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  1. Got my 3rd booster yesterday. It whooped me but good. Got my flu shot at the same time. On a lighter note. Today is officially my birthday. But I claim Thanksgiving.
  2. Allen

    Parents' Ages

    Mother was 90, Pop was 93. It’s only been a few years since they passed.
  3. Allen

    Fall color

    End of the season for my maple.
  4. And real string mops. Can’t find either in town. All the store have are thin aluminum poles with an oversized dish sponge hot glued to the end. Brooms are just as sad. What happened to proper broom straw brooms and string mops? I want string mop that looks like an angora sheep on the end of a pole. And a broom handle should be made of wood and thick enough to be a pry bar if need be.
  5. Picture of the moon I made from a meteorite.
  6. Allen

    Fire Pit

    Last night was mostly oak. Since this is an outside fire and I don’t have to worry about creosote I’ll burn anything but rhododendron in it.
  7. Allen

    Fire Pit

    Inaugural burn in my new fire pit. I like it. It has a foot rail that doesn’t get hot and melt your shoes. I have a new favorite spot for the winter.
  8. Allen

    Widow maker down

    Said remnants being put to use.
  9. Allen

    Widow maker down

    I’m going to look at the Maverick. Although my friend Clayton calls it the Ford Black & Decker.
  10. Allen

    Widow maker down

    That is the definition of a beater. More zip ties than truck at this point; fueled on faith.
  11. Allen

    Widow maker down

    No, top 3/4s are still solid. The chunk still stuck the the chain is about the only scrap.
  12. Yesterday’s chore. Today’s is splitting the remains. As the kids say these days, fuckin’ Ford Ranger.
  13. Quite comfortable, rather soulless, reasonably reliable…oh, good god, our cars really are extensions of ourselves. Shit, what was my name?
  14. I honestly had to walk around to the back of the car to find out. TLX. Quite comfortable, rather soulless, reasonably reliable.
  15. I hear you. Spaghetti Junction in Atlanta, yeah, I’d dig a rut with the brake caliper to the next exit. Even if my car was on fire there would be a moment of consideration, do I bale, or do I turn the AC on full blast and see if that buys me enough time to get the hell off of this thing.
  16. Precisely. Insufficient tires for a granite road.
  17. It did not come with a donut either. And in my own defense, I did not pick this car out.
  18. My {air quote} compressor {/air quote} has now been upgraded. My Joe Blow’s home has now moved to the trunk. He will be sharing his new digs with a nalgeen bottle of soapy water, a proper patch kit, and some wire cutters.
  19. Dear Acura customer, We hope you have a pleasant unexpected day off from work. Good luck with it. Sincerly, Acura Accounting Div. P.S., The weather is here, wish you were beautiful.
  20. Boo on you, Acura. Boo sirs, boo.
  21. I live just down the road from Mona Michael’s home. The DoT used to plant poppies along the highways. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moina_Michael “Moina Belle Michael (August 15, 1869 – May 10, 1944) was an American professor and humanitarian who conceived the idea of using poppies as a symbol of remembrance for those who served in World War I.”
  22. Thor. It’s his day after all.
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