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  1. team scooter's post in Lately it occurs to me… was marked as the answer   
    What a long strange trip it's been.
  2. team scooter's post in Have you ever ordered something from the McDonald's drive thru was marked as the answer   
    While snowmobiling up nort I stopped at a quickiemart, filled up with gas, then went in, picked up snacks and told the counter guy I had gas on pump three. He rang me up, I swiped my card, stuffed the receipt in my jacket pocket, and rode away. A few hours later I was back at the motel room, cleaning oot my pockets, checking receipts, and discovered the gas wasn't added to the receipt. Drove back to pay for my gas, and they all looked at me like I was from a different planet. They said people ride away without paying all the time (often on purpose). I was the first person to come back and actually pay.
  3. team scooter's post in What is a "Carolina Dog"? was marked as the answer   
    When I looked up Carolina Dog on the webs, this post came up. 
    Apparently the interwebs thinks that a bike forum that never talks about bikes is the place to seek wisdom. 
  4. team scooter's post in So are any of you other bastards up yet? was marked as the answer   
    Because I forgot to do it yesterday morning at 4am.
  5. team scooter's post in So this effing bunny just charged me! was marked as the answer   
    Dang wildlife. 
    Along with the saber toothed chipmunks, we have an adolescent bunny that keeps coming into the poodle corral just to tease the dogs. Its just a matter of time before he tries to make his escape through the fence and hits a picket instead.... Thats how Nena got the last one. 
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