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  1. 2 minutes ago, goldendesign said:

    Business intelligence, data analytics. I'd be a AI/ML implementation engineer. Which is silly sometimes to me since I suck at math (failed college stats twice), and am only a junior (my mind) programmer in python. 

    But the machine learning libraries in python make predictive modeling and analytics too easy.

    It’s all Greek to me, but good luck!

  2. My current state of mind regarding playoff teams (no particular order, not predicting who will win the division because frankly IDGAF):

    Metro: Penguins, Capitals, Devils

    Atlantic: Tampa, Boston, Toronto

    Wild Card: Panthers, Islanders

    Central: Nashville, St. Louis, Dallas

    West: VGK, SJS, Calgary

    WC: Winnipeg, Colorado

  3. So there’s another woman, according to SI, who Brown has contracted to paint a mural (I believe OF HIM) in his home. On day two of the project she turned around to find him standing naked behind her, with only a hand towel on his genitals. She turned down his advance, returned to painting. She was told the next day to leave, and the mural never got finished.

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