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  1. Is there something it doesn’t go on? I’m not a fan of siracha, but everything from Tabasco to Frank’s Red Hot to Ghost Pepper sauce is fair game to me.
  2. It is this. But I don’t mix stuffing and dressing, the dressing only comes out after the stuffing is gone.
  3. I have a pager and a cell phone, but I’m not giving either of them to this lady.
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  5. I sent an email from home at 5:30 saying I had not heard from her and was gone for the day, and she could email any questions or comments she may have.
  6. I am impressed that your wife does lawn work. But then again, my lawn doesn't have any burn marks.
  7. I actually don't have her phone number. Even if I did, I might not call, she's a nasty lady. But I know you are right.
  8. I am starting to wonder if she forgot it was Veterans Day and the County offices are closed. But now I'm watching Late's video on weight loss, so here I stay.
  9. County employee. She holds some clout with my administration, but I'm in the right on the issue. I'd rather suck it up, deal with her and put the issue to bed. But now it's 26 minutes....
  10. First place got a bus and third place got a dog, so what did G win? Congrats!
  11. Just checked my email, no notice that she was delayed. 21.
  12. Now you just need to put the pipeline in. It's all the rage around here! How big is the Alaska map you have? The size of your hand, or larger? That's a neat piece.
  13. Especially those who don't unzip their parkas.
  14. For a phone call at work before you leave your desk/office to do something else? A lady wanted to talk with me (about a ridiculous topic, if you ask me) early this week. I said she could call at 3 pm today, I'd be available. She confirmed she would. I've now waited 11 minutes and counting....
  15. Stanley. He donated a large silver trophy as a prize to the hockey champions a long time ago.
  16. Set a goal, and a reward. Vacations in warm places in the middle of winter are nice incentives for me to keep motivated. Cycling has a nice built-in reward for weight loss, at least in areas with any climbing. It's nice to see the results in performance as they happen. I avoid alcohol completely (unless for a specific event/cheat day). A drink or two is not only empty calories, but a case of the munchies for me, especially if I've been restricting myself.
  17. Ah, I hadn't gotten that yours was the result of a crash. I thought it was just a bonding/glue issue.
  18. I was going to do a parody thread before I opened this, but the original is it's own parody.
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