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  1. Yeah, 22 drinks later and you better not still have the good stuff out! Anything can be a closer!
  2. Remember, it’s wrong answers only.
  3. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
  4. Side one ain’t bad, either. I’m not a big Wild Horses fan, but I can listen to Can’t you hear me knocking for hours.
  5. What I find amazing is how little formal training so many of these musicians had, but how intuitive they were to get a sound or groove that works.
  6. That “4th side” of the original 2 LP is pretty great. All down the line, stop breaking down, shine a light and Soul survivor. If I had to remove a side, it would be the B side of the first LP, Sweet Virginia, Torn and Frayed, Sweet Black Angel, Loving Cup. Not that I dislike them, but if I had to edit, that’s what I’d cut. fortunately all fit on one CD, so the issue is moot. I can just skip over if my mood suggests.
  7. It was my daily listen for my drive to work during the first three months of the pandemic, when no one was on the road. Hard rocking Rocks Off, Rip this Joint, then transitioning to blues Shake your hips, then into Casio Boogie and Tumblin dice make for a fast drive in. Happy, Ventilator Blues, stop breaking down and Soul Survior were the highlights of the drive home. Beat the news!
  8. I agree, and I was reading the 2003 list just now to see how much has swung in 17 years. “A lot” is the answer. I dont know enough about rap or hip hop to have a knowledgeable voice on the 2020 list in that way. I starting to think of “top 100 rock albums” would be more my genre for opinion. And I’d exclude greatest hits or compilations out of principle. what i do find funny is the reordering of albums from the 70’s on lists comprised in 2003 and again 2020. The music hasn’t changed! I’d argue the influence of those albums shouldn’t have changed relative to each other, either. Probab
  9. I see it as top 5 all time.
  10. I don’t agree with some of it, but it’s an interesting read. I particularly disagree with Exiles on Main Street’s slide, but that’s almost a personal grudge for me. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-albums-of-all-time-1062063/
  11. I think it dropped to 135th or so in the last Rolling Stone top 500 albums of all time. Actung Baby was 62, I believe.
  12. Depends on how you define “my town”. Tons of people from Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh area, fewer from my section of the city. Michael Keaton, Fred Rodgers, Sharon Stone, Christina Agulara, Andy Warhol, the Heinz family, the Carnegies, the Mellons.... Jimmy Stewart, wiz Kalifa, Mac Miller, Perry Como, Mike Ditka. Joe Montana grew up near where I work, Johnny Unitas nearby, Jim Kelly up one of our rivers to the north. Oh and the Rooney’s live within a quick walk from me, I live next door to Mario Lemieux old house. Most of the sports stars now live across the river, in the mansions in th
  13. Where did @Razors Edge go on vacation? Wrong answers only. I think he’s in Africa. Running with the natives and Jim Morrison.
  14. I can’t even think of Couch’s name here anymore. I was trying to tag him in a denim thread and *poof* it was gone. Like a Mexican magician.
  15. Ever consider kegging? Soda kegs are pretty easy to use as I understand it. I used to do 1/4 barrels, my local brewery was still using kegs with bungs. I'd ride my bike to their loading docks and get a handful when I ran low. Now I don't have time to brew, but fortunately the diversity of what can be bought now is so much better than when I was brewing that it's a minor issue for me. I don't know if my carboys even made the last move 5 years ago....
  16. I wear Levi's. 501 preferrably, I think the alternative is 505. Occassionally I'll get black, but mostly just blue. That's all that I know about jeans. Couch is a denium expert, maybe he knows about rise, too?
  17. I've heard orthopedic surgery described as carpentry. By an orthopedic surgeon.
  18. Got a citation to point me towards?
  19. Because it’s a stupid thought. Best to avoid it.
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