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  1. You know how I feel about the Vuelta.
  2. It’s all Greek to me, but good luck!
  3. WTF am I saying? It’s Sugar Mountain.
  4. Congratulations. What's BI/DA?
  5. My current state of mind regarding playoff teams (no particular order, not predicting who will win the division because frankly IDGAF): Metro: Penguins, Capitals, Devils Atlantic: Tampa, Boston, Toronto Wild Card: Panthers, Islanders Central: Nashville, St. Louis, Dallas West: VGK, SJS, Calgary WC: Winnipeg, Colorado
  6. LOL at slow motion sailing replay.
  7. We lost a security guard at my office who was also a PGH City cop. While off duty, he intervened to break up a fight in his neighborhood and was shot and killed for his concern and effort.
  8. You say that now. But hey, my team signed a bottom 6 player to a 6 year deal, soo...
  9. So there’s another woman, according to SI, who Brown has contracted to paint a mural (I believe OF HIM) in his home. On day two of the project she turned around to find him standing naked behind her, with only a hand towel on his genitals. She turned down his advance, returned to painting. She was told the next day to leave, and the mural never got finished.
  10. It’s a VERY reasonable contract, so I don’t know why Miami didn’t elect to keep him to build around.
  11. That’s what talk radio here suggested yesterday.
  12. Yeah, I’ll take last year’s #10 pick, proven performer, cost contained on a contract through 2022 over next season’s first pick.
  13. My greatest parenting moment: my son was trucking around on our brick patio on his tricycle, probably about 5 years old. He hit something (probably a seam in the patio/driveway junction) and crashed hard. He popped right up and exclaimed “my bike!” in horror that it may have been damaged.
  14. Prophet Zacharia


    Neither does Alabama.
  15. You are. When I was in Japan, we spent hours each day at the office center, just for the Hagaki experience.
  16. Silver Mountain is youth. You can’t be 20 on Silver Mountain.
  17. So she ran and went to work as you slept? #Winning
  18. Who was Eddie Money? Since evil Ralph killed him with this post.
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