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  1. I wore “Pearson Yachts” and “North Sails” hoodies this weekend. I think neither make me look like a criminal, but who knows. I wasn’t eating skittles.
  2. Why else would they call it a “hotline”? But they usually change by the minute for the phone calls.
  3. It’s more great lake. But alas, Erie is down river from this discovery. Not my doing.
  4. Our club’s power was out for 30 hours. There are no frozen brains in my freezer.
  5. We don’t have our grill installed. And we haven’t sailed this season.
  6. I have had the same watch for the last 22 years. Never found anything I liked better.
  7. I had four coworkers test positive. I don’t know their symptom course, they and a bunch of other people in close contact with them just suddenly disappeared from work. Some came back after a while, others I haven’t seen again.
  8. I’m still not sure if I should be comforted or alarmed by @Zephyr’s statistics. 90 still seems like a lot for one day, even if there IS an earthquake season.
  9. If you guys don’t stop burning down forests, you’re going to drive our dinosaurs to extinction again.
  10. Probably true. @Dirtyhip just play the game. Every major decision you inform her of, let it be K’s idea. You and he can sit back and laugh about it, but she’ll she an endless beam of positivity on your phone calls.
  11. Toppling Goliath seems to know what they are doing. I haven’t had but a handful of these... although I do pause a bit with 2 hearted ale at #9. I mean, I like it, but it wouldn’t be in any top 10 beer list I’d create.
  12. I saw someone fall into the channel connecting my marina to Presque Isle bay yesterday. I believe they had been fishing. Outgoing boat threw them a PFD, but they were able to climb out a ladder to the shore without further incident.
  13. How do I get an option to select a theme on a mobile device? This is my view:
  14. The idea of a crime boss in psychotherapy is pretty remarkable, though.
  15. It may be even better in replay. It allows you to better understand each character’s arc.
  16. How did we become such a divided society? I drive around and see “we support police” yard signs, and the next house “Black Lives Matter”. Why so binary??? Why can’t we accept the diversity of people, the inclusion of minorities, and the rule of law and GOOD policing? Surely most of America is in support of both/all, and yet we feel so divided. I have blamed social medial for a long time.
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