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  1. yep, same issue for me--- it is an invitation to renew. I never mind renewing because this site is really quite a bargain. You guys make me laugh and help keep me sane. Therapy would be much more expensive.
  2. please share posts about your issues as we might be able to help. We are a helpful lot.
  3. Agreed Zealot. I love it when we have civil discourse. We don't have to agree but this forum works when we can all share our thoughts. I appreciate yours.
  4. Bottom line here is that this is about use of the land you own. You are under no obligation to let anyone use it and you have no obligation to take a political stand in order to say thank you but I have changed my mind about you using my land. You have taken more steps than some to help this organization see a change is needed. In the end, you are not a member of the Scouts. You don't have a child in Scouts. You have shared your grievances with both the church that endorses the group and the leadership in the organization. They are the ones that must push change. I think you have gone above what you needed to do. You could have just said no about land use without explanation. Talking to the guy may put you or your land in harm's way. No reason in the world that you have to have a direction confrontation with someone over an issue that needs to be solved by the organization that gave him a position of power.
  5. I am off tomorrow and will be planting shrubs and flowers in front of the house. This is godo news. I also plan to take a nap. Saturday I will go into work for awhile.
  6. I need to go to your feed mill and get the good stuff. The poison ivy in the scrub near the road is driving me nuts. I want to plant flowers there. I'm the type that gets poison ivy from looking at it so I cannot even go near this ara.
  7. I am going to try and not get addicted.
  8. No they usually get out and try to Pee on the deck posts. It may be TMI but dog dedicated pools have a different ph than people dedicated pools. My head is filled with useless facts.
  9. There is a pool for dogs at my dad’s place. When my mom was ill, they put in a webcam so she could watch from her chair. It was one thing she enjoyed until the end.
  10. If it is t broken why fix it. I would likely stay with the strips.
  11. True he will need a small utility vehicle for digging and moving stuff and mowing and hole digging.
  12. I did not make that up. I heard it.
  13. Ok but if I pay my membership will they stop? I never know when it is time to reup and I should.
  14. Does it mean it is time to pay my membership again?
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