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  1. The compression software sure makes Paul look like Fry.
  2. Nope. Hardly even get frost any longer.
  3. Y’all are welcome down here.
  4. Fred Birchmore, who won an Italian hill climb without even knowing he was in the race.
  5. Allen

    Power’s out

    It is. Transformer down the road blew. Took out several neighbors too.
  6. They did. There are still flecks of holographic plastic mixed with lead daisies under the steel on the rifle range.
  7. Allen

    Power’s out

    I’ve lost count of how many times my power has gone out this year. It’s not even raining. Me thinks the EMC needs to spend some funds on infrastructure.
  8. Allen

    Fog tornadoes

    Whirling dervishes.
  9. Allen

    Fog tornadoes

    Mornings in the fall the pond gets covered in fog. When the sun lands on it the fog spins up into hundreds of small cyclones. It only lasts a few minutes. One of my favorite sights in autumn.
  10. Playing fetch with Clayton’s four year old.
  11. The saddle was lowered for a friend.
  12. Kara Cooney’s, The Woman who would be King, is quite good if you are looking for history that is not so contemporary.
  13. My granddad shot and killed his mistress. Grandma left him btw.
  14. I did get lucky in that. Twice.
  15. Yeah, I don’t regret studying art. Pretty much been one of the cornerstones of my life.
  16. Allen


    Found this for you to write on for kzoo
  17. I know what’s going on the smoker tomorrow. Thanks.
  18. Next event at Springwood is trout day around Thanksgiving. And then there are always the lighting bugs next spring.
  19. One of my neighbors passed with covid yesterday. His son, and granddaughter who live in the same house are also ill. The son is intubated and in ICU. The daughter is now living with her other grandparents, who are of course anti vaccination. They were nice people, but I’m having a hard time feeling sympathy and that weighs on my conscience. I learned about it this morning at the local cafe. An argument broke out about covid being real and vaccines being fake. I walked out. Just threw money on the table and didn’t wait on my food. I want to feel sorry for the family, but that well is about dry. Deny covid, deny vaccines, ridicule science, and be willing if not want full to pass the disease to the rest of their family and community. Callousness is not an emotion I express, ever, but all I can think is the poor granddaughter is going to be an orphan because of ego and two people who who were carriers are gone and soon to be gone. Maybe society is better off with an orphan.
  20. I almost never wear my baseball cap. The bill gets in the way of my camera. The only time I wear my cap is when attending a baseball game.
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