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  1. Ella hides under the bed. Cicero wonders why he can’t play in the rain and then dry off on the sofa
  2. I kinda live in a greenhouse
  3. That would have been boarding school. Camping or off campus at a friend’s house.
  4. https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/tv/trevor-noah-leave-daily-show-7-years-rcna50127?cid=sm_npd_nn_fb_ma
  5. I’m sure the lobby is nice. If I can feel the building sway in the wind, I’m not just leaving the building, I’m leaving town. Edge of a sheer cliff, no problem. Tall buildings and bridges however, I am not a fan.
  6. I could not be paid to ride that thing. No way, no how. Nope.
  7. Allen

    Hurricane Ian

    The driveway is cleared now. Two pines about 8 inches thick, and a big limb out of a sweet gum. Dragged them to the bonfire pile with the tractor. Handy tool that.
  8. Allen

    Hurricane Ian

    They have been all out in the woods
  9. Allen

    Hurricane Ian

    I’ve heard three trees snap in the last hour
  10. Allen

    Hurricane Ian

    Windy as hell right now. I’m trapped at home, multiple fallen trees down the driveway
  11. Stand mixer Microwave Toaster oven Keurig oven
  12. Honest opinion: get a Toyota Tacoma 4WD. 2WD if and only if it is going to just be a Home Depot/grocery getter. 4WD if you want to explore Appalachian ranger roads—I highly recommend doing so. Also I’ll teach you how to fly fish if you want
  13. Yes, sorta. It has a 4 day run, or I can add a pulley (and double the weight) and get a full 8 days from a wind
  14. All the parts are laser cut. I’m going to guess a couple of days to get it working.
  15. My wooden gear clock kit was delivered this evening. It is supposed to look like the video when I’m done.
  16. 72 BMW Bavaria— kept it for 18 years. 76 Nova—traded it to my brother for a… 68 MGB Nissan Stanza Wagon Peguot 505 diesel Dodge Dakota <edit> Chevy silhouette I forgot about 2001 Miata 2001 Miata 2019 Acura something with an X on the boot lid Next car is going to be a farm vehicle, maybe a Ranger or a lifted Scion. Next personal vehicle will probably be an electric
  17. I have my cuckoo clock, and my wooden clock kit should be delivered tomorrow. My mechanical watches get wound when I wear them, which is rarely. My daily watch is a quartz that sets itself. That is the watch I use to set all the others.
  18. Allen

    Ikebana again

    I picked about 4-5 stems. Not too long. They are growing off of my screen porch. Been watching them change colors for days
  19. Allen

    Ikebana again

    Redid the sunflower one
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