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  1. 2 hours ago, Longjohn said:

    I think I would feel safer in my kayak. I did have a metal shaft on my kayak paddle as I was paddling down the lake in the thunderstorm. The lightning seemed to be cloud to cloud but you never know.

    I think the technology is designed to take electricity from the rigging, through the hull and out into the water, sparing the interior cabin (people and electronics). I have to assume the boat has been hit by lightning at some point in it’s life since being built in 1986. We’re the third owner and know of no deaths by electrocution prior to our purchase!

  2. 1 hour ago, Razors Edge said:

    Does that preclude him from making more money or having less real responsibility than you?

    I should restate that, he’s actually a very intelligent guy. His philosophies are way off base, and he’s completely narcissistic, and he trips all over himself in his execution of things. Terrible manager. I think our salaries are probably comparable, or close, he’s got a better base salary but I do more “overage”. I have more responsibility, he hasn’t yet been really called out on the carpet for any of his mistakes. I’m thinking it’s just a matter of time.

  3. On 5/22/2019 at 9:24 PM, Prophet Zacharia said:

    Between 3-13 months, with the goal of making it seem like it’s what the prick wants. Instead, I’m going to my brier patch.

    So the first step of the process is in motion. “The prick” interviewed and offered my management positions at the one office to one of my subordinates. Totally shady how it was done, as he didn’t talk with me first, despite knowing I’d be happy to facilitate a power transfer. She’s not ready, and people who have worked for me for 15 years are stating there going to leave as a result. But it gets me one step closer to my goal. So by November 1st, my footprint in the Evil Empire will be be half, with ongoing efforts to move more and more over to the other office.

  4. 12 hours ago, Randomguy said:

    Lake Erie is the best body of water attached to the US.  In fact, it is superior to Lake Superior, and is America's north coast.

    Currently on Lake Erie, boat moared on Presque Isle bay. Went sailing yesterday in 15 knot winds, very pleasant. Ended the day with a refreshing swim before going in. Last weekend went to the beach on Presque Isle, almost no people, dogs allowed, and water as turquoise as the Caribbean. That’s why we love Erie.

    Portable A.C. unit has our cabin temperature hovering about 70 degrees this morning, a nice way to spend a HOT summer weekend.


  5. On 7/17/2019 at 1:53 PM, Razors Edge said:

    CBD oil?  Man, that is one heckuva an ignored vague law, then.

    "But at the federal level, CBD in food and drink is still illegal. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act prohibits adding even approved drugs to human or animal food in interstate commerce.

    The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp, but the legal status of hemp-derived cannabidiol remains in limbo. This is largely because CBD can be derived from hemp or cannabis, but if a hemp plant contains more than 0.3 percent THC (the active “high” ingredient in marijuana) it is then technically a “marijuana” plant. It’s confusing. Experts say drafting and implementing regulations could take years."

    But the issue that article is bringing up is about having CBD added to food or beverages and transported over state line. @Square Wheel can buy CBD oil locally and not be in violation of any laws.

  6. 8 hours ago, Further said:

    Would like a gravel or cross style bike, but not willing to spend the money right now. So I've got 28mm tires coming for my 06 Roubaix Expert. It is a comfortable bike and I like it a lot, but it has low spoke count wheels, I think 20 spoke wheels. 

    How do you think the wheels will hold up to rail trails and the occasional gravel road ?

    What trail? I used to ride the Youghiogheny river trail from McKeesport/Boston to near Confluence on my 23 mm tyres and road wheelset without any problems.

  7. 4 hours ago, Kzoo said:

    Insider training. 24 months in one of those country club minimum security prison.

    Insider training is what @Square Wheel does in his basement. 

    Insider trading is what Martha Steward did to live on the Government dime for awhile. Although maybe SW’s basement could be a min security prison?

  8. 2 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

    Lizards that breathe fire or spit acid or shoot nuclear rays out of their mouths might be considered "dragons", no?

    Species: Prehistoric amphibious reptile 

    I would say no, Godzilla is a lizard with mutations due to nuclear radiation exposure.

    Is the Komodo Dragon really a dragon if it doesn’t fly or spit fire?


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