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  1. I miss the days we screened everyone for exposure to Ebola.
  2. And then 3/4’s of the new work I was foreseeing needing to do today just vanished (my coworker is on vacation, so I’m doing most of his job, too). Which is FANTASTIC, as I have a 7:30 pm flight tonight and I didn’t want to be working until the last minute and from the airport gate. Don’t worry about my company, the work will return. But if it waits for another 5 hours to do so, I’ll be spared and someone else can pitch in to help.
  3. That goes without saying. He’s a Flyers fan.
  4. I’m going to Tampa. My friend just bought a small retirement home there. His wife has been wintering there this year, he has been working at home and visiting some weekends. We’re going to go check out the place.
  5. That’s where my head is at, now that I’ve learned of the rule of 55. Unless of course the market takes a massive downturn.
  6. We had drunk soccer hooligans on our trip back to the airport at 7 am on a Monday morning. Us with our bike boxes and suitcases trying to stay out of the way.
  7. Fourth, if you’ve been physically assaulted and traumatized, why do you post a family photo with Gritty on Facebook a month later? But this ☝️is comedy gold.
  8. No, it comes across. It’s a good story!
  9. Yes, thanks for asking. It’s more work, but it’s diversified from what I was doing prior which means more challenges, and more professional development/rewards. Most nights won’t have me working until 10 pm, either. And I get to avoid my old boss, who continues to hemorrhage talent. About 30% of us have departed in the last 3 years since he took his position.
  10. Settle down. We flew to Frankfort and took the train to Köln and rode from there. Although we then drove to Brugge one weekend, and Paris the next. The car gave us lots of flexibility the rails wouldn’t have, both in destination and time schedule.
  11. And now it’s time to go to bed. Yay! Looking forward to a weekend in Tampa. Will be a nice get-away.
  12. As I understand it, those can be difficult with night driving. My wife went with two different focal lengths in each eye to avoid that. The brain learns to process the information.
  13. Maybe? Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg... hopefully something in Estonia and Latvia, maybe Poland? I’d also like to cruise the Alaska coast, but renting a sailboat seems the way to do that.
  14. why would Gritty assault his future fan base? https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2020/01/22/gritty-flyers-mascot-philadelphia-police-investigating-claim-physically-assaulted-teen-boy-during-photo-shoot/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  15. The best way to cycle tour Germany is in the dark. Or so we told ourself with our pre-dawn rides out of Köln. 😆
  16. And I am not frightened of dying Any time will do, I don't mindWhy should I be frightened of dying?There's no reason for it, you've gotta go sometimeIf you can hear this whispering you are dying Short answer: no. I’m more concerned about mistiming my retirement, so that I work too long and have too little time to enjoy retirement before my time comes.
  17. Not in the bathtub. But maybe the shower.
  18. It’s beautiful. I was in Trier, but didn’t spend much time in Luxembourg (other than driving across to arrive in Paris) outside of the capital city.
  19. I would cruise the Baltic, if only to prove to @Dottles that you don’t need to rely on trains to travel in Europe. Or a river boat tour of Hungary/Serbia. The greater the language/cultural difference, the more I’m willing to rely on professional support.
  20. What would you wear on the weekdays? Or is it the watch equivalent of a mullet?
  21. That’s a good one, but I’ll probably have it with me if I was dressed and out safely with the pets.... So I’ll say a black and white photo portrait of my kids age 5 and 3.
  22. I’d vote @Couch_Incident as I know he would appreciate if. I’ve worn the same Tag Heuer 20 years. I was supposed to get my father’s watch when he passed away, but it was “lost” in his hospital linens when he died.
  23. Two or thee years ago, just a day trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Trying to find a long weekend to get back to Toronto. 11 years ago did a 2 week trip to New Brunswick/Nova Scotia. 20 years since I skied Whistler.
  24. What could go wrong?
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