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  1. Packing for my weekend trip to Denver.
  2. As a nephrologist, i’d say that’s going to leave some blood in the urine. And not the microscopic kind. Can I have another margarita?
  3. And he has the potential to harm a lot of people with his ill-formed opinions. I’m in a little canoe paddling away from what I believe is going to be a rather large shipwreck if his visions become fulfilled. Essentially, I am transferring to another branch office that he doesn’t have much control over. But the transition could take 13 months to complete. I just hope to be far enough removed that I don’t get sucked in when it happens.
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  5. Some guy on Facebook had a similar problem. Maybe you could reach out to him and determine a solution?
  6. Funny ha-ha or funny queer?
  7. I thought this was about a discontinued shoe style.
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  9. Finally, we have a Final! Blues visit Boston on Monday for game 1. Stupid NHL takes five days off before starting the series. ? Reminds me of 2008 when I bought SCF game 2 tickets at Detroit, before the schedule was released, and was very disappointed they did Sat/Monday instead of Friday/Sunday. Driving home after the game and needing to work the next day was terrible. Although I did meet a nice Ohio State Police Officer early that Monday morning.
  10. Or delirium. It can be something as minor as a bladder infection, or medication related. Does his doctor know this is happening?
  11. I have a cracked stanchion that needs to be replaced. I hope to have a guy do it in the time between now and when I next get up to the boat the first weekend of June. Else it will be a weekend project when it's too crappy to sail. Winds blew up from 6 knts to 20 during the time I was in the lift well to pulling into our stall. I thought this was going to be a docking attempts gone bad thread.
  12. How? I am struggling with similar circumstance, a FIL who can't transfer from bed to wheelchair or wheelchair to walker, but Medicare is deeming ineligible for SNF for physical therapy. Which is bullshit, because he's not plateaued in his PT, he's made significant improvements over the past three weeks, but isn't independent yet. I am sorry you are going through this. My wife's sibblings aren't leaches, but they are out of state, so she's shouldering all of the burden. It's taken a huge toll on her.
  13. Pittsburgh at #16. Pretty good. Smoking rates seem to have come down considerably around here in the 26 years I have lived here, so that helps. Allegheny County is now at 16% daily smoking prevalence, down from 22%. https://vizhub.healthdata.org/subnational/usa
  14. I have some pet peeves that are strictly work related, but outside of work I tend to be pretty relaxed. I do hate it when I am talking to someone with ill-fitting or poorly secured dentures that move when they are speaking. It's like watching a movie with bad dubbing, only live.
  15. I couldn’t pass my first attempt at my identity confirmation test. Old addresses were ok, old phone numbers were more challenging, and who owned what mortgage was probably where I lost it. The second time around I must have guessed better.
  16. I got an EZ Pass years ago, specifically for the stretch of highway 168 at the VA/NC border. We vacation annually at the Outer Banks, and having the EZ Pass saved about an hour in toll booth lines. Now, it saves me money on the PA Turnpike.
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  18. What do you do with woodchucks on your front porch? Are you killing them, or using the threat of being shot as a means of enlisting them into some kind of service?
  19. My views. I am spending the night on the boat, on the hard. Launch in the morning. Wife at a bachelorette party 2 hours south of me.
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