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  1. You don’t even know what my original supposition was or why I was making it. You just jumped because you wanted to beat your chest about your knowledge of the District and surrounding communities. Good night.
  2. I have a passport card because my state drivers license won’t expire for several more years.
  3. Reasonable. When does RG come back?
  4. Um, yes there is. The CDC is a reliable source.
  5. Depending on where he lives in the DC metro area, he may or may not have died.
  6. I hadn’t noticed, until now. What have you done with RG?
  7. They may have a special starting tomorrow!
  8. You can take a train! Or have someone fed ex to you!
  9. I have to work tomorrow. So solid maybe.
  10. He’s a 30 waist 32” length jean, medium sized t-shirt guy.
  11. Sweet baby Jesus, the infant from the manger... when you score your dope, surely you do it from your downtown source.
  12. What it likely means is that there is increasing fentanyl presence in the local heroin supply. It doesn’t matter what side of the dotted line you lived on when you die. For that reason, a regional assessment of the DC area is very reasonable.
  13. Your concerns as they relate to people dying are purely semantic.
  14. People are dying. The death rates are increasing fastest in the Washington DC area than anywhere else in the country. Those are facts. They are meaningful results in and of themselves. I would not be so fast to assume this is purely inner city problems, though. The opiate epidemic has hit many communities.
  15. Where in my post is the word “state”?
  16. You’re just sore because your region is now exceeding Appalachia in opiate death rates.
  17. Unless you believe the conspiracies, no one anticipated 9/11.
  18. Really they’re just grouping 100,000’s of people together based on geopolitical boundaries, and measuring how many of them die as a result of opiate overdoses. Washington D.C. is fine to be considered a city or a region.
  19. And you didn’t catch fire during the procedure and die, did you?
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