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  1. It was my idea. I was a bit beyond the local schools. For a while I went to school in Athens (30 miles away). They had a bus service but it was 2 hours each way with all the stops. 4 hours a day on a bus wore me down, and schools in my county were not a good fit. Figured I was either going to be stuck with a miserable commute or boarding school. So boarding school it was, and it turned out to be a good choice.
  2. I got my first car because I went to boarding school. It was three hundred miles from home. By Christmas break my folks were done with making the drive and Pop bought a new car and I was gifted his old one. I think the only time they returned to campus after that was graduation day.
  3. Allen

    Polished gofer

    I’ve never polished a gopher. Are they like quartz and become translucent when put into a rock tumbler?
  4. Allen

    Polished gofer

    I’m looking for reading glasses frames online. The pair I was looking at had, polished gofer, in the description line. I’m not all together sure if that is supposed to describe their color, or the frame material.
  5. I did today. I used the pressure washer.
  6. The bottom down by the creek is currently a mire from wild boar. I have a standing shoot to kill order on them.
  7. First time there, seafood pesto, hands down, no question. Then I’d go with the safe choice of The Godfather the second time I went.
  8. Allen

    Fountain pens

    The Goulets are my go to for ink. Very nice folks. Edison is my favorite pen maker. I like that the company owner, Brian, answers his own phone.
  9. Allen

    Fountain pens

    My handwriting is ridiculous and I have a few snob quality fountain pens. Still, my favorite thing to write with is a pencil.
  10. Allen

    Melting cloud

    Thought I was going to take a time lapse of the sunset. Instead I took one of dry air coming through.
  11. The Carrington Event taught us nothing. <edited because I spell as well as a gibbering gibbon>
  12. Bonsai is my next planned expensive, time consuming hobby. I need that deep time, never ending kind of project.
  13. A ricotta cheesecake is fantastic. I’m not hip on the syrup soaked fruit.
  14. I’ll be planted in the family plot at Springwood alongside my folks. I will probably be cremated since I have no wish to be pickled. My marker will be a cherry tree or a Japanese maple. Mother is under an azalea, Pop’s marker is a dogwood.
  15. I would blame autocorrect, but my spelling really is that atrocious.
  16. The thought has crossed my mind.
  17. Thank you. Light pollution is the largest threat my lighting bugs face.
  18. Allen

    A very woody oak

    I think that tree is pining for something.
  19. Went to the Walmart to see what ipads they had in stock. This is the display that greets you at the entrance of the store.
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