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  1. I also don’t know the name of our Stadium anymore. I think Heinz Field has lost their naming rights.
  2. We don’t have either a lid or roof for our stadium. TYVM.
  3. My friend James had a Nova, but not me. He went to Pennsbury? Circa Graduation class ‘89?
  4. They’re not there anymore? Oh.
  5. I am not familiar with what he did to Seattle.
  6. No. Rest In Peace is appropriate for anyone who has not directly done you wrong.
  7. I have to work in the morning, ruling out a road trip.
  8. The NHL Winter Classic is being played at the Cotton Bowl stadium today. Not that I can see it, as FIOS and NBC are at war.
  9. I don’t recognize the town I grew up it. Small Revolutionary war era-town, mostly farms when I moved there at age 5. It was getting more developed over the 13 years I lived there plus a couple of summers I came back during college. But thirty years later it is sprawling, not quite equidistant from center city Philly and NYC.
  10. They’re dead, so consideration of where they bought their narcotics is the concern.
  11. You work in DC, right?
  12. I agree you shouldn’t compare DC to entire states, in general. But the key issue is that opiates aren’t a city issue, and aren’t a state issue, necessarily, they’re a regional issue. So when looking at Pittsburgh, you should include the adjacent Mon Valley (but not the entire state of PA). But which is probably more comparable to the entirety of WVa, rather than just Morgantown or Wheeling. Which is comparable to the DC metro area, not just inner city DC. Because opiate addiction has spilled over from inner city to surburban use and beyond, and the deaths follow the distribution range more than the maps.
  13. Which is why didn’t link it. Nevertheless, it had nothing to do with what George Washington’s original map of the District were, or where Page used to drive a cab (or where you actually LIVE). His thoughts were superfluous to my claim.
  14. I think I was reading this. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2725487 But it was a throw-away reference as I transitioned from @dottie to you scoring my smack. My only “point” was that you could easily get it.
  15. This sounds the the conspiracy that the CIA brought crack cocaine to America to eradicate the African American community.
  16. Yeah, no one will buy it if it’s so “stepped on” to not get you high.
  17. That’s why people keep buying despite the risk. The warning “You’re not Keith Richards” isn’t well respected But I think the question is why do the distributors put it in there at all?
  18. My thought is that it’s cheeper and more available in bulk that heroin. So the distributor can cut the heroin with other agents, and still maintain the high effect by adding some fentanyl. The goal isn’t to overdose anyone, but to maximize profits by extending the heroin supply.
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