new one" is already four years old. I should probably change the factory oil on that. Luckily I got the plastic deck this time.
  19. I've been riding my 75 mpg, groovy little motorbike to work when it doesnt rain. If I could ride it every day, I'd only need a gallon of gas per week.
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