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  1. I’ve got 10 years left on a 15 loan at 3.25. I am thinking the play is to stand pat? But I am open to alternative input.
  2. @jsharr. But dude, you drive slooooow. You almost made me miss that green light.
  3. We’re not that lucky.
  4. Already done in 2018 as part of an overall park upgrade. Rebel Yell will become “Racer 75” as a nod to its 1975 entry into the park as well as giving recognition to ACE, the American Coaster Enthusiasts, (rACEr 75 – get it?!). ACE was founded in 1978 after a roller-coaster-riding event on this attraction. The new name, Racer 75, is also reflective of the design, a racer-style coaster. We will continue to replace sections of the track on this classic wooden coaster as a commitment to maintaining the iconic ride. As part of this work, riders will notice a smoother experience as they race through the course.
  5. Does this mean @Honey Badger’s next to return?
  6. I always thought it sound like “more, more, more”?
  7. They were there to buy hush puppies, and were pissed to find it a scam.
  8. That’s true, but Trump also hid in a basement bunker for an extended period of time before deciding to clear the area for a photo op. So “Bunker Boy” was scared enough to a) retreat and b) call in the military, which makes me think an unannounced, random Tuesday storming could potentially succeed, at least until reinforcements came, and a helicopter gunship.
  9. Yes. I actually went to a concert of hers once out of curiosity. She was good.
  10. The traffic coming off the mountain is terrible, and the only food choices for dinner when back in a town is donar kabab. But it’s a wonderful experience.
  11. @Honey Badger don’t give a fuck.
  12. I read today the national average is about 35 critical care beds per 100,000 people, so as a baseline it’s ok, I guess. Now, Pittsburgh has about 1,100 critical care beds which works out to 92 beds/100,000 in our immediate region, although in a crisis they would send people from all over central PA here, so that number is relative. I’d say having only 7 open ICU beds IS a bad thing, and I’d look to see how far away one would have to travel to find a vacant ICU bed when those last few close. I suspect things will be tight all over.
  13. We’re at 73 degrees and a light rain. Glorious under our porch awning.
  14. You should start a thread on that.
  15. I like empanadas. Dipping sauces can make up for too much dough.
  16. It’s easier to do that now most highways are 70+. I have a problem when the speed limits drop from 70 to 55 mph without any reason.
  17. Salted bagel, hot, maybe while still in the bagel shop. Everything, toasted. With cream cheese and lox is good. Rye. Jalapeño, even better is jalapeño with cheese.
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